Tuesday 4 July 2017

June Favourites - The Body Shop Honey Bronze, Skin Defence, Diptyque, Zara skirt and more!

June was a bit of a different month because it was holiday month. I went to Spain (Javea) for a week with the family, it was great! only now it seems like a distant memory.

It did, however, mean that I got to try out a few things that I was saving for holiday. You may or may not know, but I kinda have an interest in skin glowing products (you wouldn't think it to look at me, as soon as I step off the plane my colour goes!) so I got to have a little play around with glow enhancing goodies.

The Body Shop Honey Bronze - Drops of Sun Holiday Glow Creator - £12.00

I bought this as part of a three for two offer, this one being the cheapest out of the three so it was the free item. The tan coloured drops can be added to foundation or moisturiser to add a bit more colour to the skin. I like to add it to the Giorgio Armani Power Fabric foundation to tint it slightly, especially whilst I was on holiday, and it didn't affect the consistency at all. I also put a few drops into sun cream, again to add a bit more colour which I found worked quite well. I assume you could use it neat, I have not tried this, but it depends on how dark you want to go! I find the dropper application quite handy, and personally I think this is the best way to dispense this type of product. This doesn't contain any tanning agent, it is just makeup to add a tint to your current routine. Link here

The Body Shop - Honey Bronze Tinted Leg Mist - £16.00

Whilst in the Body Shop I also spotted the glow mist for legs, again this is just make up that you spray onto the legs to add a bit of colour. This is essentially the same thing as the droppers but it is a lighter texture which glides easily straight onto the skin. I actually used this on my arms too (and anywhere else that needed it) just to add the same colour, no reason why not! I haven't tried it on my face though, I think I will stick to the drops for that one. Personally I like to spray it onto my hand first and apply it that way, I feel like I get better coverage. Link here

The Body Shop - Skin Defence - Multi-Protection Essence - £16.00

This was the reason I went into The Body Shop in the first place (typical me buying more than I went in for!) I needed a facial SPF for holiday, a task I never like. every SPF I have tried in the past has been, heavy, greasy, pore clogging. This however absorbs like a dream, leaving no residue and caused no break outs. I really do love this! It's become part of my morning routine and I will be repurchasing it! I have written a post on it, you can find it here

Diptyque Roses candle - £24.00

I find Diptyque candles a bit hit and miss, and actually sometimes I'm a little disappointed. But this time it was different, and in comes the Rose scented candle. Normally, I am not one for rose scented items, just a bit too floral if you get what I mean. This one however is strong yet not over powering, it fills a room but its not over the top. I actually find it a very relaxing scent, and compared to the lavender one (which is my go to relaxing scent) I think I actually prefer this at the mo. It doesn't quite match my love for Jo Malone candles, but its still a winner. Link here

The Life Changing Art of Not Giving a F*ck - By Sarah Knight - £9.09 (Amazon Prime)

This was my holiday read, quite funny to see the looks I got when I told people what I was reading! but you know what? I don't give a f*ck! ha! applying it already! in a nutshell, this book reminds you that there are only a certain amount of things you can worry/care about, pick those things wisely, and the rest of it? well who cares! I have written a review which you can find here

Victoria Beckham Morning Aura Illuminating Creme - £68.00

OK so you know that glow I go on about? look no further because this cream does the trick. I am not talking about tanning, I am talking about an actual glow. This is a part moisturiser/part primer, which means you can wear it either on its own or underneath foundation. I like to wear it both ways, I particularly liked it on holiday when I wanted to wear minimal makeup but still have a nice glow. It is a bit pricey I know, but you won't regret paying the price (well I don't anyway) because it does exactly what it says. Link here

Zara Pleated Midi Skirt - down to £25.99

In case you didn't know, the Zara sale is on (but I bet you already knew that!) so naturally, I went online as soon as the sale went live and filled my basket in a frenzy. Once I had calmed down, I halved my basket, went in for browse round 2, and came across this beaut. Now if you are a bit hippy like me, you will know that some pleated skirts can enhance the hip area. I find that they can balloon out a bit and make me look even wider. This one however, hangs beautifully! the length is just right and the colour is gorgeous, so much nicer once I had received it. I feel this item will be worn a lot over the next few months! link here

That's it for this month, if you fancy watching the vid in relation to this post you can find it below:



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  1. That Zara skirt is everything!!! It's perfect! *off to Zara*


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