Dear diary

Diary log

A daily - when I can be bothered - entry (if I can keep up with that) of what I am eating / fitness / mum life / shopping and anything exciting that happens!

Tuesday 4th October

Sugar, oh honey honey

It's oh so close to that time of the month and the sugar monster has arrived. Disappointingly, there is not much in the house to scoff, and the craving got worse as the day went on. If only I had left my sensible head at home while going to Aldi yesterday, if I did I would be be devouring Choceur and Moser Roth right now. Note to self - emergency stash always required, even when in health kick mode.

Main event of the day is going to the park, Luca is now able to go up steps and down a slide by himself #proudmum only it ended in tears when the swing was pushed and it swung back to hit him in the chops. Poor bobs.

I cook a healthy meat and two veg dinner (four to be precise) and brought balance back to the situation with cherry and custard pie. It was OK, not satisfying in a chocolate orange kinda way though #chocolateorangeseasonhasbegun
I am still planning my next attack on the food cupboard. I know there is hot chocolate in there along with the kids Kinder chocolate, I mean, it's bad for their teeth anyway right?

The day was ended with a nappy off, lets mark my territory situation. The dogs weren't impressed.


I have decided to partially commit to no spend October - I am going to do it, but i'm going through the mourning process before I fully announce it (I haven't bought anything this month -  yet/so far/not going to/unless its a crime not too kinda situation)
This is mainly because I got spendy on the last day of September, thinking of the dry month ahead. See, I am clever.

I wonder if I am spending more time designing my bullet journal than actually filling it in?


Effie told me it was the "Best day ever" while we were playing. Granted, it is one of her current phrases, but it still makes me smile to see her enjoying life with passion. 

Monday 18th September 

I set my alarm for 6, the idea was to be productive before the kids got up. I hit snooze and wake up two hours later. The house is still quiet at 8am! whats going on? not long after that the house wakes. An extra two hours beats my to do list this morning.

I do a HIIT workout, I felt the burn - in a satisfying way. You know its a good work out when the backs of your hands sweat. The kids left me alone to do the whole work out, plus get ready - can't quite believe my luck this morning.

Mum calls & asks if I fancy the charity shops. no brainer! someone stylish may have died recently, I have to get in there quick. I put it out to the universe that I need to find a Balmain blazer, preferably black but I'm not fussy.

I head to my parents. plan to have a quick call in the car but the mother effing signal is shite. I have to drive to get contact with the world. The call ends with a plan for me to have a go at public speaking. excited yet terrified.

We find a few bargains - one being the spangly jumper I am pointing to in the pic. I wear it straight away without washing it, living life dangerously #penofdeath

We also had a vulture-esque savage attack on the Boots discount shelf. I buy 8 bits of makeup for £3. Yes I needed it all, in a "ITS ONLY 50P/3for2" kinda way. I buy three tubes of foundation, it better not turn out orange AGAIN.

I go home, take an ootd pic, its too dark for a mirror shot so put the camera stand in the hallway. Effie takes the piss out of my poses/imitates me (see second pic) I will get her back in her teenage years.

Usual dinner, bed and bath routine.

Thoughts/comments of the day

Why do some charity shops sell stuff for more than buying it new from the actual shop?!

I didn't find a Balmain blazer

People said my last diary entry was funny -  do they realise this eggs me on? they may regret this.

Sunday 17th September

Woke up to the child alarm that is Luca, surprisingly not too early (7am) I get him sorted and have a coffee.

I do a dance cardio workout, it wasn't too hard because it was kinda a half arsed attempt but at least I did it.

I get ready and decide to use up some foundation that I am not too keen on. I don't want to chuck it because it cost a lot, so I decide to embrace the cakey feel just to get it gone. My face is orange, my neck is white. I carry on down my neck wondering at what point I can stop. It isn't polo neck weather, but it is jumper time - the bottom of my neck will suffice.

We head out just to pick up my prescription. I try and control two toddlers, I do not want them to touch ANYTHING in fear of contracting a deadly disease. I ask them not to breath deeply but they didn't get it. I collect my prescription and have to use the pen of death to sign for it. I went home and dettol-ed my hands asap

The rest of the day is spent at home watching Trolls 50 times. Not in a "this free's me up" kinda way, more like background noise while the usual demands continue.

