Thursday 18 May 2017

Beach Fit - getting ready for summer - my panic routine

Beach. Fit.

Two words that once combined brings me out in a bit of a panic sweat. The holiday is booked, the countdown is on to the traumatic unveiling of my not so best bits.

The holiday has been booked for six months or more - it's only now, two weeks prior to leaving, that I am now entering the beach fit efforts, or as I like to call it The Panic Zone. Yes, I have been fully aware of this holiday for months, but I have been quite happy wrapped up in my blanket of denial, doughnut in hand, up until now "it's come around so quick" isn't the excuse that's quite going to cut it here.

The reality is that I am actually quite pissed off with myself and I do it EVERY TIME. Well, not pre-baby, somehow I used to get in the zone, exercise, cut out the crap and generally feel good on the beach. Two c-sections later and my drive to beach thrive (sorry) has gone.

Ideally in two weeks I would like to lose half a stone, be toned, glowing skin & locks - ready for the insta pics of me running down the sandy beach, twirling my summer dress with my sandals in my hand - I think my teeth are straight and white too (according to the beach slo mo I just played in my head)

The reality is I will look the same as I do now, only with patches of red, wearing unflattering black shorts because Aunt Flo decided to turn up, and me running down the beach like I've stubbed my toe. Husband would be roped into taking a pic, he gets arsey that I am taking so long, resulting in me only being happy with a picture of my feet in the sand #happyholidays

The reality is this - I can get rid of the bloat, de-fuzz, tan and give myself a good old preen. No need to put myself under pressure, reminding myself of what I have said in the past that no one cares, and really it's all in my own head.

So, what am I going to do in the next few weeks to make myself feel ready?

1) Body brushing - get my skin all nice and smooth, ready for a little bit of fake tan and also to improve the tone. I find body brushing quite therapeutic, I feel much better after a good brush.

2) Body scrub - a bit of double whammy action here, I body brush before the shower and then use a body scrub whilst in the shower, to remove all dead skin and clean out pores.

3) Calorie count / moderation - Many people would disagree with calorie counting but I find it works well for me. I can eat what I want in moderation - and I moderate that by counting calories. I do try and pick the most nutritious option (try to go for a bowl of grapes over a biscuit!) but if I want a biscuit I will have one, I just have to count the calories!

4) Green tea - I find this helps me to drink more fluids but I still get my caffeine fix. It will never replace my morning coffee - I tried it once and gave myself a good telling off - what was I thinking!?! Plus, this is supposed to be an appetite suppressant (don't panic I still eat!) but it helps with the afternoon biscuit craving.

5) Fake tan - I am going to start my trial runs now, DO NOT do it the day before you go #rookiemistake give yourself a bit of practice time. I personally prefer gradual tans that I can build up, I am quite pale so it would look strange on me to go for a full fake tan. I think a glow is better on me then a tan anyway. I don't rate spray tans - they always turn out patchy on me where ever I go.

6) Nails - fingers and toes - get your bright shades out and rock them! I always feel much better with freshly painted nails, and there's something nice about bright toe nails with sandals. I personally wear acrylic fake nails on my fingers because I can't seem to keep my own nails nice! plus colour stays on for ages, I will put a colour on and it will stay for the whole holiday.

7) Upping the skincare routine - taking a bit more time with my evening skincare routine is always beneficial, I like to prep my skin more by using masks frequently and getting it ready for the heat/sun. I need to up my spf and not over do the acid exfoliate (which makes your skin a lot more sensitive)

8) Trial run outfits and make up - go prepared, it makes me feel so much better knowing I have a plan. Try everything on you plan to take, make sure you feel good in it, plan what goes - jewellery, makeup, underwear, etc. I have made the mistake of packing a few holiday items only to realise when I get there that it doesn't fit anymore, that nothing goes (you thought it would in your head) or you can't wear something because you didn't consider your bra situation. If you have full outfits planned, that work and make you feel good, then I think you are already well on your way to feeling holiday ready.


  1. I find Clarins Contour Body Oil brilliant for water retention so I always use that before holidays and a good body scrub. I never bother with fake tan on holiday! xx

    Beautylymin| LuxurySkincareGiveaway

  2. Oooo you'll be looking fantastic in a few weeks! I love prepping for a holiday! Just think of the end results and it will all be worth it :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver


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