Monday 24 October 2016

Skyn Iceland Fresh Start Mask

"We treat stressed skin using pure and potent ingredients from Iceland"
Skyn Iceland 

I love a good face mask, in fact I think it might be my favorite beauty item. There's something satisfying about giving your face a good old layer of  slime, scare the kids in the process, fun all round. I think I like the transformation element of it, y'know slapping it on looking tired and lacklustre then wiping it off to reveal a glowing beauty (hopefully)  just like the unveiling on Extreme Makeover - you never quite know what your going to find!

The masks that I usually sway towards are clay/mud based, deep cleansing and suitable for oily skin. I have also become a bit of a fan of retexturizing products as of late so when I came across the Skyn Iceland Fresh Start mask it ticked many a box.  I know Caroline Hirons is a fan of the cleanser in this range so I thought the brand was worth looking into, if its good enough for the Hirons is good enough for me.

The box contains six two-step applications, each in individual sachets. I quite like it when masks come in sachets like this, it gives an indication of how much product to use. I tend to be a tad over zealous when it comes to squeezing product out of a tube, I have the mentality that more is more. The more I put on the quicker it will work. If a tube says visible improvements in two weeks then why not speed up the process and put the whole tube on at once! you can keep you two weeks, I am going for gold here with results in one day! Obviously I soon learnt that this theory wasn't exactly the most accurate and decided it was best stick to guided sachet portions.

The first step is the mud, a blue mask that is kinda a cross between toothpaste and head and shoulders, minty but not too thick. The minty smell wasn't over powering, it did however have an underlying note of hair removal cream/pva glue, it wasn't too strong or anything just an observation.

So on it went, usually I would give the old turkey neck a good seeing too, I didn't on this occasion but there was enough product if i wanted to. I could feel it starting to tingle, it was letting me know of its presence so to speak. Once fully covered I went in with the second sachet, the activating gel, it advises to apply an equal amount to the mud mask over your face. I translated this to be one whole sachet of mud to one whole sachet of gel and that's exactly what I did.

Massaging both together on the skin felt a bit odd, quite thick with a foamy yet stringy texture. The stringyness didn't please me at all, a bit snot-esque. It actually had a bit of a numbing sensation, a bit like when you poke a dead leg, you know your poking it but you cant really feel it. I have to say I don't really think the second step added much, the mud already felt like it was working and didn't need activating with a layer of goo. I don't think the two mixed so well together either

It says to leave on for 5-10 mins, my theory is to leave it on for the max time plus half - so I left it on for 15 mins. This is my general theory when it comes to beauty products and also when cooking meat or potatoes.

Once the activating gel was on I was waiting for an overwhelming sensation of warmth, there wasn't one, definitely got warmer but I wouldn't really promote it as a warming mask.

I removed with a flannel, you have to really as water on its on wouldn't quite do the trick here. Afterwards my skin felt lovely and clean, this is my main objective when it comes to a mask - tick. It did leave my skin looking brighter, however by the next morning I was back to my lacklustre self. Don't get me wrong its a good deep cleansing mask, but I think my rhino skin needs something with a bit more oomph when it comes to retexturizing. I think If you wanted temporary brightening effects (of if your skin is more youthful than mine) then this would be great. But for me, I would just use this as a deep cleansing type mask.

Not a fan of the second step, tempted to just use the first sachet on the last few I have but that would be besides the point. Although I might try them separately and see what happens?

Even though I wasn't too keen on the second sachet, this has left me wanting to try other items in the Skyn Iceland range - what would your recommendations be?

*Mask & face point selfie optional 


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