Monday 31 October 2016

What's in YOUR handbag - Essential beauty item - PART ONE

"Your makeup should never precede you, but walk with you"
Estee Lauder

Sat on the train to London with a bit of time to kill I thought I would have a blog brainstorming session. I was on my way to a blog meetup and set myself a challenge of walking away with at least one blog post. After numerous bag checks on my journey (you know where you check your phone and purse is still in the same place you left it two mins ago) it got me thinking about the beauty items I carry around with me.

You often read "beauty favourites" kind of posts but what items actually make it to the coveted spot in a handbag? the ones worthy to be carried around. Seeing as I was going to an insta/blog meetup, I thought I would ask the bloggers I met what was the one beauty item they brought with them that day that they couldn't leave home without. Plus I wanted to have a nosey in handbags, win win.

It was surprising how many people said "I don't really carry anything" or "I am not that into makeup" etc - yet all had something that subliminally ended up with them that day. The go to items that we don't even really think about anymore but somehow they are always with us. These in my eyes are the true beauty must haves, the ones that actually work and we automatically go to.

So as you do, I asked bloggers to show me their beauty item and took a snap, they loved me for it. Some hid in the corner at the thought of an unannounced on the spot question and pic, they shouldn't have bothered because I sniffed them out. If I did miss you then there's always next time!!

I will kick this off with my own item. I have to admit when I was asked the same question I said a liquid lipstick, however I have actually changed my mind. Cheating slightly, but hey its my blog I am going to bend the rules! So my item? blotting paper, seeing as it would be pretty uncool to carry a flannel around with me to literally mop my brow, I carry these bad boys around to suck up the slick. nice.

So without further ado, lets get nosey-ing! *I apologise for any blurry photos, I had two glasses of wine and a cocktail, don't judge I don't get out much, plus it made an interesting journey home.

Nikki from 

I met Nikki through Instagram, we were already following each others daily outfit choices so it was great to meet her face to face. Plus I am slightly in love with her bobble jumper above, and if you fancy borrowing (stealing) this look then this knit is from Willow & Paige @ asos

If you like daily style inspo, you can find her Instagram feed HERE

Natural healing balm
"My beauty item is the natural healing balm, it's mainly for my lips as they get so dry, but I also use it on my cuticles. I tend to only wear lipstick or gloss for a night out but I like to have something on my lips, so this works for me"

Tell me about your blog Nikki - "My blog is fashion based, clothes I wear & those I'd love to wear, whilst trying to keep my wardrobe size in check" (link above)

Sarah from

This is the first time I had a read of Sarahs blog and I am glad I did because its hilarious - my fave post? zero fucks given link HERE a particular fave quote of mine "I hate high heels and never wear the bastards either" and that's in reference to school run fashion. I personally do not wear heels for the school run in fear of feeling like a bellend (confidence issue there?) but I do wear makeup and that is defo an occasion when we need a bit of armour right?

Lord& Berry lip pencil
"I usually have some sort of lipstick or pencil in my bag - a quick slick of colour is like armour! Even if I don't have anything else on it brightens up my face"

Tell me about your blog Sarah - "My blog is a bit eclectic, but mainly parenting humor! Because you have to laugh or you'd go mad right?!" too right Sarah, too bloody right! (link above)

I love Antonia's photography style on Instagram HERE, plus she gives great fashion inspo with her shopping related blog posts. I like her recent post - How to dress in style for Halloween Here - obviously I saw this post too late and am already "rocking" some gaudy Halloween nail art, cool personified. 