I put on my slippers and catch a glance of myself in the mirror. There's an oompa loompa resemblance. I didn't really think my outfit through combined with my orange complexion - the slippers just finish it off nicely. I get changed.

I decide to change my insta profile pic, it only takes me 100 attempts to get a snap. I settle for a wave one (peace sign didn't work for me)

Thoughts of the day

- Do the chemists actually Dettol the pens?
- Should I start my Christmas shopping yet?
- I wonder if anyone is reading this


I'm grateful for the lasagna that's in the oven right now. Om friggin nom.

Wednesday 13th September

Wake up still feeling groggy (what is this lingering cold about?) but I push myself to do a workout. It was not the most energetic of workouts but I did it. I did my usual dance cardio and then I did a leg/glute 10 min routine on the end. I quite like the set up doing 45 mins cardio and then a 10 minute add on for muscle work.

Breakfast - Protein shake. I didn't eat beforehand because I didn't fancy it.

Morning of houseworky stuff

Lunch - Sandwich - two slices of granary with ham, avocado and olives. Cup of tea with manuka honey.

My Mango delivery arrives! YES! this is the order with the blazer and high waisted trousers. I try the trousers first, oh dear - an oompa loompa has entered the building. I love the belted paperbag waist but from there down its not good. Makes me look extra wide, and as Ian said - they are made for tall people.
To be honest I would've been more surprised if they fitted nicely as trousers are always tricky. But at least this gives me the option to keep the extra Zara top that was supposed to go back.

I tried on the blazer, love it. Good fit and an unusual colour - perfect.

I try on my outfit that I am going to wear to a style event tomorrow, I am happy with my choice.

We have a play bath with a lush bath bomb, one of Effie's favourite things to do at the moment.

I start making dinner - open a pack of fresh chicken breast and find a piece of corn in there! that put me off eating it because, at what point did a large grain of corn get in there? too many questions. I ditched it and went for ham instead.

I tweet my disappointment to Aldi

Dinner - Quinoa salad, with kale, ham. mushrooms and olives

Pudding - cuppa and a fruit bar


Heading to Bristol to attend a fashion/style even in Harvey Nics - really looking forward to a bit of fashion chat and mingling


- It is still puzzling me how corn can get onto a chicken breast. Yes chickens eat corn but how would it end up in the packet?
- Why are there only a handful of gyms that have childcare? a bit of softplay and a workout would be ideal. Looks like I am sticking to home workouts!
- Today I almost caved, really fancied a big fat glass of red with a slab of lasagna. I didn't.

Gratitude/positive vibes

I really love the "Wednesday Wisdom" quote I put up on Instagram today! only allow success then there is no room for negativity!

Tuesday 12th September

I woke up and remembered a weird dream that I had, I was at a school reunion - quite possibly my worst nightmare. It was so bizarre seeing so many old faces, I have no idea why I dreamt that as there's not even the slightest chance of me going to one. I didn't enjoy my time at school so why would I want to go back to mean girls? (although I was one of those kids that floated in between everyone not really fitting in anywhere, so wasn't picked on - well until I got acne that is) BUT I did make three life long crazy friends out of it so all wasn't lost.

The dream stayed with me all day.

I didn't work out this morning as it was too much of a rush, plus my cold is starting to come out more. Effie from the get go was not a happy bunny, she refused to go to preschool and just wanted to play at nannies. I didn't force the issue as I could tell she was under the weather a bit. So we spent the morning at my parents.

I wrote a blog post while there (see today's Dior post)

Breakfast - Nature Valley bar and a banana

Went to Aldi and did a half week shop, I decided to split it up and do another shop on Friday - maybe an online one.

We went home and both babes fall asleep, which is unlike Effie, my decision to not make her go today was the right one.

Lunch - two boiled eggs, two thin rice cakes, spinich, carrots and hummous

Spent the rest of the day doing household bits and bobs

Dinner - Chilli con carni - beef mince, wholegrain rice and quinoa, kidney beans & mushrooms

Pudding - cup of tea with a dollop of Manuka honey & a fruit bar

Only just taken my multivitamin and cod liver oil because I forgot this morning.


