Wednesday 22 February 2017

Project Volume part 1 // Volumising hair products // Post-partum hairloss

"With my second child, all my hair fell out after he was born. No pregnancy is easy to bounce back from."
Kate Hudson  

If you have children, or are with child, how many times did you hear about the pregnancy glow?  y'know, how your skin becomes amazing, hair glossy etc? Now we all know, for the majority of us, that is in fact a myth, an old wives tale to get us through pregnancy. I never reached the glow stage, unless you count the glow of sweat from all of the hot flashes. One thing that did happen to me though was my hair got thicker, which was welcomed with a red carpet and fanfare. So I guess that's where mother nature kindly gave me something that could be considered as the "glow", only to then snatch it away from me months later in a rather savage attack.

Hair loss -  not really talked about after having a baby is it? sure there might be the odd comment of "you shed a bit more hair" etc. However I found this to be the UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE CENTURY. Try borderline baldness? I was not expecting my head to resemble a barren wasteland with the odd token of "hope" in the form of the occasional copse of hair.  OK maybe a slightly over exaggerated recall of the situation, but when you have clump after clump coming out in the shower it can only be compared to deforestation.

Husband joked that we could make something out of all the shed hair - "Do you know how much people spend on Alpaca hair" not quite the same darling. Don't get me wrong, if I could flog jumpers made from my hair at the village fate for a few extra quid I would, beats having to bake. But somehow the hair on an animals arse seems so much more appealing than a jumper made out of the finest Kim fur.

Then came the baby hair, the flyaway, stand to attention, little feckers. So not only did I have bold patches but also an array of different lengths, textures, colours - the lot. Once the shedding had stopped and I was starting to get back on track, BAM pregnant again! taking me back to the start with no need to invest in hair products, my fate was doomed. Do not pass Boots, Do not collect 200 Boots points.

The second time around, to be fair, was not as bad as the first (proving every pregnancy is different) but it definitely left my locks looking a bit sad. Fast forward 15 months and it's only now that I really want to evaluate my hair care routine and get some life back into my barnet.

So I have been collecting a fair few volumising/thickening products to try, lets see what I have in my  hair care arsenal:

Top row starting on the left -

Aveda Invati Exfoliating shampoo - £22.50 link HERE - this is actually an old one that I had, I used the conditioner but didn't repurchase after (mainly due to the price) however I did find the shampoo/conditioner quite a good combo.

Percy and Reed Abundently Bouncy Volumising Mousse - £12.00 link HERE - I wouldn't normally pay £12.00 for a mousse, I got this in a beauty box. I do not find this much different to other mousses I have used so I do not think I would fork out for it again.

Trevor Sorbie Volume Leave In Conditioner - £5.60 link HERE
Trevor Sorbie Volume Conditioner - £5.50 link HERE the conditioner and leave in spray I actually got in the clearance section of Boots - I think this may be discontinued as I struggled to find it on line. So far I have used the leave in conditioner, it is light so doesn't weigh hair down, not so sure how much it adds to volume at this point

Bumble and Bumble Thickening Hairspray - £22.00 link HERE - I have only used this a few times so far, its not long been in my possession. Why did I buy it? bargain of the century, I got this and the other volume minis (below) for £5.50 - yep that's right, Boots were selling of Christmas sets and that was in it! score!

Aussie Miracle Recharge Aussome Volume Conditioning spray - £1.79 link HERE - I will be honest, this one has been hanging about for a while, I now use it as a detangler for my girl! works a treat for that. For me, well, it smells nice? (if you like the Aussie smell) but I don't think it added much oomph. I think this may be discontinued, as again, I struggled to find this one online.

Bottom row starting left -

Umberto Gianni - Glam Cheat Volumising Dry Shampoo - £3.96 again I found this in the clearance section of Boots - yes I do frequent it often, but how could I turn this down for £1.50? not normally a fan of dry shampoo (mainly because I need to feel clean!) I thought I would give it a second chance with this volumising option.

Bumble & Bumble - Thickening minis - Shampoo/conditioner/hair spray & powder - I am saving these for travel! although I might give the powder a go first.

OGX - Biotin & Collagen Root Boost Spray - £6.99 link HERE
OGX - Biotin & Collagen - £7.35 link HERE - I often use these together, starting with the lotion and then finishing with the spray, but as of late I have been a bit slack so I need to revisit this combo.

L'Oreal Elvive Fibrology Thickening Shampoo - £2.00 link HERE
L'Oreal Elvive Fibrology Thickening Conditioner - £2.00 link HERE - I find this range to be a good everyday option for fine hair, really leaves the hair clean with no build up, plus they are reasonably priced, you can always find these on offer somewhere!

As you can see above I have a mixture of shampoos/conditioners, sprays, mousse, lotions etc. A variety of brands, old and new. It was only when I got all my hair products out that it really did highlight the fact that I need to re-evaluate my hair care routine! haphazard maybe? yeah a little bit.

The latest additions are the bumble and bumble items plus the Trevor Sorbie. I do have more products but this is all I have that comes under the volumising umbrella.

So what steps have I taken so far? well I have chopped my locks to just above my shoulders with a blunt end, I feel that this has already added volume compared to finer ends, plus I think it frames my face better. I am a short hair person, as much as I desire long thick locks, I think I am going to have to let it go and embrace the short.

I am going to have a little play around with the products I have, use different combos and techniques and will report back with an update/progress report. Oh and I am already putting a shopping list together for new items, one thing that has caught my eye is the Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum - I am yet to try a treatment like this, so for now its in my virtual basket! link HERE

Do you have any go to hair thickening products?

I also filmed a vid for the channel mum "why did no one tell me?" series relating to postpartum hair loss - see below

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A Mum Track Mind


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