Sunday 27 November 2016

Day in the life of a stay at home mum SAHM

Vlogmas is upon us, will you be taking part? if you have not heard of it before, the idea is that you upload a video to Youtube daily leading up to Christmas. As much as I would love to get involved there is no way I would be able to keep up with the daily vlog. It did however inspire me to record a "day in the life of" type video, where I record my daily happenings. OK so its not the most glamorous of days to film, a day at home with the bubbas, however you will be able to relate to it and maybe even have a lil chuckle. Its my first attempt, fingers in all pies me, so I may or may not film another (next one probably a shopping day sans child) but for now I am enjoying have a play around with my Canon.

Enjoy! oh and don't forget to hit like, there's a love


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