- So apparently rice cakes aren't actually that good for you, yes they are low calorie but the have a high GI which means it sends your blood sugar levels up and makes your body store fat! I discovered this while eating rice cakes
- Is there anything I can eat without there being a down side? best stick to fresh air, even then you need a dehumidifier
- Could I pull off head to toe red? why would I want to wear head to toe red?

Gratitude/positive vibes

I am grateful for the good friends that have remained over the years, the ones still here are the true ones.

Monday 11th September

Ian was at home today so I took the opportunity to nip out and pick up a few bits, plus get my nails done! I do not want to attempt to do that with kids in tow.

So I got up, did a work out and got ready to head out. I did a dance workout today followed by an ab routine, I watched the ab routine beforehand thinking it looked easy - it wasn't - I was not able to fully complete each set so my target is to be able to fully complete the workout.

Breakfast - protein and banana smoothie

Just as I was about to head out my Zara order arrived, I decided to wear my shoes for a test run, I love them and wonder how I lived without such a shoe for all this time. I also quickly tried on the top (the one that is supposed to go back) I really like it, if my Mango stuff is a fail then I will keep this one instead.

I head in to town and eat a protein bar on the way, a meal replacement one. I wouldn't normally eat these but they were in the bargain bucket in Tesco reduced to 50p (from £1.80) so I thought I would try it. It was like eating a massive finger of fudge, only with a powdery texture - I didn't like it, it cant be good for you surely? I don't think I will buy them again.

Go to the nail bar and get a full set, oh how I love having nice nails again! it makes me feel "done"
I went for oval nude. The guy in the bar asked me how old I was, I asked him to guess, I am sure he said 38, he then changed it to 28. Not sure if my tone of "you think I am 38?" made him change to 28 or if I genuinely misheard him. I am 32, not 38, I don't mind 28.

On my way back to the car I nip into Holland and Barratt to get some more protein powder and some multivitamins. I am overwhelmed by the supplement options, do we really need that many? I pick a "hair, skin and nails" multivitamin, but realised I have to take it THREE times a day, can't be arsed with that! so a standard, one a day option was bought instead. And some cod liver oil.
I walk out feeling healthy (but also pick up a mocha just to bring balance to the situation)

I go home, make dinner, bath kids and the usual bedtime routine.

Dinner - Chicken breast wrapped in bacon (with the fat taken off) and brocolli

Pudding - Fruit bar thing and a cuppa


Nothing to report here, but my cold is finally starting to come out so a little bit meh this evening


- Why is it when I go into the shop Tiger I find tat that I never thought I needed until I see it in there? I mean who doesn't need a candle shaped like a pug head?
- I am seeing feathers everywhere at the mo, is it the universe giving me a sign or is it just feather shedding season?
- Is Broccoli a carb? because 70% of my plate this evening was broccoli

Gratitude/positive vibes

I read an article about a woman who was dealing with a life threatening illness - it makes me very grateful for my health

Sunday 10th September

Up at 6.30 today, hubby was going out for the day so I got up to see him off. Not long after I am joined by Effie. No plans for the day, we were going to join Ian but decided against it as there wouldn't be much for me and the kids to do.

Get on the scales, luckily my cheat meal has not changed anything.

Have breakfast - protein granola

I do a workout, today a cardio dance work out - I actually really like the dance one. The fun element definitely helps to push through to the end!

Post workout snack - Protein shake

After that my scratchy throat travels to my nose, I just want to go to bed and eat the remaining cookies from last night. But I am a mum, therefore on duty until at least 7pm when Ian gets back.

Instead I do a bit of online shopping and buy a few things from Zara and Mango, these to be precise:

The top two are Zara, bottom two Mango (sorry about the trouser pic, my comp wouldnt save a pic so I had to take a photo of my screen!) I have no intention of keeping the top right one - I just needed to spend £50 to get free shipping and the shoes were £49.99 so I was one penny out! I fancied trying it, then it's going back. Knowing me it will be my favourite item out of the lot and I will end up keeping it!

