Sunday 28 May 2017

May Favourites - Nip & fab, Adidas, PS Pure Glow, M&S and more!

It's come around again! favourites time! here are the items I have enjoyed using this month.

PS Pure Glow Highlighting palette £4.00

I have had my eye on the Anastasia palettes for a while now, I constantly come across them as one of the must try highlighting palettes. I was on the verge of buying, but decided that I did not want to spend £39-44 on something that I feel I wouldn't use a lot and also quite sparingly too. So when I saw the obvious dupe in Primark I knew this was my que from the universe to try. There are four gorgeous colours, a white (desert) pink (Eden) a light beige/gold (glimmer) and a coppery/gold (firefly)
They all look lovely on the skin, Eden and Glimmer being my favourites, but all work well on my fair skin tone and not too strong either. The strongest colour is firefly, I don't have to use much of that to get a glow, and the white is quite bright too - so I personally like the two that sit in the middle. I am also using it on my eyes, brow bone and corners to lighten and open my eyes. The real test will be to see how they wear in the heat, so far they have been fine in the UK weather but lets see what happens in the Spanish heat! (heading there in a few weeks) for £4, its definitely worth a try.

Adidas Trainers

I have been wearing these A LOT this month, it's funny because I never used to be a trainer girl and now I can't stop wearing them. They are so versatile and go with most of my everyday wardrobe. I also find that it dresses down an outfit - in a good way. If I have a new top or pair of trousers that are a tad on the dressy side (Aka not really school run material) then the trainers adds a down to earth balance to the outfit. Adding these to an outfit means that I am actually being a bit more adventurous with other items, for example, the pic below. I bought this gorgeous Hush skirt for summer, I have a few occasions in mind for it. However, when I pair it with trainers, it gives it a much more casual look that I feel more comfortable wearing on a normal day!

Alberto Balsam blends - Colour bright detangler £1

If you have fine hair that tangles easily (waves hand in air) then you should give this spray a try. I picked this up in a pound shop (sorry I can't remember which but Asda has it) for guess how much...£1! it has a subtle fruity/coconut scent, a decent fine spray and it is lightweight but still detangles. I do not have coloured hair so I cannot say if it makes treated hair brighter but it works well to detangle locks. Sometimes I just wash my hair with head and shoulders and then spray this on after - it's a good combo - but you probably need something heavier if you have dry hair.

Nip & Fab - Glycolic Fix Night Pads Extreme £9.97 from Boots

Last month it was Pixi, this month? Nip and Fab. My mum gave me this pot to try and I have to say that it packs a satisfying punch when it comes to exfoliating. It contains 5% glycolic acid, salicylic and lactic acid which combined gives smooth decongested skin. I use this of an evening (it suggests 2-3 times a week but I use it more like 4-5 which has been fine) the only thing is that the next morning it makes your skin more sensitive to the sun (the same with any acid exfoliator) so that is worth remembering. I do notice a difference on the days I use them compared to the days I do not, defo worth a try.

Marks & Spencers top - £35

This top jumped out at me whilst I was walking through M&S (I was heading for the shoes - I wanted these yellow sandals but decided they were to high) it said take me home, so I did. And we have been happy ever since, I have only worn it a few times but I got many compliments! (I know! but its nice right) and I also have a few outfits planned with this. I particularly like the length of the wide sleeves, and it looks good with statement earrings! of course! link here


I love magazines, and I don't care what they say, a paper copy is far more satisfying than an on screen copy. Nothing beats having a cuppa and a quick flick through the glossy pages.
However the last year or so I have not bought many at all, mainly because I tell my self I do not have time to read them. That is a silly thing to say because I DO have time, I just have to utilize my time more efficiently. This month I have picked up Glamour, Cosmo and Look, and I have actually found some good outfit inspo which I will show on my Insta feed next month. I have also dowloaded the kindle app - I know what I said, BUT I have an Amazon Prime account meaning I get a selection of books and magazines for free since I have downloaded the app - including Vogue, Red, Women's health and others!

Statement earrings

If you missed my post on statement earrings on the high street then you can catch up here. I love a good statement earring, it really can make an outfit! I also recently got my ears pierced again so I now have two at the bottom on each side and one at the top on my right side. My healing time of six weeks is up, TODAY! so as soon as I have finished this post I am going to go and have a play around with some earrings. But for a statement earring, I will have to tone down the other piercings with small studs, somehow a massive tassel earring hanging of the top of my ear doesn't quite give the same look. Below are the earrings that I have bought so far, and of course I have a few others on the radar too. My fave pair being the blue tassel ones from Next - my summer wardrobe has a lot of blue in it so these should be quite versatile.

Cotswolds Gin £35 bought from Daylesford summer festival 

Ever since we were bought a bottle at Christmas we have been hooked on gin. Let me just clarify that statement - we are partial to the odd tipple, not dependant in any way (yet)
We tend to come across Cotswold gin in the local restaurants/bars because that's where we live! and there's also many a tasting room, which we need to utilise. I would also love to do a distillery tour which the Cotswold Gin company hold, I think that could make an interesting day out don't you think? The gin itself is actually lovely on its own, but with fever tree it comes out very grapefruity and refreshing. Oh and did I mention I picked up a few pies too whilst at the festival? pie and gin - bliss!


  1. I love those red earrings, they are so stunning on. And I really want a wicker basket now - it is so cute!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  2. Love that M&S top: stunning, screams 'take me to Greece immediately'! I've got some of those earrings too, I've always loved statement jewellery and big earrings because with big hair I need them x

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