Tuesday 3 January 2017

New Year's Resolutions 2017

"A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step"
- Chinese proverb

New year - check
Feeling fat and intoxicated - check
Unstoppable urge to state that I am going to stick to every New Years cliche - check
Claiming 2017 is "My year" - check

So here goes - 2017 IS MY YEAR, Queens Don't stop me now is playing in the background and I am setting the precedence for the year. This time next year I will be running down a road with a medal around my neck, crowds cheering, high fives being dished out, balloons, party poppers the lot. No I am not planning on running a marathon, this is symbolic for me WINNING at life. POW. FIST PUMP. TRUMPET SOUNDS.

Now what I need you to do is just humor me OK? we all know the truth that come two weeks time I would've semi-reverted back to my 2016 self, a whole month to fully revert. But lets just go along with it because you never know, I might actually stick to it this time SNIGGER.

No scratch that - this IS OUR year, we can do this! by writing this post I am setting my intention out to the universe and once its out there its out.

Getting organised - HA HA HA - ahem, yes I am going to get my shit together. This has got to be my biggest problem, I can't seem to get myself into a routine where I get everything done. Procrastination is my enemy (and my friend, love you x) but what I have to realise is that just by thinking about something doesn't mean that it gets done - In my mind my "crap" draw has been cleaned out numerous times, yet it still surprises me when I open the draw and see the mess. Oh I actually have to manually do it? I have many calendars, schedules, diary's that I have bought, now they WILL be used.
I got the diary in the pic above for for Xmas from TKMaxx - I love this one because its a week to view, with to do lists and it also has a monthly view too. Plus the front has a positive statement - white and gold - LOVE.

Exercise - I don't actually mind this one, surprisingly. But once I am on the workout train I get into a routine and feel SO MUCH BETTER for it. I personally like to do short intensive muscle pumping type workouts. Honestly it makes my mood so much better once I have pumped iron, must be those En-dolphins they talk about. Although I haven't worked out for a good few weeks (erm months) now so getting back on it is going to be a struggle

Eat healthy - I am not going to go mega crazy because I LOVE FOOD. And lets face it as a SAHM sometimes the highlight of your day is a cup of tea with a bit of cake. I do however need to cut back the crap, defo the alcohol and just be a bit more mindful of whats going in the cake hole. The better I eat, the better I feel - FACT.

Drink more water - Meh, meh and a bit more meh. But the thing is I do feel so much better for it, what I don't like however is the constant loo trips. They say that drinking more helps weight loss? well that's because your constantly walking to the toilet. Maybe that will fill my 10,000 steps a day? WIN

Practicing gratitude - when you stop and think, there really is so much to be grateful for in your life and once you shift your focus to the positive it makes such a difference to your view on the world. Wow get me being all positive on day one! I am going to start a gratuity jar where we write on a piece of paper something we feel grateful for or a happy memory and at the end of the year we open it and read out all the happy things for the year.
Wanky? a bit, but I actually think this is a nice idea and a good way to remember happy things from the year.

Now that I have written this out it's become clear to me that there are two main areas that I need to focus on - health (physical and mental) and organisation. Quite interesting when you give yourself a bit of analysis isn't it? but then I suppose that's what January is all about, a time to review and refresh.

I have also added a New Year Resolution video to my Youtube channel (you can watch it below) for more waffling about my NY resolutions. Oh and I also mention the items I got for Crimbo, juvenile? yes, but hey who doesn't like a nosey at other peoples stuff!



  1. I really want to get into a steady exercise routine for 2017 too! It definitely improves my mood too. Would love if you could check out my new post? XX

    The Fashion Road.com XX
    Instagram @louisefrancescaa

  2. Great post, it really made me chuckle although you actually say it all. I'm the same - need to get more organised. I'm a great fan of writing lists but I end up writing lists for the stuff I do anyway - like getting up and get dressed - just for the joy of ticking things off my list!! But the grateful one is absolutely right - more of that for 2017 I say!!

    1. I like to write things like "eat that big slice of cake" TICK! satisfying everytime lol x


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