Wednesday 15 March 2017

Lancome Cushion Blush Subtil - Sparkling Framboise

Hi I'm Kim and I am a packaging-aholic. If there is a new beauty gimmick on the market I just can't help but have a nosey, easily lead some might say, or as my husband says "a marketers dream"

What's wrong with having a product in various shapes/sizes? yes they are all essentially the same but I NEED to have them in every form OK? Que one of my latest purchases, a cushion blush. 

If you have not seen a cushion blush before (although I can guarantee you have) it is essentially a moist cushion impregnated with liquid blush. I believe that this has stemmed from cushion foundations (the same but with foundation) as used and love by Korean beauty gurus. At one time this was something tried by high end beauty houses, and it has now filtered down into drugstore ranges too. I was initially interested in a cushion foundation, however whilst at a beauty counter the responses to my questions didn't fulfil me. I asked how much foundation there was in the cushion, y'know I want to know ml's, the assistant couldn't tell me but the conclusion was that it was best as a "travel, on the go" type foundation rather than your every day-er, which lead me to believe there was not much product in them at all. So to scratch my cushion itch, I went for a blusher instead, thinking that it would be a wiser investment. Only, I went and bought a £29,50 blusher, not exactly "wise" for your first dabble Kim, but hey, the colour lured me in.

My choice of blush was the Lancome Cushion Blush Subtil, there are six shades in the range and a few jumped out at me. I got all swatchy and noticed after a few mins the colours changed slightly on the skin (always worth waiting a few mins just to see) and ended up with the shade Sparkling Framboise.

The small compact comes with a cushion applicator, I however prefer to use a brush, I found that if I used the cushion supplied it would not blend so well. There is also a handy mirror in the lid, so if you are using it on the go you have a mirror for touch ups. 

It has great buildability, from a flush of pink up to a more vibrant look depending on how many dabs of the cushion you have. I find a little goes a long way, so my original thoughts about how long it would last (as in how much product there is) appears to not be an issue here.

As for long lasting on the skin? using a moist blusher whilst having oily/combo skin is always a concern for me but this blush stays on the skin all day, completely drying on the skin. Unlike cream blushers that I find tend to stay a bit tacky on the skin. 

So this has made me wonder if I should give the cushion foundations ago, if it has a similar texture and buildabilty as the blush then I would definitely try them. But this time I think I would go for a drugstore option such as the L'Oreal Paris Nude Magique Cushion Foundation which I have read good things about.

Have you tried any cushion products yet?

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