Sunday 16 October 2016

Lush Cosmetics - Halloween 2016

"When witches go riding and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, 'tis near Halloween"

Its that time of year when all of the fun lush goodies come out, starting with Octobers special occasion, Halloween. I wouldn't say I am a massive Halloween-er but as my babies start to get older I know that the interest is going to grow and the fun of dressing up is going to become a big event.

In my opinion, its the one day of the year (and the days leading up to it) that you can wear a full face of makeup without being judged. If people give you a funny look all you have to say is "Halloween" whilst pointing at your face as if your giving your costume a trial run, they walk on un-phased. Works every time, not in January though.
Alternatively, you can wear no make up, last year I managed to turn the scare factor right up by not only embracing the no makeup look but also letting the monobrow out to play. Combine that with laying off the fake tan for a few days (plus sporting a massive bump & hormonal spots) and I was well sorted. Not only was it a unique costume but I got loads of sweets for it too. I hadn't planned it that way, with only one week away from giving birth lets just say I was less than enthusiastic about my appearance. All of which lead up to my spooktastic visog.

This year however, I will not be vamping up in an attempt to scare the life out of children coming to the door oh no. As fun as it would be to see little jimmy from no3 recoil in horror, I will instead be locking myself in the bathroom with a bag full of lush treats. Not just for me of course, my very own little monsters will also be having a dip in the cauldron

After contacting Lush to confirm the ingredients are OK for baby skin, I made a purchase with my little stinkbugs in mind. Now my babes do not have sensitive skin when it comes to bath products and have been fine with all lush products I have used with them before. Just bear that in mind when using these with kids, make sure you fill the bath nice and full so the bathbomb is fairly diluted and even consider breaking into pieces for multiple uses.

So what out of the range did I pick for our Halloween treat?

Pumpkin Bath Bomb - £3.95 - Comforting - Contains cinnamon, vanilla

The jack o' lantern face on this bomb is obviously a crowd pleaser with it nailing the Halloween theme. I wouldn't describe this as being particularly pumpkin scented but it does have a comforting citrus/vanilla scent that turned the bath orange, the little monsters were happy with that.

Boo Bath Melt - £3.50 - Softening - Contains mimosa, ginger, cocoa butter, geranium

My first comment here is that it is small - I hadn't actually seen it in the flesh because I bought it online. For the amount you get its a bit pricey at £3.95. Nevertheless it was a treat to use with its softening effect making the skin silky smooth

Monsters Ball Bath Bomb - £4.25 -  Up lifitng - Contains lime oil, Neroli oil. cocoa butter

 The winner (for the babes) had to be the Monsters ball bath bomb, aka Mike Wazowski. It fizzed away and to their delight turned the water purple (aka monster goo) and made bathtime a shriek-athon (mainly me as child no2 has now also mastered the art of splashing) a lovely uplifting scent that also lingered in the bathroom for a good while after the splashdown.

I just have to add that the Halloween letters shown above are meant to be window stickers but we had lots of fun with these in the bath sticking them on the tiles. Then off the tiles. Then on, then off, then on again. I think you get the point. These were from Aldi - a few other designs available too.

Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar - £3.95 - Uplifting - Contains Juniperberry oil, lime oil, grapefruit oil

And what about mum? after a day of mopping up like Cinderella, what better way to end the day but to have a soak with a bubbly pumpkin bar. Cinders had the wrong idea, instead of turning her pumpkin into a carriage she should've just asked for one of these and had a nice bath, going "out out" is overrated anyway #desperatetogooutout

I'm yet to use this, I am saving it for my child free, relaxing, quiet, me-time (will it still be OK to use in 18 years time?) I will also have to avoid the hubby as he hates glitter, you could almost call it a problem.

So that's what I chose out of the range, there are other items available, I may have to make another lil purchase! just to warn you though, if you want them in time for Halloween then you need to order soon - mine took a whole week to arrive when ordering online.

What are your faves out of the range?

*only three spiders were harmed in the making of this post


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