Wednesday 24 May 2017

Kiehls Midnight Recovery Eye Cream Review

Tired - yep, "laughter lines" aka crows feet identified - yep, not getting ID'd anymore - yep (well maybe they just recognise me as a regular now?)

My jowls have a large part to play in my resting sag face, the downward trout-esque mouth heading south. That can be easily rectified with effort - pull your face muscles into a smile love.

Eyes however, unless you want to hide behind sunglasses #lifesaver, they are the biggest giveaway to your tired ( just leave me alone, come near me and die) mood.

That along with mum life (I don't have to detail that, we know) and a sluggish "I'm on it tomorrow" diet, all puts its penny's worth in to the creasy corneas (sorry)

The eyes are the windows to the soul, with the purple puffy sacks of doom hanging off the entrance like a funky pair of curtains that the sodding cat has pulled down again.

Now that I have set a wonderful scene, lets introduce the saviour of this situation: Kiehls Midnight Recovery Eye creme. I have to admit, when I walked into Selfridges I was 40% in the market for an eye cream, when I saw the Kiehls stand I was 80% in the market, then when I smelt it? sold.
I think eye creams are one of those products that you start using too late in life, I am only 32 but I feel that I would've benefited by starting in my late 20's. So now that I have many a fine line, it was time to invest in something a bit heavier than just an extra bit of moisturiser. Plus having kids had aged me by 10 years I'm sure #blamethekids

As I mentioned above, the smell is divine, a blend of essential oils including lavender, primrose oil and squalane, makes this a treat to use of an evening. A lightweight cream that I find absorbs well into the fine skin around the eyes and does not irritate at all. It's also paraben, mineral oil and fragrance free (no added fragrance)
 It is very softening and gentle which is ideal for the eye area, I actually use this all over my eyes, including the lids, moisturising all the way up to the eyebrows. Even though I have oily skin, I do not think this is too heavy any didn't cause any breakouts (what's with spots on your brow bone???)

I have noticed a difference since using this, my eyes do not look as tired, they feel more refreshed and also the dark circles are not as dark. It is lightweight but moisturising too, so their is definitely less of a crepey look.

Overall it is a treat to use of an evening and it's still going after weeks of use. even though its a small 15ml tube you do not need much!

I bought this from Selfridges for £26.00 - but you can also buy direct from Kiehls here


  1. I'm slowly getting into skincare and Kiehls is one brand which is really interesting me right now - this one looks so good!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  2. This looks and no doubt smells divine. I adore Kiehls and the husband has some skincare stuff from them too. Always love your pics xx

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  7. It’s my nightly ritual Love the way it makes my skin feel every morning ...:) been using it for many years now ... thank you Kiehl's

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