Tuesday 24 October 2017

Bloom and Wild - Flowers to your door step - Letter box flowers

"There are always flowers for those that want to see them"
Henry Matisse

One gift that is almost always guaranteed to make me smile is flowers, nothing better than a fresh bunch of blooms to brighten the house up. It has also been proven to be beneficial to your well being, according to a study at Harvard University, flowers in the home are said to reduce anxiety, improve energy and bring a feeling of happiness. I agree with this, there's something special about fresh flowers and they definitely give a good vibe to the house.

So if it proven by Harvard, I guess we better get flower shopping....

Introducing Bloom & Wild letterbox flowers! the idea behind this is that a box of fresh flowers are delivered through your letterbox. No worries of if you (or whoever you are buying them for) is going to be in because they fit nicely through the letterbox.

Will the flowers be squashed? will they survive being out of water potentially all day? these were the kind of questions I was thinking when I was placing my first order. Now that I have received three bouquets I feel I can give an honest review and answer those questions.

The Harper

The order process couldn't be easier, the website is clear and direct so you know exactly what you are ordering, delivery times etc. They also have an app too, I ordered via the website each time but I have just downloaded the app and I think I will try that next time because it makes it look even easier.

One of the main benefits is that if you order before 5.30pm you get free next day delivery. I hate paying for delivery so this definitely appeals! which is silly really because shipping is never actually free is it, it goes into the price at some point. Nevertheless, it still makes me happy to get free delivery, and even better NEXT DAY with Royal Mail - love it. That's gotta be handy for those last minute panic birthday presents right!

The Orla

The flowers come neatly packaged, protected with cellophane. Some flowers come with netting over the heads for extra protection plus they leave guard petals on to keep them safe in transit. The box is neatly packed in both directions, lovingly placed in, no shoving going on here. The box itself has been the same size each time and has fitted through the letterbox, not forced through so the box remains neat.

I personally like to put the flowers into water asap, some if them may look like they need water and that is exactly what they need - once they are put in water they spring to life. Bloom and Wild only send flowers that are suitable for delivery and to be out of water for a long period of time and from my experience that has been the case (the quality has been great)

The Jesse

I have also received equal amounts of flowers, I hate ordering a bouquet and receiving an unbalanced bouquet.  Bloom and Wild flowers however, include a good balance of what I call "highlight" flowers (the main eye-catchers) and the fillers (to make the bunch look full) for example in my recent bouquet - The Orla -  I received five of the two tone "highlight" roses, five snapdragons, four x, three berry and 2 x which I think is a really good mix. This bunch (the orange toned one) is so beautiful for this time of year, it's definately got an autumnal vibe.

I have never been disappointed with the quality, I have always had a decent amount of time before I had to start taking flowers out. Naturally some flowers last longer than others but generally I feel like they were fresh and long lasting.

Overall It is a really pleasurable experience, the ordering process is so easy, fast delivery and you get exactly what you ordered. Plus it  is quite exciting to receive flowers through the post isn't it! And now that I have ordered with them, I would be confident ordering gifts for friends too knowing that they are going to receive the same quality.

And whats better is I have a 20% off discount code! woo hoo! here is the link that will give you 20% off your basket -  http://bit.ly/KimBloomandwild

I also made a short review video which you can see on my Youtube channel here:

This post contains PR samples - all opinions my own


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