Tuesday 4 October 2016

Everyone's Friend - The autumn knit

 Have you ever heard anyone say "Im not keen on jumpers" or "knitwear looks odd on me I can't wear it" nope, never. The humble jumper is everyone's best friend in the colder months and lets face it, it would be in the warmer months too if we could get away with it. Its so comforting to pull on a cosy jumper and not just in the way of warmth, but something psychologically too. Sat in a room full of strangers, would you rather be in a strappy top or a jumper? I think most would opt for the latter. Its surprising how a layer of wool covering your skin can act as a tool of defence against psychological warfare

I have thought about that in depth and for the sake of my mental health I must have new jumpers - lots of. Plus it hides a multitude of sins, you can wear your muffin top jeans and no one will know - you know the ones that are too small for your waist but makes your ass look great? yeah those ones

My recent knitwear purchases are pictured below. None of these were predetermined purchases, two were massively reduced, two were last minute grab on the way to the till purchases, but all won a coveted place in my wardrobe (however that's not exactly hard, there's lots of vacancies)

 Primark - £10
 Newlook - £10
 Allsaints Bicester Village - £45
Whistles sale - £75 reduced to £15

A few I have my eye on

Of course there's always a few items I have my eye on, first up a Zara sweater (clockwise). I love the tie detail on the sleeve, its a nice touch and creates a nice shape to the sleeve. 
Zara - £29.99 Sweater with tie detail on sleeve -  link HERE

Next up is the beaut from Reiss, I love the roll neck with the short sleeves, I do have a dilemma though. When I wear knitwear I am usually cold (not always, refer to the mental issue above) so the idea of short sleeves with it baffles me slightly, I would have to wear a long sleeve top underneath and that would kinda ruin the look don't you think?
Reiss - £120 Light grey batwing sleeve knit - link HERE

 Next is this chunky funnel neck (I just accidentally typed flannel neck, it made me laugh, I had to share that with you) Topshop number - I LOVE this type of neck, turtle neck but not. My next jumper purchase will have this neck.
Topshop - £42 Funnel neck jumper - link HERE

 Last up is this ASOS knit in a soft pink, I like the baggy sleeves and the colour is different to what I have been picking lately.
ASOS - £25 ultimate chunky jumper with high neck - link HERE

There is just so much knitwear I am loving at the mo, I could've made this a very long post! and I can guarantee that you have also found a number of knits that you could quite easily snap up. If you need to justify a purchase just remember this - jumpers are good for your wellbeing.



  1. Love the whistles one! Fabulous post xx

  2. Love all these jumpers! Seriously love a good jumper. Was excited to start wearing them again. How sad. Recently made some primark purchases too! Xx

    Amina xx | www.AliandHer.com


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