Tuesday 11 October 2016

Tili Beauty Box - QVC - October 2016

If I were to say to I had bought something off of QVC what do you think it would be? A steam mop? Craft kits? or maybe even a one size fits all vegetable slicer? nope, none of the above, as much as I was tempted by the thought of courgette ribbons, I actually bought a box full of beauty goods. I'm not talking discontinued, dried up, sample sized type makeup, but decent brands that you actually want and lust after.

Introducing the Tili Beauty Box, I came across this little beaut on Instagram and shortly after eyeing it up I headed over to the QVC website and made a purchase. After my first experience with Look Incredible, I was a tad weary of subscribing to another beauty box, this one however is subscription free and you can order as and when you please.

Now I don't know about you but I have an issue with paying postage, it just niggles me a bit which is silly because I am paying for a service. I think its the likes of Amazon Prime that has raised my expectations a bit too high. The beauty box however comes with free postage which pleases me greatly and at £20 for the box (worth over £99) and free postage it was a no brainer.
The box itself is of good quality, the items are well packaged with plenty of stuffing and lovingly wrapped with tissue paper. Also the box is my two fave colours, grey and pink, yes I accept that makes me sound about 12 years old but I don't think I will ever grow out of the love of hot pink, even on a cardboard box.

So whats in the box that got me so excited? NIOD anyone? yep a bottle of the Hyaluronic serum had set up home in the box and was on its way to me. What else is there?

Tarte Tartiest Black Mascara - Full Size (£19.80 on QVC website)
 Laura Geller Spackle Tinted Under Make-up Primer (Bronze) Full Size £21.50 on QVC 
 Pixi Mini Endless Silky Eye Pen (Black) - smaller size 0.8g full size is 1.2g for £12.00 on cultbeauty.co.uk - QVC do a pack of two full size for £16.00
 Percy & Reed Volumising Hair Mousse - Fullsize -  £12.00 from QVC
 OPI Nail Varnish in Russian Navy - Full size - £9.50 from Beautybay.com
NIOD Molecular Hyaluronic Complex - 15ml sample size - full size is 30ml £35.00 from QVC
 Sample sizes of Caudalie Resveratrol Face Lifting Moisturiser 15ml (full size 40ml £36.00 from QVC) & Philospohy Amazing Grace Shower Gel 30ml  (full size 480ml £19.00 from boots) 

*the full size prices shown are the cheapest I found online

All of these bar one I would of actually purchased and used, the one i'm not fussed about is the Caudalie but that's only because I have found the perfect moisturiser for me but that's another post in itself.

This is only the second box from Tili, I believe the first included the likes of Alpha H, so it will be exciting to see what is in the next box (which I will be purchasing!) and not just because I like the box either. I was sent a £10 off voucher from QVC for making my first purchase with them so my next box will only be £10. Unless I purchase the veg chopper of course! who am I kidding, if I had to decide between makeup or the ability to make a thinly sliced potato gratin, sorry but lippy wins every time.

Out of curiosity I had a browse around the other beauty items available from QVC. Now i've known for a while that that's where you get your Tarte fix from, I've responded to this by closing my eyes firmly shut, fingers in ears whilst shouting LA LA LA trying not to be tempted. So far its worked and I haven't made a purchase. Just for the record I don't do this out in the high street when i'm trying not to buy something, nor would I recommend it as a deterrent method either. It might however deter others.

What else did I find on my QVC beauty search? Deleor, Elemis and Molton Brown are to name but a few, defo worth having a look at for gift ideas with the festive season looming.

Overall I am impressed not only with the quality of the box but also the service I received too, after I placed my order I received it within 36 hours and I think I would have received it sooner if I hadn't of placed it at night.

So whats the message here? I suggest you cancel your order for a julienne peeler, get your hands on the beauty box and just embrace the more ample sized vegetable pieces.


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