Wednesday 18 January 2017

Beauty at bathtime - beauty rituals for mum at bathtime

The stinkbugs are in the bath having their Sunday night "your having a bath whether you need it or not" bath (anyone else have the mandatory Sunday night full service as a child?) which means i'm shackled to the toilet seat for a good half hour/hour whilst they throw pots of water around. If your little ones are like mine then they will see this as play time more than anything else, and seeing as mummy is not keen on splashing, it leaves me sat there like a spare part.

So what to do whilst Shamu and Flounder are having a splash off? catch up on your beauty essentials!

Dry body brushing

My skin feels so much better when I do this but I just don't have the time everyday! so a few minutes on your arms and legs every time the babes are in the bath soon adds up. Heck you could even go for full body, depending on how nudey you want to get. I could probably get away with just pants, the kids won't even notice at their age. Give it a few years though and they will probably ask me why i'm always brushing my arse when they are in the bath. I've already planned my answer "you want to go on holiday don't you?" with the impending doom of bikini weather, they will just have to put up with the mum visuals. From what I've read you are supposed to use natural bristles like cactus (don't use your house cactus, it DOESN'T work the same) and also brush upwards, don't go against the grain, if your hairy legged it will piss you off - cat style.

See to your feet

I will be honest, my foot care only comes into action when I have to don a sandal. When the sunshine comes and my toes finally see daylight, I am annoyed that I didn't bother to moisturise them throughout the year. It doesn't take long to whip on a bit of cream, give your feet a good slathering and then quickly put them back into slipper hibernation. If your feeling ambitious then a quick slick of colour on the nails is always pleasing, even if you only see them in the shower. However I am not so brave, my children have a homing device for wet nails which they will seek and attack by whatever means.

Get squatting

Squats, sit ups, steps, whatever daily fitness target you have set for yourself get going. When your sat on the sofa chilling out you can think "YES! I am so glad I bothered to do that" my personal fave is stepping to Taylor Swifts Shake It Off - I have calculated it to be 500 steps for the whole song, a few rounds of that and I am well on my way to reaching my 10K goal. Hazard warning - I will not be held liable for any slips or  "I meant to do the splits" type moves due to flying H20.

Pluck you

Bushy eyebrows be gone! yes the full brow look is cool but I don't think the mono-brow has quite made it to cult status. Use the free time to have a lil tidy up with the tweezers - this is my favorite method of eyebrow tidying - I am not one for sitting in a busy shopping centre having flobbed on string rip out my eyebrows (sorry if you are, its just not my thang)

Lip exfoliation

I am an avid lipstick wearer and there is nothing worse than lipstick on dry lips. Nothing. You go out thinking you look hot with your vibrant lippy only to get home and notice it's all gathered in the cracks (Insert shocked face emoji here) one of the best ways I find is to regularly exfoliate, and when your in a hot steamy room it's the ideal climate. I use a flannel and simply rub my lips until smooth and then add a layer of Carmex, your then ready for that highly pigmented matte lipstick.

Sheet mask

This has got to be the easiest type of mask to do, one step, minimal mess, jobs a good'un. Get the kids in the bath, wack on a mask, dab off the excess and its done, you won't even know its there. Apart from the nose flap going in and out when you breathe, that and the fact the kids will either cry or laugh at the sight. Apart from that, it's easy.

Drink your quota

I think we all at one time or another say we need to drink more water, and seeing as there is an abundance of water in the room, it's as good a time as any to consume some (only don't consume the flung water - suds and baby filth is not the ideal flavour for water) Fill up a large glass and set yourself the task of drinking it whilst they are in the bath, or even better go large and double up on another glass.

So there you have it, we can use a long bath time session to our advantage, we really don't have any excuses now! Do you have a bathtime ritual?

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