Sunday 30 October 2016

Weleda skin food

"I wear a lot of make-up and, when i'm working, I like to use Skin Food by Weleda because I feel really replenished when I do. My skin feels back to life and not caked in foundation"

Weleda is a brand that I was not too familiar with for beauty items, sure I have used it in the past on my babies but its never been something that I've looked into for myself. So when a few samples came into my possession it gave me the inclination to delve deeper and see what they really have to offer. 

The items above I received in a goody bag at the Lucky Things meet up, it was fab to actually meet people in the flesh but that's another post! My immediate thoughts were that I would enjoy trying the skin food cream and the one step cleaner. I am not one for hand creams (hello clammy hand club) although I probably should, I think I will hand this sample to someone who will love it more.

My legs have been a tad dry and itchy over the last few weeks, which I can only put down to the change in weather. So I have been applying the skin food sparingly over the past week and it definitely has helped the problem. The Skin Food cream is one of Weledas signature products and I can see why, this product was launched in 1926 and its still has a place on the shelves today. All natural ingredients include soothing viola pansy, calming chamomile and healing calendula. It also has beeswax and lanolin to soften the skin, I know some people do not like lanolin but I have to say i'm a fan and works a treat every time. Its stood the test of time, Weleda are celebrating 90 years of beauty with this product, pretty good going eh? it was used by the models at London fashion week and loved by the likes of Adele, if its good enough for the beaut its good enough for me. Yet Weleda have not forgotten their humble beginnings and still promote this to fisherman and supermodels alike - its a good all rounder which suits everyone.

Now my skin is oily so I personally would only use this sparingly on dry patches but this cream with its soothing yet uplifting scent can be used all over the body. Running low on this now so think I will have to pop some in my basket on my next beauty shop.

One step cleanser/toners always puzzle me (I am more of a micellar water then cleanse & tone exfoliate kinda gal) so a one stop shop product interests me but I am not sure I will ever fully jump on the bandwagon, maybe just hang on to the wheel for a bit. This one step cleanser has balancing iris root and purifying witch hazel to clean the skin and refine pores - which sounds perfect for my combination/oily skin - removing makeup and deep cleansing at the same time. My initial thoughts on this is that it is highly scented, its a treat to use but my face doesn't usually react well to heavily scented cleansers (natural or otherwise) and this time was no different. Don't get me wrong it does its job well by removing makeup and cleansing, but I think for my oily skin I need to stick to my separate cleansing/toning regime with lightly scented products. I think this is suited better for normal skin types which I believe is what Weleda are aiming for. 

I thought I would quickly show you the texture of this cleanser/toner - its like skimmed milk! I actually found this quite nice to use and very gentle on the skin too.

Although I had not used much Weleda in the past, I did already have the calendula face cream for babies. Again this is quite scented, not as much as some of the other items but it will be apparent for small noses so it depends on your babies tolerance for it. It is however incredibly gentle, settles well on the skin and suitable for sensitive baby skin. I do not use this daily, only when the babes have dry patches or an irritation that needs seeing too, generally my motto for baby skin is less is more - their skin is perfect so they do not need much! but at times when they do I found this cream helpful. Its 100% certified natural so no hidden nasties in there for peace of mind. Or in my case when a baby decides to squeeze and slather half the tube on themselves and anything else in reach that moves - no need to worry if its going to do anyone harm! 

Overall I have enjoyed using the Weleda products and its opened my eyes up to lots of others that I didn't realise they had. My next purchase? one of the bath milks shown below. During the meet up (organised by Sunita @luckythings blog) she had arranged for one of the Welda ladies to attend (and supplied us with the sample goodies above)  and showed some of their fab product ranges - one of which was the bath milk ranges so I got to have a good old sniff. Again they are quite scented but they are packed full of natural oils so a little goes a long way, a bath with a hit of lavender - the perfect way to unwind!

Have you tried any Weleda products? which is your favourite?



  1. Great review Kim!
    You nailed it xx I agree with what you say about them being a tad too scented. The texture is good on my skin (the hand cream). I haven't tried anything on my face as my face is very sensitive and I'm trying to use less on it at the moment xx Fab review, well done! Xx

    1. Thanks Alicia, yes they are strongly scented, think that would make a nice bath time treat though (the bath milks) xx

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