Spent the rest of the day at home, I think the kids are a bit under the weather too, typical when school kicks off again so do the bugs!

I also  uploaded a video to Youtube - the vlog one

Lunch - Granary marmite toast, sweet chilli rice cakes

Dinner - Rice with ham pieces

Pudding - still debating whether or not to have one of the mouthwateringly good cookies that have been torturing me all day. Well I am feeling a bit under the weather so it's OK right?


Generally good but I feel so tired and really craving sugar. Wondering if it is because I had a lot of sugar for pudding yesterday?


- I really enjoyed filming and editing the vlog of our day, I think I am going to do more of this type of video.
- Are straighteners just as good as a curling tong or should I invest? I am going to have a look
- How many people actually drink 2ltrs of water a day? I am struggling to remember and when I do the toilet trips are ridiculous

Gratitude/positive vibes 

Looking out the window, I see the trees blowing around in the wind. It makes me think of the severe weather that has hit the Caribbean, Miami etc. I am grateful for the roof over my head tonight.

Saturday 9th September

Got up when the kids woke, a bit of a crappy night sleep so I get the coffee on ASAP. Get on the scales and look in the mirror, pretty pleased with my progress so far. Then I realise that the mirror is dirty with a patch of hairspray and blurred the reflection. I took a side step - back to reality.

Get ready then decide that we don't actually fancy going out for lunch (looked at the menu, but there was nothing tempting us) so decide to make a fat burger at home instead.

Go to Tesco alone (aka me time) and get all the burger essentials. Seeing as we decided to cancel lunch AFTER I got ready, it meant I was a tad over dressed for a quick run out to the shop. I see a couple laughing and assume it's at me and my over zealous makeup application just for the shop, how do they know I was only coming to Tesco? In my head I pretend I am going somewhere after, this was just on my way.

About to leave but the heavens open, it feels like half the population of town are stood in the Tesco porch waiting to make a dash to the car. I make a run for it praying that my Primark Gucci dupes don't let me down. They didn't.

I get stuck behind tourists and have a strong urge to honk. I don't.

Get home, put shopping away and have lunch. I salavate over the pudding I have got for our treat this evening, but I do actually put it away for later.

I work out, bikini body workout again - I feel like jelly half way through, like an athlete hitting "the wall" but like a pro I soldier on, thinking about the calories I will burn for tonight's feast.

Spend the rest of the day pottering about the house, play with kids then usual bedtime routine.

Kids in bed, we crack open the good stuff, pudding.

Breakfast - Protein granola

Lunch - rye bread with avocado and ham. Ready made cold Starbucks espresso

Snack post workout - blueberries and peanut butter

Dinner - CHEAT MEAL - burger topped with bacon and cheese, chips, onion rings
Pudding - soft warmed up cookie topped with ice cream and caramel sauce.


Nothing mega to report AM, but I did notice my mood lift after my workout, felt really good even though the workout was tough.


- Today was a good make up day
- I have a lingering "coming down with something" scratchy throat type feeling, so far not come to anything
- I am tempted to spend £150 to get a free £300 goodie bag - is this good logic or not? or am I being what my husband accuses me of "a marketing persons dream"

Gratitude/positive vibes

A lovely family day, good vibes

I am starting to feel like my working out is paying off, small improvements but it's a start.

Friday 8th September

Bit of a rush to get out the door this morning but actually ended up arriving at preschool early, head in and when we get there I realise I had left Effies bag in the car, had to go back but Effie was not bothered, she had a new Shopkins lunch box so nothing else mattered.

Decided to grab a nice coffee from Cafe Nero on the way home, a mocha, it was lovely. While waiting in the three mile queue, I did a bit of people watching. I saw a group of mums with babes, I look longingly wondering why I never get invited to a coffee morning. I then realise that maybe I actually have to make an effort to interact with people, apparently they do not come knocking on your door recruiting new mums. Or maybe they just don't come round my way? like the ice cream van. 

Behind me I hear two mums discussing the summer holidays and how they are glad they are back to a routine. One admitted she had to just "get away" from her child when she was having a tantrum. Happy days. They pick cake. 

