Saturday 8 October 2016

Victoria Beckham Estee Lauder Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches

"I want to make women feel empowered, to feel sexy and confident. This makeup collection does that. I'm a girl's girl, I love to make women feel like the best version of themselves"
Victoria Beckham

Sat at home on a dreary day I got a little ping on my phone, message from hubby. He travels A LOT with work and on the days he is absent from home our relationship becomes a texty affair, coupled with many a picture (not what you think, mainly pics of the kids and what each of us is having for dinner)
On this occasion it was a picture of an Estee Lauder bag, apparently he had made a purchase whilst in duty free. Not one to wait until he gets home, I demanded to receive a pic of the contents. Inside to my utter delight was the Victoria Beckham eye palette from Estee Lauder. You may think that this is a bit strange for a man to purchase such an item off his own back, my hubby however is not your average man, he likes fashion, loves to shop and takes note of the beauty updates I give him. This is a separate post altogether but I felt the need to give you a bit more insight, I will get back to VB.

First of all I have to say ever since the first airing of the spice girls on TOTP I have been a VB fan. I was always posh when my friends and I were the `Spice Girls' at school  and I wouldn't be anything but. In fact still to this day my friends refer to me as the posh one, that is until we have a night out, I get carried away and twerk on my own on the dance floor etc, I get down graded but always manage to work may way back up to the top spot of being the "poshest" one.

So lets just say this review could've started off with one biased step ahead, however I managed to put my love of VB aside and put my impartial consumer hat on.
First of all the packaging is delightful, solid, heavy, quality. The black ribbed leather (style?) case with gold metal hardware is very pleasing on the eye and in the hand with its slimline style. Maybe not to everyone's taste for a lux product but I think it looks sleek and also has lil sexy vibe.
The the clasp is easy to open yet firm, couple this with the large mirror inside makes a good piece to include in your handbag. Granted you don't need to carry eyeshadow around with you but this palette with its size and detailing, is ideal to pull out for quick check ups on the go. I have to admit, it is a tad *whispers* - Tom Ford, but I can forgive that

Inside are six shades. all of which are fine shimmer shades and I mean fine, no chunks of glitter here.  There's a blue - Fired Sapphire, gold - Blonde Cumin, brown - Metal Saffron, green - Burnished Sage, grey - Grey Amber and coppery brown - Black Nutmeg.

My immediate thoughts were that I would not wear Grey Amber - I had ruled it out from the get go as to me it looked far to dark compared to my usual muted tones.
I was however intrigued by the blue Fired Sapphire and green Burnished Sage, again they are colours I would not normally opt for but I was interested to give them a go, particularly the green for A/W
The other three, Blonde Cumin, Metal Saffron and Black Nutmeg were immediately my BFFs

So I gave them all a swatch on the back of my hand to see if my immediate thoughts were correct. You can use these both dry and wet so I swatched them both ways.

First impressions as I dabbed into the shadow was how soft they were but not powdery/chalky, a light swatch is all you need here as they are highly pigmented (I typed PUGmented, it gave me visuals, I thought I would share) Then I went in with a lightly wet brush to turn it up a notch, it glides on beautifully and really gives the pigments a chance to perform. Using them dry is pigmented enough but once you add water it really does add another dimension to the vibrancy and generally was pleasant to use with a dot of h20.

Now back to my immediate thoughts, I had already ruled out the grey right? how wrong was I, I swatched it on my hand expecting to have my suspicions confirmed and to move on. It is however a delightful grey with some sort of secret iridescence about it, perfect for a smoky eye. I have to say I was actually quite surprised how much I liked this colour, note to self, never judge an eyeshadow by its palette appearance.
The blue and green will be fun to use, I never use bright colour on my eyes even when i'm channelling my inner spice girl. However the colours will be great for the festive season and I am looking forward to experimenting with these, I feel frequent lines of blue and green coming on.
The other three shades I know I will get a lot of use out of, the gold and brown shades are my go to colours and I was looking to add a coppery brown to my collection, result!

It has long lasting wearability with no creasing (one of my pet hates) so no need to touch up at all throughout the day. As I have dark eyes, the combination of the gold/brown with a hit of colour from the green/blue works really well.

This palette costs £68 - hubby bought this in duty free so actually got a bit of a discount. Yes its pricey and definitely a splurge item, but if your feeling spendy it is worth it, put it this way you wont be disappointed. Its not ground breaking but its enjoyable lux that you won't regret forking out for. In fact you will be rather thrilled to have this beaut in your collection.

This leaves me wanting to try other items in the range, particularly the Morning Aura primer (best seller) and the nude lippy Brazilian Nude (Vics fave) and not just because I am a VB fan but because the Estee quality shines thorough with the palette leaving me wanting more.

Overall I am very happy with this (if you hadn't worked that out already) VB did a good job, but lets face it, would she put her name to anything but the best? and as for feeling the best version of myself? yeah the eyeshadow helps, however I feel the need to be empowered more, I just need to buy the nude lipstick, red lipstick, eyepencil, primer...........


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