Wednesday 5 July 2017

Suck it in! - Wearing a summer dress - Shapeez

"The joy of dressing is an art."
John Galliano

I think we can safely say that it is dress season, OK I've said it now! (cue the pouring rain) well at least we get intermittent sun which, in my eyes, calls for summer dress wearing.

There's so many that I have my eye on at the moment, too many to be precise, but sometimes I will take a look at one and immediately think - I love it but its not for me. Why is that? what I really mean is, I love it but my mum tum will be shown in all its glory in that one - NEXT!

Recently I have been trying a different approach, instead of instantly dismissing something I will at least try and if it doesn't work then take it back - that's what a receipt is for right? The key here is to try it on with different underwear options because it really does make such a difference.
For all of the ladies we look at and admire in their fitted dresses, I can guarantee decent underwear is a key player in the overall look.

For me, I have two main go to underwear items when I am wearing something fitted and they both SUCK IT IN. I do actually refer to them as suck it in pants, even though they are more like suck it in suits covering boobs down to the thighs.

The first one is a pair of M&S undies, these are the tighter of the two, borderline can't breathe but it does a really good job of holding it all in! one I keep for event type dresses (left in pic below)
The other is a bit more comfortable to wear, I was recently kindly sent a Shapeez to try - these give more of a slimline fit to smooth out the silhouette, but I can still move freely (and eat) in these. The main selling point here is that it creates a smooth back silhouette (right in pic below) you can take a look at their site here

They are by no means an alternative for the gym, I am still working on that one. But it does make me feel a bit more held in place, with no wobbly bits hanging free underneath the dress! nice vision for you there.

The downside to this is (well depending how you look at it) is that I am spending more on dresses, like this Zara number below. I whipped it on and dismissed it as I felt like I had to pull too much on the waist tie. However, trying in on again with the right underwear gave me a bit more space and it felt much more comfortable to wear. I couldn't size up on it because it would then be too big on the shoulder/bust area, the different underwear option worked much better here.



  1. I am a huge believer in good underwear! Makes all the difference to your confidence xxx

  2. These shoes!!! Serious case of need!

  3. Must try this. I've got a mumtum 4 years later that I know I'll never get rid of but the right, supportive underwear is everything. You, lady look amazing. Are those earrings Topshop? Bought them today before seeing this, if so. Where are your stunning heels from too? I need outfit details x


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