I also saw the insta famous "Funday" jumper from Newlook, I have seen it all over insta but this was the first one in the flesh. 

I go home and edit my vlog from yesterday. 

I realise that I didn't have any breakfast! for lunch I have two slices of granary toast with Marmite, carrots and hummus. I have a coffee, notice that the pot of coffee I had just bought had a crack in it, i do the sniff test but did it too closely and inhaled the grounded powder. My nostril still has a bit of a burny sensasation. 

I have a bit of a tidy and spend the rest of the afternoon doing bloggy stuff. 

Snack on a protein flapjack

Kids come home, usual night routine. I realise that they would make good Alligators - both performing death rolls while I am trying to get them in PJ's. 

Dinner - indian! but a "healthy" one, dry chicken tikka and chickpeas - rock n roll


- Wearing one colour head to toe - I like it, I am going to try it
- I brought in a bag of washing from the garage that had been sat in there a while - have I transported a large spider into the house?
- I asked my hubby if we could put some gym equipment in the garage - he is well up for it. 


A tad irratable - triggered by the mounds of crap/toys that are accumulating everywhere, I did the scoop and dump into a room and closed the door. Over all not too shabby.


Going out for a mooch and some lunch, decided to wear something nice (not sure what it is yet) 


Hubby is back from his work trip! we get to spend the evening watching a film and having a treat 

There was a mega thunder storm this afternoon - makes me realise what an amazing place we live in! 

Thursday 7th September

Alarm went off at six, I get up at seven, starting to piss myself off with this pointless alarm. I think I may put my phone on the other side of the room so I have to get up, maybe.

I decide to vlog the day

Breakfast - Protein granola and grapes

I blitz the house for an hour (I say blitz, it still looks like a tip) while the kids watched trolls. Surprisingly they actually sit and watch this.

We then head out to the sodding conker tree again - exactly the same scenario as yesterday, tantrum leaving the trees. She could not grasp that we had already collected the majority of the UK's conkers yesterday and there were simply none left for today.

Go home have lunch - olives, carrot and hummus, ryvitas

I then do a workout while Luca is napping. Woo hoo! I did a bikini workout, quite intense HIIT workout, its tough but actually I love it. I hate normal cardio, but when I get to work on muscles I really like it. Effie got in my way, had a tantrum because I would not stop to get her a squash (the 50th one that day)

I give a high five to myself and make a protein smoothie - banana, one scoop of protein powder, cacao powder and linseed. Effie then goes on and on about having a smoothie, I make her one, hand it too her and her response was - "I do not want a smoothie"  #wheresthebrickwall

Decide to have a play bath with a lush bath bomb. It didn't last very long, a turd was laid, a swift evacuation followed. I made the mistake of not washing them straight away instead I let them play, so they still needed washing. Bath emptied, cleaned, and refilled with the remaining hot water.

Before I could refill, I had to find the bath plug, someone had ran off with it while I was cleaning and put it in a draw.

Effie asked me why there was hardly any water in the bath, I wanted to reply "Your brother had a shit in the bath and there's no hot water left" but I thought better of it and said it was a paddle bath....

Dinner - chicken and rice
Pudding - Livias Kitchen raw millionaire bites - they are tiny and 70 calories each - may as well have a jammy dodger. BUT they are all natural....etc etc


A bit more irritable today - I am wondering if its because I did not work out for two days in a row? I will see how I feel tomorrow.


I have some candles lit, I am going to edit my vlog of the day and then read Light is the new black


- I am definitely taking back the long denim jacket with faux shearling....
- Why did I buy such a textured bath mat?
-  I want to up my workout game, maybe join a gym? tricky finding time to actually go out child free though


The kids are out for the day! I think I am going to spend most of the day blogging, yipeee!


Hubby asked if I wanted to go out for lunch on Saturday, he found somewhere and booked it

Wednesday 6th September

Woken up by the little one at around six, get up have a coffee but feel really slugish - realise I have come on. Really did not have the strength to work out today, a bit miffed about it but listened to my body and decided to rest.