Rimmel Colour Rush Balm
"My beauty essential item is lipstick, I used to only wear gloss for years but I used to get bored with constantly having to reapply so ended up with bare lips. Now the thing is, I'm in my late thirties now and I feel that I really benefit from a pop of colour on the lips to lift my complexion. I don't go anywhere without it these days, I feel put together with a bit of lippy on, even if the rest of my face isn't done"

Tell me about your blog Antonia - "My blog Tinker Tailor Online is a lifestyle destination that celebrates fashion, beauty, interiors as well as health and well being. It's for women who love fashion but are not slaves to it, women who want to be confident and look good but not at the expense of feeling good. Tinker Tailor online believes in bringing luxury to the everyday and making style achievable"

Kristy - Instablogger - link here

Do you follow Kristy on Instagram? if you don't, and you love fashion, then you definitely should. I friggin love her style, she always manages to pull something new and inspiring out of the bag. She can pull anything off  (yeah shes one of them lucky lot) plus I want to steal her hair style. Link above

MUA Sweet Sheen lip balm
 "Its not just this particular lipstick, but all lipstick. It's my go to because it can completely change your look or brighten your face"

Tell me about your blog/insta feed - "My blog is about keeping hold of your style even though your a mother. It's also about having fun with fashion and doing it all on a bit of a budget"

Sophie -

Sophie has her own jewellery store where she sells beautiful pieces with stones sourced from Jaipur. I am eyeing up the Samsara earrings with moonstone gems (find then here) - the collection is inspired by Sophie's time spent in India 

Weleda Skin food 
"I love it because it is just so god damn useful. I use it on my lips, hands, cheeks, eyes..if I am out and my skin feels dry (which it does right now as it gets colder) then I pop some on my face and it gives a bit of a dewy glow. I also use it on the kids, they think its some sort of magic cream as I put it on cuts, bruises etc its all natural so I am happy to lather it on them. It is also reasonably priced!! I have loads of tubes, in the car, bedside table, bag...etc."

Tell me about your jewellery - "My jewellery is very much about women, who we are, our mothers, daughters, sisters, friends etc my brand is slowly building to celebrate the women we are"

Sareta -

I love Sareta's fun and lighthearted blog & insta feed, her vids crack me up! its family life to a T, my fave? the one where she "forgot" to wear socks at soft play (here) unlucky hubby! I might try this one, thanks for the tip.

Bobbie Brown pressed powder
 "This is my fav item (on a makeup day). I get shiny areas such as my nose and forehead. This powder eliminates shine and can be used throughout thr day without "caking", I love it, a little goes a long way" 

Tell me about your blog Sareta - " is a lighthearted site with a collection of fab bloggers, These include kids, mothers, cooks and a twenty something who can't wait to have all of the above"

Last but not least is this beaut of a host Sunita. She organised a fab day which involved a confidence talk (I think we all need a nudge every now and then) wine, Weleda hand massages and goody bags! I'm looking forward to the next one already.

MDM Flow liquid lipstick
"I met Flo who is the founder of this amazing new makeup brand (MDM Flow) at Stylist Live. She used to be a scientist and then she decided to start her own makeup range. Flo adds extra pigment to her lipsticks. She literally makes lipsticks herself (its an incredible process to watch). I love wearing MDM Flow Liquid Matte in Power (bright pink) as it stayed on all day. From 11.30am when I left home to 6pm when I reached home in time for the girls' bedtime. Also it didn't dry out my lips all day when I was busy chatting and catching up with the lovely ladies"

Tell me about your blog Sunita - "my blog is all about exploring lucky things as we enjoy life and style with our little people. It's here to share ideas, inspiring stories, places and things we love

That's it for part one, I have more ladies to interrogate so stay tuned for part two!



  1. What a brilliant idea for a blog post?! I love this Kim! Loved reading about what people use as well! Xx 😘

  2. So amazing to see your idea for a blog post up already! We all had fun being interviewed by you Kim. It also reminded us how much we love certain beauty gems. Love what Sarah Mumzilla said about armour. Our beauty kit or beauty item is like a weapon ha ha. They make us feel good about ourselves and being out our version of confidence. Very honoured to have featured on your blog. See you again soon lovely xx Sunita

  3. So many fab people I didn't get to talk to! I'm gutted! This is such a fab idea for a blog post- I will be taking note of all these great favourites 😊🙌🏽

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