Sunday 12 February 2017

Birmingham Instagram Meet Up - Plus come shop with me

A simple hello could lead to a million things

When there were talks of a meet up a few months ago, I immediately knew I was IN. If there is an excuse to head to Birmingham for a bit of a shop/drink/chat I am there. It's a bit of a weird one through isn't it? meeting up with strangers, it's a bit like blind date, only without Cilla. "You could be meeting with anyone" came from the mouth of a non-Instergrammer/blogger, and in their eyes its seen as a bit weird.

Luckily, the people I met with did not turn out to be smelly old perverts, but actually really nice ladies that I can relate a lot too. So what did we do? well we chatted, drank, chatted, took photos, drank, ate a bit, chatted, I think you get the gist.

Below is a pic of us flapping loo roll, yes you read it right, loo roll. It was an ice breaker game devised by The Schujj that involved punching David Cameron and having a rumble with Mr tumble...don't ask. Strangely though, I think most of us already felt comfortable, as if we already knew each other. In fact some were a little "starstruck" at meeting (the people that are usually just on their phone screen) in the flesh. Because it turns out the people on your feed are actually real! strange but true. 

Even though most of us feature on each others daily feed, seeing someone in the flesh is so different. I didn't think I was that petite, turns out im a right short arse compared to some of the ladies that are  blessed with long pins, but that doesn't translate on camera does it? that kinda explains why I don't look the same as someone else when I copy am inspired by their outfit! (why doesn't it look as good on me!) defo worth remembering when you (if your anything like me) occasionally put your ridiculous comparison hat on.

If you have never been to a meet up before but are unsure, there's no need to worry, we are all the same! most of us are just mums that want to meet new people and have a bit of fun, no pressure. Its hard to meet new people when you're a mum, sure you can go to baby groups etc. but its not the same, and lets face it, it is all about the kids for that isn't it? Meet ups however are such a good way to meet like minded people! I am debating whether to host one or not, eeek! what do you reckon? 

Also many people may be put off by being on camera, well all you have to do is make it clear you don't want to be on camera (like this one bottom left - guess who it is?) on the other hand you could be like me, y'know grabbing someone else's coat, putting it over your shoulder and taking a selfie all casual - it takes all sorts.

So what fashion inspiration did I get? well I love the tights peeping through jeans look - I am defo going to try that one out! watch this space. The other I have already copied - a Zara knit, jeans and boots (see my Instagram feed!)

Not only did I take lots of pics, I also vlogged the day - yep I am that person, had to be one didn't there! I also did a bit of shopping too (obvs) click below and have a watch! oh and if you are not subscribed to my channel, hit that button (no not the X) and subscribe, there's a love x

Overall I had a fab day in Birm, met some lovely ladies and kinda feel reassured in some way that I am not a total crazy ass (putting pics of my outfits on Instagram!) and actually its OK to have a bit of fun in that way.



  1. This is a fantastic post Kim! I love it! Great pictures as well! You are such a great sport, absolutely love how down to earth and fun you are. Cheers for sharing this Xx

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