Monday 26 September 2016

Pamper time - Products used for this weeks pamper session

Tonight I fancy a bit of tlc, i've not been feeling well so as soon as the kids are in bed i'm hitting the bath. We all need a regular bit of me time right? thats why I want to make this a regular post (good excuse for me time eh?) just to show you the products that I have been using, its always good to have a nose at what other people use so you can get some inspo for the next pamper night.

*Has anyone else had a Diptyque candle that's gone yellow?

Some might have a read for a bit of relaxation, if your anything like me you will be sat looking at pictures of your babies thinking how much you love them and how blessed you are. Then you hear them stir, panic sets in that they might wake up, you have thoughts of "NO please no! stay asleep, not tonight!" then luckily they do return to their sleep, relief sweeps over you and you return to looking at pics of them.

 I will actually be sat on the internet getting some ideas for my blog revamp - OK I know my blog is new so its not really a revamp as such, but its basic and needs work. I will be looking at blog designs, layouts, post inspo etc if you have any comments or ideas send them my way.

Back to the pampering, here's a quick run through of the main players in tonight's session:


I got this with Septembers Look Incredible deluxe beauty box - if your thinking of subscribing you might want to read my review post HERE - spoiler - I wouldn't go deluxe!
I am yet to try this but its the sort of product that I would normally buy, anything deep cleansing is right up my street.The only part that puts me off is that its foaming which can be over-stripping for oily skin. I will give it a whirl and let you know my thoughts at a later date.

 This cleanser has actually been discontinued and I believe its been replaced with Pure Plush Deep Cleansing Foam for £18.00 link HERE


I recently had a spa break with the hubby, it was lush! think massages, prosecco and relaxation. The products used at the spa were all Templespa and this little treat was left in our hotel room. Quietude - a room and body spray for relaxation, to sum it up how it smells in one word - SPA. I will be giving myself my pillow a lil spritz of this to help me into the land of nod. I got this as a freebie in my hotel room, but if your interested its £25.00 for 100ml link HERE


After reading great reviews about these pads I made a purchase. I actually bought mine off of Amazon for £15 for a pack of 5, (who else loves Prime?) Ideally you are supposed to use these everyday, I use them when I need a good exfoliation. I love the feel of my skin after using them, not stingy or anything but it feels like 'something' has happened if you know what I mean, call it a tingle if you will


Well duh obvs need a bit of lush on my pamper night, this bath bomb has been sat in my draw for a few weeks now, I need to get this bad boy out! I must head down to Lush soon as the Halloween themed goodies are now out, woo hoo! or should a say wooooooo (in a spooky voice) 

I have been shopping my stash recently, I am running very low on beauty supplies! I will be hitting the shops soon - let me know of any must have beauty products on the shelves at the mo

See you next time x 


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