Sunday 25 September 2016

For the love of leopard print / Come shop with me

Leopard print, I think it's safe to say it's one of those universal prints that everyone (well almost everyone) loves. Personally, I am drawn to it like a moth to a flame, if there's leopard print in a store somehow I end up stood in front of it. Almost like sleep walking, I don't know how I ended up there, it's got its own magnetic field that lures me in. I've seen a lot of leopard print banded about Instagram lately, apparently it's in this season but I wouldn't know because in my eyes it's always in. In fact it never really leaves the fashion scene, it's always there like a good friend. An instant crowd pleaser, have you ever seen a miserable person don a leopard print item? No because it simply doesn't happen, leopard print makes you smile. In my opinion Its a wardrobe staple that's here to stay.

Now there's two camps when it comes to LP, you fit into one or the other or swing between them both. Each have their own merits. 

Camp 1 - Kate Moss, classic, chic, sexy ON POINT LEOPARD 

Camp 2 - Pat Butcher, brash, in your face, loud, LAIRY LEOPARD 

I think most of us would naturally opt for camp 1, but sometimes it's full to capacity and you have to attend camp 2's team meeting. Often I start the day (or night) as team Kate but by the end of a hard day (or a few too many cocktails) PB comes out to play. I suggest keeping a pair of clip on earrings in your pocket just in case, if your going to do PB, do it right.

Surprisingly I don't have that many LP items in my wardrobe, not as many I should. A few scarves & pairs of shoes but I'm actually quite disappointed in myself, I feel like I'm letting LP down. There's only one solution for this, let's go shop. I am going to keep both Kate & Pat in mind whilst shopping as demonstrated below.

Zara £49.99 - LINK


All items linked below under the pics - linked clockwise
Think of any style of shoe and you will find it in leopard print - fact. These are my fave picks of the bunch, I already have two pairs of LP shoes - just how many is OK in ones collection? 

1) Aquazzura £600 LINK
2) Christian Louboutin £445 LINK
3) Riverisland £22 LINK
4) Office £50 LINK

And a further two I found later!

1) Joules £130 - LINK
2) RI mules £55 - LINK


A belt is a good way to scratch your LP itch without going crazy, just a hint of leopard to spruce up a plain tee and jeans 

1) ASOS £12 - LINK - I like this colour, it makes a change from normal LP shades and I think it suits the print
2) ASOS £12 - LINK  - a bit of double buckle action 
3) M&S £9.50 -  LINK - slimmer belt
4) Topshop £22 - LINK - a wide fit belt for jeans

Like the other items, there is a lot of different styles that are leopard print. As its quite a busy print I like to keep it simple with a pouch type bag. I found three that I like, all quite similar but the prices range from £7.99 to £675!

1) Loewe leather t pouch - £675 LINK
2) H&M bag £7.99 LINK
3) Whistles bag £65 LINK

This is one of my fave ways to get my fill of leopard print - particularly scarves! I love the look of the oversized ASOS one above and those slippers are ready for me to get my snuggle on.

1) Pom - Newlook - £4.99 LINK
2) M&S Brolly £10 - LINK
3) ASOS Oversized scarf - £16.00 LINK
4) UGG Slippers - Next £85 LINK - available in October


You may have seen the Tesco coat already which seems to be a popular choice, a great price point at £29.00! a fab way to get a bit of LP this season without breaking the bank. I love all of the options above - I mean Burberry is always a winner for me, but THAT Mary Katrantzou is just to die for, such an amazing print, shame its slightly out of budget...

1) Tesco Boyfriend coat £29.00 LINK 
2) Zara jacket - £59.99  LINK
3) Mary Katrantzou £1836.87 - Farfetch LINK
4) Burberry coat- £1995 LINK


I found a bit of a bargain with the French connection number top right, reduced from £75 to £19! say what!?! it makes a change from the standard LP colours too. Side note - I've noticed a lot of items in French connection going into the sale with massive discounts! it puts me off paying full price - I would keep that in mind when looking at FC at the mo.

1) M&S Fluffy Leopard print slash neck jumper - £35 LINK
2) French connection - electric leopard £19.00 from £75 LINK
3) Oasis £22 animal crew neck top LINK
4) high neck ASOS top £25 - LINK


I couldn't shop for leopard print without thinking about my girl, so many cute bits! I love the backpack - I think she would love this for preschool!

1) La Redoute coat - £17.40 - LINK
2) Matalan Wellies - £10 LINK
3) Matalan backpack - £8.00 LINK
4) H&M onesie - £14.99 LINK

SAD FACT - Do you need justification for buying some leopard print? well according to it can take up to 40 animals to be killed to produce one coat with real fur - lets buy the shit out of faux fur to stop the demand for the real stuff! 


I know Leopard print is popular at the mo but I didn't think that there would be quite so much in the stores this season. Every single website I went on had something leopard print available, there is just so much choice. Personally I think it is a print worth investing in, its something that will always have a home in your wardrobe so don't be afraid to splurge. On the other hand, there is so much available that if you don't want to spend a lot there are many options that are just as good - look at the three handbags I found, all very similar with very different price tags. 

So whats the most Pat-esque item I found - well check out the pic below - leopard print top complete with cats and matching bottoms - shes even got the earrings and the lippy. If you like this look its going to cost you £525 (for the top that is) see being Pat is more expensive than you think

D&G £525 LINK

The other option is of course Kate - and what better way to channel your inner Kate than wear a top designed by her - it costs a fraction of the price of the Pat look at £370 (its still a fraction even though its £370!) Kate Moss for Equipment - LINK

Finally, when it all gets too much just remember this one thing......

See you next time x 


  1. Ahh my fave subject!! Absolutely love this blog & the shopping ideas lol xx

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