Wednesday 23 November 2016

Biologique Recherche P50W Review

It's not often that I would put a skincare product into the "GO BUY THIS NOW" category, but guess what? it's happened! and I am going to share this nugget of wisdom with you....this item is a must. Let's just say it's a total game changer and definitely worth the Hirons hype.

Introducing the rather spectacular Lotion P50 (W) from Biologique Recherche. An exfoliating acid toner with resurfacing as the number one job on its agenda. It also helps tackle blemishes, regulates sebum production, purifies and regenerates, kinda amazing huh?
 Biologique Recherche describe this as a gentle exfoliator, but don't be mistaken into thinking that it is weak, you can definitely feel this one working! it's gentle in the sense that its not going to irritate your skin but its still very effective.

Unless you're a skincare geek then you may not have heard of this brand before, that's because it's not exactly easy to track down - this isn't one where you can just pop into Boots. If you happen to live near a clinic or in are often in central London then great, otherwise you have to go through a consultation process via email or telephone directly with Biologique themselves in order to get your hands on this one

I believe that the reason that they do not sell online is so that they can give you a consultation and advise the right product for you. Here is a link I was given to their stockists:

This is the one product that I can say for sure makes a difference. I use it regularly in my evening skincare routine (sometimes in the morning too) and by morning my skin is noticeably smoother and clearer. My skin type is oily and my pores tend to get a little (actually more than a little) congested. I find that if I use this of an evening then my skin is very very oily upon awakening - like whoa there skin stop crying, BUT it's not actually a bad thing. Once the thick blanket of lard has been washed away my skin is clean and smooth. My theory is that I have exfoliated the crud away thus allowing further crud to come out during the night rather than it being stuck behind the original crud. Think of it as the fast swimming lane, a nice flow of continuous swimmers (oil) as opposed to the slow lane where anything goes, like getting stuck behind old codgers, arm banders, the lot (oil build up). There's always some idiot in the slow lane trying to show off by going too fast splashing up your rear. same goes for oil, its coming whether you like it or not so keep it flowing.

I bought mine from Liberty's whilst in London, so I got to speak with a consultant and they advised to start with the P50W as it is the weakest one they do (advised for sensitive skin) Starting with an application every other day and then take it up a notch by using everyday twice a day.

I personally use this just at night and occasionally of a morning, I am happy with the results I am getting so far with a once a day application so for now I will continue to do that. It was also suggested that after the first weaker bottle I could then up my game to the P50 which has a bit more oomph to it. But for now I am quite happy with the P50W results so will stick with that until I feel I need something a bit more.

It doesn't have the most pleasant smell, unless you're a salt and vinegar kind of person (er yer I don't understand the dry chip types) it doesn't bother me too much. Yes its vinegary but it works - it could smell like excrement for all I care, if it works I'm using it! In medieval times a cleanser was a humble soap made of ash and animal fats - imagine how manky that smelt! think yourself lucky that you only have to cope with a bit of a savoury preservative wiff.

Does it have a sting? a little, do I like the sensation? YES! I like to feel some sort of magic working, if it's an after burn then so be it! let's just say it does not disappoint on the tingleometer

Overall it has changed my evening routine completely, it exfoliates and paths the way for my other skincare goodies to get in and actually work. If I don't use this now then I feel that other products used just sit on the surface of the skin being blocked by a film of filth (I do cleanse, that's just how it feels!)

I will be purchasing this again - however, I am going to have a dabble with a few other acid exfoliators just to make sure that this is indeed my favourite. Like most beauty gals, I have found something I am happy with but will continue to buy others, y'know, just in case.



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