Wednesday 7 December 2016

Mum's pamper night - getting prepared to go out out

Warning - the next snippet of information is going to surprise you, maybe even shock. This weekend I am going out, I mean like actually out out. A weekend away with the girls, a bit of Crimbo shopping and a night of cocktails and karaoke - yes please.

So in aid of the event of the year, this weeks pamper session is a bit more intensive. Think body scrubs, fake tan, face masks, heck I might even shave my legs. I am however 97% sure that I am going to wear trousers, but there's still a 3% chance of lower body limb appearances, so I'm preparing. Y'know just in case I find a dress in the next few days that makes me look thinner, taller and bigger boobed. (Yes you did just see a flying pig)

I'm even putting on a bit of fake tan, just to take the edge off the look of death. Yes I may be a bit "stripey" being a bit out of practice in winter mode, but hey animal print is in and I'm pretty sure I could pull off tiger stripes.

So what are my weapons of choice?

For the visog I am whipping out a sheet mask - my choice today is one of the Boots own from the Ingredients range. I am a tad dry so opting for the hyaluronic one to add a bit of moisture and plumpness back. On the flip side I am also a bit oily and have a few pesky blocked pores (eye roll for the combo of issues!) so I am giving my nasal area a blitz with a pore strip - Tony Moly Nose pack package to be precise - it does the trick to whip out the nasties. Finally I have been using the UFO oil from Sunday Riley, which I find a treat to use. This combo should be a good start towards the prep for the Saturday night slap (as in make up - I am not planning on getting into a boozy brawl) 

From the neck down I plan to be smooth and tanned - (I will be tanning my face I don't want to rock the two tone look) choice of scrub is the Grounded coffee scrub which smells amazing and leaves my skin super smooth and clean. I wouldn't recommend using it in the morning as the temptation to ingest it would be quite hard to resist. If you fancy watching a review you can find the link HERE don't worry its not a film of me scrubbing my naked body, as much as I know you would love the idea - its just a review.

For a tan I am going to be using the St Tropez in shower tanner over the next few days, its kinda a fail safe way to tan because it is very light, just enough to take the edge off. I am not so keen on the application (standing in the shower with it on for a few mins) but hey its better than smelling like a biscuit baking in the oven in bed over night. 

So that's tonight's prep ahead of the weekend, starting early as I do not want to make the mistake of using a product that will make me bright red just before going out (side note, do not shave and put deodorant on in a rush just before going out in a strappy top) hashtag stingy red mess.

Oh no, this time I am going to be ready FIST PUMP



  1. Sounds like a good weekend to me. I'm supposed to be out out next Friday for the work's Christmas do �� I have zero motivation & haven't even attempted to organise an outfit lol xx

    1. Maybe it will get you in the mood buying a new top or some spangly shoes! x


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