Tuesday 2 May 2017

Tony Moly Earth Beauty Deep Clean Peeling Mud Mask Sheet Review

Whilst in Sephora in Paris, I came across a selection of Korean skincare items, in fact it was hard to miss it as you walked in. Clearly something new they were trying to promote at the front of the store with lots of interesting items, including a few from Tony Moly. Not having the most amount of time to browse (I had kids in tow) I picked up a Tony Moly mud mask sheet, purely intrigued by the combination of a sheet and mud mask. I am a bit fan of mud masks, they suit my skin perfectly, but as of late a sheet mask has become my thing - a winning combo don't you think?

Once back in blighty and all my washing had been done/piles of travel stuff had been put away, the sheet mask came out to play. The sheet comes in a foil pouch as most of the sheet masks on the market do, with relatively clear info as how to put on the mask and what to peel of etc.
The sheet itself was nice and moist (sorry) not exactly a thick layer of mud that I tend to like to do, but definitely enough to know of its presence.
It doesn't come in one complete piece, rather two pieces - one for the top of the face and one for the bottom. I am not too sure as to why, maybe because it was a better "one size fits all" option, although there is a downside to this which I later found out.

There are two sides to peel off - the white side first - apply to face - then peel off the plastic coating (this is my interpretation of it anyway) It recommends to leave on for 40 mins until fully dry, I however left it on for longer - about an hour because it was not fully dry. This is where the downside came into play - because there are two pieces they overlap across the nose/cheekbone area, meaning double thickness and a longer time to dry. Meanwhile the rest of your face is dry and about to crack. The lesson here is not to overlap the two sheets, and cutting it to fit your face better, the alternative is to wait it out until the whole face is fully dry.

The reason it needs to fully dry is so that you get good peeling action, to deep clean and pull away any impurities. So seeing as it did not fully dry on my nose, I did not get the full peel in the way I wanted it too. The rest of my face however benefited from the gentle tug to pull away impurities - no face ripping here.

Overall I enjoyed using the mask and my skin looked smoother after use, and even gave a bit of a blurred effect! however the fit is not great, the corners of my nose were missed and it wrinkled on the chin, so there is a bit more faff involved to get it to fit to benefit fully (cutting to fit). But the mask itself works well and I love the combo of mud with a sheet mask, two of my faves in one!

I have contacted Tony Moly to ask where this mask will be available (As I bought this is Paris) and I have also seen a few variations in packaging, once I have confirmation on the details I will update this post!



  1. Oooo I love the sound and look of this! I've never come across a mud sheet mask before and I've wanted to try out some of the Tony Moly masks as I've heard such good things! I know you can get some of his others on Amazon so I'm wondering if this one will be on there too - if it is I'm definitely gunna have to pick it up!

    Ellie x


    1. I love Tony Moly, you should defo give the masks a go x

  2. Great review. This sounds like some serious masking! X

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