Breakfast - protien granola and a banana

We head out to go conker hunting AGAIN - how many conkers does a little girl need? 57. Thats how many we collected today. Try to head home but Effie has a tantrum and refuses to walk - I end up giving her a piggy bag while pushing the pushchair. She wasnt holding on very well, I had to push my bum out really far to provide a saddle. Just visualise that.

I see a vet ambulance at a neighbours house, I ask the proud dog owner if Poppy is OK, the dog is called Daisy, she wasn't impressed.

Come home to a delivery from Bloom and Wild, beaut flowers - happy face

The rest of the day I spent aimlessly wondering around the house attempting to do stuff, ended up spending more time playing with a beach ball in the living room. I did hoover though.

Lunch - peperami (Aldi own version - wouldn't recommend it) hummus and carrots, rice cake

snack - pack of bacon crisps

Dinner - chicken kiev, rice, sweetcorn and peas

Mango, almond milk icecream (this is so good!)


Started tired then perked up a little (for like an hour) within that hour I told my husband I didn't need a cheat meal this week. Big mistake, fast forward an hour and all I wanted was a big fat baguette with extra bread. Rest of the day I felt periody so I gave in to the tiredness a bit - but still in a good mood.


Early night tonight, as soon as I type this I will go up, oh and tidy things away, wash up, skin care routine, let dogs out, full moon ritual, etc etc.


- I bet anyone reading this is thinking "full moon ritual, wtf" it's not really a ritual, just me setting my goals while in the beam of light.
- I think I am a mesomorph body type
- I watched too many finess vids today - I really want to get RIPPED (after I sit in the full moon eating icecream)
- I have a few events coming up - I would like to buy something nice to wear (any excuse)


Another day at home - I will work out even if I cry


I went to the toilet and my babes followed me, both stood in the door way side by side looking at me with massive grins on their faces. I can not escape for five mins, but it was too cute, I'm in love.

The village I live in is so beautiful, I discovered some houses I had not seen before and they were gorgeous little cottages (immediately thought I could take blog pictures in front of them pretending I live there)

Tuesday 5th September

Alarm goes off and I remind myself that I need to get up NOW if I am going to fit a work out in. Realise I was kidding myself as actually I do need an hour to have a coffee and become semi alive. So I skipped the workout and was thinking about when I was going to fit it in - maybe at parents house later?

Got the kids ready and out the door, dropped Luca off at grandparents whilst I took Effie to preschool. It is pouring down with rain and I see a woman running with her run pushchair, all athletic. The universe was reminding me of this mornings failure. I was tempted to wind down the window and shout "you go girl" but thought better of it.

First day back and Effie walks straight in without looking back - that's my girl

Go back to parents, sit down and have a coffee and a Belvita (breakfast) decide to remove my chipped nails polish instead of working out, plus I got roped into new cushion and curtain decision making.

Effie comes back, I go to Aldi, and spent the lowest amount in there that I have done in a long time (dieting and no alcohol does actually turn out cheaper) I buy my lunch which is a "protein pot" with two boiled eggs and a bit of spinach - the idea sounds a bit gross but I want to feel like I picked a healthy option.

I go back, load kids into car and Effie convinces me that we should go to the conker tree and get conkers and snails. I pull over and we head out to get MORE conkers, I tell her she has to be quick because the food will be sweating in the car. Conkers collected, no snails found, then we had the melt down (not the food, Effie) about going home as she needed MORE conkers. wrestled her into the seat, head home while wondering how sweaty my eggs will be.

Get home, quickly put the shop away and sit down to my eggs. No sweat. It was actually pleasant, but I didn't eat the spinach because it was wet. Had a Peperami instead and whacked it all on to two Ryvitas.

Afternoon of tidying / playing

Dinner - two slices of Marmite toast (brown seeded) and a banana, fizzy water.

Evening snack - Aldi peanut and choc chip cacao brownie (a healthy fruit bar thing) actually really nice! and a slice of watermelon.

Watched more Youtube vids, filled in my journal and wrote my to do list for tomorrow

I am going to an event next week so I paid for my ticket and arranged transport.

Put on a face mask - L'Oreal pure clay detox mask


Felt good all day again, really starting to wonder what is going on now as I am getting close to the time of the month.


