Monday 10 July 2017

St Tropez - Self Tan Express Bronzing Facial Sheet Mask / Try on / Review / First impressions

I am a bit of a fan of sheet masks, I make no secret of this, in fact I often make an idiot of myself by applying this on Insta stories and make stupid faces whilst wearing it. Sorry I just can't help myself. (see vid below)

I am also partial to a bit of fake tan too, the subtle/take the edge off/give a bit of a glow type. I can't do full on tan, it doesn't suit me, plus I am not the best applicator (think tiger stripes)

So when I saw that St Tropez had launched a new sheet mask embedded with tanning agent, I was sold, I hot footed it down to boots and popped one in my basket (along with the one hour tan which was equally as intriguing, but I will save that for another post)

I paid £15.00 for the Self Tan Express Face Sheet (pack of 2) as part of a buy one get one half price offer across the St Tropez range here . I later found them on Beauty Bay that sells them singularly for £4.99 here

I will have to say from the start I am not sure how I felt about this mask, the idea in principle was fantastic, but then the fears of an orange mask left on my face was strong. The fear wasn't enough to put me off though, so after a previous evening of exfoliating/moisturising, I was ready to give it a try. 

The strength of colour you want is up to you, leaving it on for 5 mins for a light shade, 10 for a medium and 15 for dark. To test it out for the first time, I went middle of the range and opted for 10 mins to see what finish I get, a bit scary on my pale skin. 

Like other sheet masks, you unfold and peel away the protective film and apply to your face, smoothing it out as much as possible before leaving it to do it's magic (and wash your hands of course)

Whats the blurb? well it is supposed to give you flawless tan after 8 hours, with no tan lines and it also has hyaluranic acid in it to help with hydration to add to the dewy finish. 
After the 10 minutes, I peeled off the mask and massaged the residue into my hairline, around the eyes and down the neck as directed, which I guess means you will not get the dreaded tan lines. I applied this of an evening, went to bed and got up in the morning to discover.....

It had worked, nicely! an even tan, no patchiness and actually a nice colour. I will be honest I was expecting more of an orange hue, but I was pleasantly surprised. I did not have any tan lines where the mask ended, it was all even - I am not sure if that was down to the mask or the fact that I gave a thorough massage afterward, either way there were no tan lines.
It also left my skin fresh and plump, with no pesky breakouts, always a concern when trying something new on blemish prone skin.

Over all I am pleased with the results it gave, would I buy them again? yes and no, yes because they work well, but from a cost point of view it would not replace my current method of adding some Clarin's tanning drops to my moisturiser. This is more of a treat mask for a special occasion rather than for regular use.

If you fancy watching me try out this mask, I filmed a review which you can see below:


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