Tuesday 20 September 2016

Come shop with me - T-shirts

You may have been given the idea from my Instagram feed that I like to shop, well that is absolutely correct. There isn't many things I can say I excel at in life but one things for sure is that if I studied shopping at university I would have a first class degree with honors, I would even have a brownie badge. I blame my mother, she is my enabler, I have learnt many a skill from her that has got me to my shopper status today. I don't always spend a lot, my mother and I created a game where we go out and can only spend £10 each for the day and see what we can get, this is totally a quantity over quality shop (aka buy a load of shite from the pound shop) its not wasting money when you can say "I got all this for a tenner!"

Generally 60% of whats purchased is returned on the next shopping trip, meaning there is always some spends in the kitty. Should I be ashamed? probably, am I ashamed? nope! I don't go crazy, I can afford it and I am not harming anyone (obviously slightly ashamed if I need to justify) but at the end of the day you have to enjoy the good things in life, if that's my good thing so be it.

I am much more of a pound the pavement kind of shopper, I like to touch, feel, try on, eye up the latest displays, try samples, have a coffee, browse etc. I could be out waiting for the doors to open up until being chucked out at close. However since my two little kiddy winks came along they have, to put it kindly, changed my shopping experience. Pitstops/nappy changes/tantrums means the joy is gone and it becomes a chore, we all end up crying. Therefore I have become more of an online shopper, its not replaced my love for the high street but it is there for me when I need it most.

So I am inviting you to join me on my online shopping journey, I am going to select the items I like (or don't) from my fave shops and share my thoughts with you, feel free to join in with your comments. Today, I am shopping for T-shirts - statement T's and nice basics, lets see what we can find...


Christopher Kane £145- its a K T-shirt and i'm Kim - kinda meant to be don't you think?

Calvin Klein £50 - Old school but you gotta love it, I did until I realised it was cropped...not a fan with the old mum tum. link HERE

Givenchy £1075 - oh you beauty, bargain price of £1075, it is silk though - not the best for a baby sick situation, moving on. link HERE

Gucci - This is so cute and I love the sleeves! actually I love the whole outfit.

69 £255 - I think this could look quite striking with the right pair of jeans, simple but interesting, Link HERE


Here is the not so loved finds

69 - £320 - OK I know I have had children and my boobs are heading south but I do not need flap holders on my top. Its £320, I can create this look for next to nothing with an old T and a pair of socks. Or even a tight top would no bra would do the trick - MOVING ON
If your crazy here's the LINK

Vetements - £510 - Where to begin? This is a real top available to buy at the bargain price of £510. I was debating what to wear to drop my daughter off at preschool the other day, if i'd of known about this top maybe this would of been the one, shame that. Other hideous colours available. Link HERE because I know you will go and look


£15.99 I love the neckline and the sleeve length, the small pop of red on the bird is a nice touch plus it looks good with a pleated skirt which is what I'm looking for! link HERE

£17.99 - sequin sleeves - whats not to love? link HERE


£30- Oversized T with a shirt fabric back - love it! link HERE

£25 - Colour block T - a tad summery with the orange and yellow but I like the hit of colour. Link HERE


£32 - I like the contrasting stripes but the stepped hem neck line would do my OCD head in - link HERE


£7.99 I love the quality of basic tees from H&M, the deep V and loose fit on this one is perfect. Link HERE

£12.99 I love the look of the material, a soft lightweight knit with rough seams - link HERE

£12.99 FLAMINGOS - enough said - link HERE


£22.00 - so easy to wear, chuck on with jeans, skirt, job done - link HERE

£18.00 Boyfriend fit tee, slogan and rolled sleeves. Easy to wear and a bit of fun link HERE


£16.00 - This is another look I could create for free, my dog likes to chew holes in blankets, it looks exactly like this. Before I go to bed I will chuck an old tee in the dogs bed and by morning it will be ready for me to wear, just saved £16.00 there. Link HERE

That's it for today! see you next time 



  1. That saggy boob top is bloody hideous πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ sat here laughing to my self at that one! Hello from Instagram - Amy and Ava X

  2. Oh Kim how did I miss all this .. genius is what you areπŸ‘ŒπŸΎ
    I was wondering what to wear to my sons grammar school PTA meeting..between the vetements and the boobsie macallit I am truly confused...should I wear both πŸ•Ά
    Love your blog, fantastic jobπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  3. Sorry somehow I am signed in as my son...
    Maisonarchives xxxx

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