- Maybe healthy eating, exercise and no alcohol is actually working for my wellbeing?
- I realise that my diet could be better - must stop the Belvitas
- It's a full moon tomorrow - must get my witchy ritual ready (do you think i'm joking?)
- I listened to someone talk about intuitive eating earlier (Youtube) I think this suits me better than most diets I have looked at.
- Have fleeting idea that I should enter a body building competition just for the added pressure to get fit, plus I have got loads of fake tan that needs using up
- I don't think I will ever fit in with the whole school mum run thing - anyone else feel like an outsider?


A day at home, I am going to nail my to do list and do a double whammy workout

Gratitude/positive vibes 

While in the car I was listening to the kids babbling away, it made me smile

I was watching my babes eating melon, they loved it, it melted my heart

Luca clearly counted to 10

Monday 4th September

Got up at 6 (alarm) I was going to hit snooze but was summonsed to go and get a toy that had fallen out of the bed. The universes way of telling me to get up.

Pre work out - bowl of protein granola and a large coffee

Workout - DONE - completed week four of bikini body, It was tough! lots of ab work but no discomfort so far (lets see in the morning!)

Post work out - protein shake with a banana, almond milk and coconut milk plus a few powders.

Went to my parents and the kids all played together (with nieces) mum and I sneak out to Primark for a quick look.

Lunch - Belveta breakfast biscuit/cake thingy - not ideal but I had it in my bag. Mcdonalds toffee coffee and sparkling water

Found the coat I have been looking for and it was the cheapest (compared to other alternatives!) its a black and faux shearling aviator jacket, a bit over sized and I love it! £30! I then got ANOTHER coat, this may go back but again I do love it. A long oversized distressed denim jacket with shearling, sounds hideous, it is a bit but I am loving it. May be hormones as its coming up to time of the month, I say it is a sound purchase (receipt kept)

I then got a pair of Gucci dupes, silver boots with fringing and pearls. I tried on both the black and the silver - initially I thought I would go for the black (y'know being semi-sensible) plus the heel size is a tad higher than my standard "mum" heel. Then my alter ego kicked in and told me not to be such a heel loser and to embrace new heights, and silver. So I did. I think I will actually keep these.

I popped over to the homeware section (nearly broke into a jog when I saw the "homeware event" signs but decided only a brisk walk was actually required) it was crap, no mega discounts, half stocked shelves and nothing exciting. Apart from a rose gold/bronze apple candle obvs - bought it to go in my dressing area, no intention of actually lighting it.

This was all I got, I actually did a basket dump at the end where most of it went back. According to to the sofas outside the dressing rooms, everyone was at it today. We cracked up at trying to add up our buys, we were a pound out.

I had a take back - the New Look frayed jeans. Fully intended to just walk up to the counter, get my money back and swiftly exit. I ended up with a pair of trainers... it was a 25% off everything in store day - enough said.

Went back, collected kids and went home to have dinner, bath kids and bed - usual routine - apart from Effie tried every trick in the book to stay up. It worked, she went to bed one hour later. I tidied while she played with shopkins and danced at me

Dinner - Cheese on toast, a peperami (hot if you were wondering) an apple with peanut butter, fizzy water. Later had a cup of tea and granola (dry from the packet, it felt like a horse bag)

Sat and watched a few Youtube vids, filled in my bullet journal, wrote today's diary and started writing a new post.

Booked my hotel for Britmums Live!


about to read a few pages of Light is the new black


I felt good all day! I am surprised because usually the week running up to my period I am a right grump

Thoughts of the day

- I didn't drink enough water today
- What are other peoples fitness routines? interested to know - will research
- I want to get my nails done pointy and nude again
- wtf is with Shopkins?
- Not much growth on my Youtube channel, must try harder, or not as the case may be?


I am going to try to get up and do a workout before the school run!
Aldi shopping - must plan meals before I go

Gratitude / positive vibes

My sweet girl told me she missed me when I went to the shops today (HEART EYED EMOJI)

Luca clearly said numbers while pointing at them

I had a lovely day and we received some good news

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