Monday 26 June 2017

Just another moody Monday - The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck By Sarah Knight - Review

I am back with another moody Monday post - which is essentially posts on how I am feeling on the day of writing. I am a big fan of personal development books, anything to help with the daily mental mind games I play with myself is welcomed. So I thought I would start writing about the books I have been reading, what I have learnt from them and how I can implement them into my life. The plan then, once I have reached enlightenment, is to collate everything I have discovered and write a multi-million, Times best seller, No1. book. Until that point, I will continue to write about it on my blog.

So I thought I would start with my holiday read - The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k by Sarah Knight. What really drew my attention to this book is the work f*ck in the title, (sorry I am not fully at the no f*cks given stage to actually type out the full spelling of the word, just in case I get told off by "them")

I feel that adding the occasional swear word in really gives emphasis to how you are feeling. I will give you an example, when I asked my husband to catch a spider that was on the ceiling above the bed we were in, I could've said:

"Don't let that spider drop when you try to catch it!"

What I actually said was:

"Don't let that f*cker drop!"

You see, the use of the swear word emphasised that I would be really unhappy if that f*cker did indeed drop onto the bed. Hubby then knew it was very important to catch it.
The use of the swear word worked - the spider was successfully caught, and kindly freed out of the window (aka released out of the window to its plunging death)

So when this book talks about not giving a f*ck, it pleased me immediately, kinda fitting for my current mood of letting it go.

Overview of what it's about

There's only a certain number of things you can care about, the alternative is to be consumed by things that don't really matter yet we hold onto them. This book goes through examples of the things that we currently give a f*ck about (good and bad) and then sort it out into categories of things you actually do care about and things you really don't. The NotSorry method, is then applied to all the things that you do not care about - I do not care about X, I choose not spend time on it and I am not sorry about it.

Best bits for me

- Feelings Vs. Opinions

This I really like, and I have started using it a lot. When you decide not to give a f*ck about something, but then you think it would give a conflicting response from someone, think this - is the conflict through a difference of opinion or because you could potentially hurt their feelings?
If it is because you may hurt their feelings then that is something you should give a f*ck about and be a bit more cautious with your approach. If on the other hand it is due to a difference of opinion, then hey, who cares! everyone has an opinion and they are not always the same.

How I used it this morning -

"I might not wear that bright red lipstick because of what people will think  (the school run trollop)"

- Actually, if me wearing red lipstick causes conflict that's only because of a difference in opinion, I like red lips, they don't, that's not causing offense (well it could potentially depending on the application) therefore in this instance, no f*cks should be given and the lipstick shall be worn.

I find this thought process really useful when I stupidly worry about what other people would think about a situation. Most of the time, the possible conflict of an upcoming situation is just a difference of opinion. And if there is a possibility of offending? Just be really polite with your thanks but no thanks response.

- Spending my f*cks wisely

Having a f*ck budget makes you really careful about how you spend them. If you only allow yourself a certain amount of things to put your energy into, it makes you so much more productive and ultimately happier.

Is this book for you?

If you find yourself being very apologetic, trying to please people and spending too much time on things that do not really make you happy then this book could have a few nuggets of wisdom for you. It is written with humour and swearing which personally I love (she's talking my language) it's relateable and most importantly makes you more conscious of what exactly it is you are spending your energy on.


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