Sunday 30 July 2017

July Favourites

Well didn't July wizz by! such a blogger cliche to say it, but it's quickly come round to that time where I talk about my favourite items of the month. A bit of a mixed bag including, home ware, books, beauty and jewellery.

TKMaxx home wear mini haul

I have bought a few new items to go in my dressing area, seeing as it is now clear of clutter it is time to fill it back up with new clutter! that of course is a joke, I am now only buying items that spark joy/essential items, starting with some essential candles.....


I suppose essential oils count, so that is where these candles come in. Frosted glass, one white and the other lilac, both with gold lids and faux crystals on the top. It would have been nice if the crystals were actually crystal, but still nice nevertheless. The white is x and the lilac is lavender and herbs, both smell lovely but I am still at the "bought a new candle, don't want to actually use it" stage with these. So they will sit nicely on my shelf until I have got over newness, then i'm going to let the mothers burn. (that sounds harsh, but remember they are candles and I will be fulfilling their life's purpose) just being careful not to get burn marks on the glass so I can reuse them - not sure how I will achieve that, but I am sure google will have the answer. Both from TKmaxx for £7.99 each - they also had a turquoise and a purple, not encouraging you by giving more colour options, just saying.....

Marble slate

Another addition to my new dressing area is this slab of marble, I think this is supposed to be used in the bathroom as an epic soap dish but that is way to dangerous to have around my little ones. Grabby hands and little toes - not a great combination to throw a bit of marble into the mix. So unfortunately (smirky face) it had to go in my dressing area as a little pedestal for my perfume bottles, what a shame! I have them all lined up, stood to attention on the marble step, all willing and ready to serve. It is such a simple way to dress up your perfume bottles, and it doesn't cost the earth either, for £12.00 it has made my perfume collection seem like just that, a collection! rather than a messy pile of bottles in my drawer. It is also making me use more a variety, picking a different one to wear each day.

Amethyst crystal

I have never owned a big piece of crystal, I tend to stick with small palm sized stones that I can carry around with me or have on my bedside table. However I decided it was time to up my mineral content and go for a large piece of amethyst. Strangely enough I was thinking about acquiring a large piece of amethyst and a few days later in TKMaxx I found it sat on an empty shelf all on its own - OBVS for me! thanks universe. So I bought it, went home and cleansed it and left it in the sunlight. Hubby asked what it was doing sat on the steps outside - I explained that I was charging it - he laughed and then realised I was serious. He then said I had been ripped off for paying £12.00 for a rock "You paid that for a bit of rock?" - no my friend, it's not just rock.

If you are into crystals you will know that you have to cleanse a crystal and then charge it with sun/moon light for it to recharge its energy (although I believe amethyst is also self cleansing?) I am not too sure why I picked amethyst, I obviously need a bit of it. FYI - I was told recently not to put amethyst by my bed as it would interrupt sleep and can make you restless - so if you do have some leave it in a area where you need inspiration/an uplift

If however, you are more inclined to think like my husband - well its a pretty rock that looks nice on my shelf. just let me have my witchy ways, win win.

Clarins lip oil

I found it!!! yippee! if you saw last months favourites vid, I mentioned I had lost this, turns out it was hiding in a different handbag! teach me for my bad un-bagging habits. On to the oil, it is a fruity scented lip oil with a tint of colour, that leaves the lips super soft. Now at £19.00 I was a but dubious about this over glorified lip balm working well enough to justify the price, but it does, My cherry Carmex has taken a back seat and this beaut is now my go too lip conditioner. My first impressions of this was that it's a bit sticky (think Lancome Juicy Tubes) and I didn't think we were going to get on well at all. However, my lips are left in fabulous condition, the smell is lovely and the colour is a nice wash of orangy/pink. A great one for the summer heat (when we get it) but I am looking forward to testing this out in the winter months too - if it lasts that long. Overall, a bit of a splurge but it does what it says it does.


I recently got my ears pierced again (now have two at bottom one at top on one side) and I have been enjoying wearing small hoops and danglys, think TH style. I bought a few new pairs, again from TKmaxx, two silver gem hoops, and a small gold gem pair with a dangling chain - easier to look at the pic below than for me to describe them! As much as I love a good statement earring, this months I have taken it down a notch to the less is more approach.

I also got these two tone studs from H&M, a mix of silver, gold and black - simple design but still eye-catching.

Rimmel nail varnishes

I took advantage of a recent 3 for 2 offer on at Boots with Rimmel, I fancied a nude shade and ended up walking away with three different tones. All similar but oh so different at the same time (thats the beauty blogger coming out of me) I have short nails at the mo and actually prefer nude shades on longer nails but I am still enjoying wearing these whilst my natural nails sort themselves out (they are very weak at the mo)

The Miracle Morning - Hal Elrod

I mentioned this in my last post/vid as one of my current top reads (read here) this book really has been a game changer for me, so much so that I am currently filming a vlog of my morning routine, implementing what I have learnt from this book. If you are looking to get yourself organised and get into a new routine then this is a good place to start - it talks you through six different steps you should take first thing in the morning in order to reach your goals. Love it! more coming soon.



  1. I've got to try that lip oil, i keep seeing it on instagram!

  2. Those candles are beautiful! I don't even use candles and I totally want some!


    (Jenny from Accidental Hipster Mum)


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