Monday 14 August 2017

Erborian BB Creme / cream Nude review - Korean Skincare

Are you a full coverage kinda gal when it comes to foundation? yeah me too, and to be honest it is a hard habit to break. I like to feel fully masked up when applying make up, y'know - war paint and all that.

I'm actually enjoying wearing make up on most days now, it makes me feel more ready and with it. What I don't like is how much foundation I am using, although I am past the "save it for best" phase, it still grates a little to use expensive high coverage foundation on days where I do not venture out much (or to the wonderful world of soft play - however war paint is definitely needed on that occasion....and gin)
 So I was on the look out for something a bit lighter for the in between days, I still want to feel ready but I do not want to reach to high coverage every time.

While watching a few beauty vlogs I noticed a few had started using Erborian BB cream and were really pleased with the results. Not really being one for BB creams I had not looked at this one before, but thought now was the time to give it a try.

Having only tried Korean sheet masks before, I was actually quite keen to try something else Korean as I hear so many good things about their skincare in general (and would love to have the patience/money to be able to do the recommended 12 step skincare routine promoted by Korean skincare specialists every night)

What's the blurb?

The true secret of the Korean skin perfection: Enriched with SPF 20, BB CRÈME NUDE transforms the appearance of your skin with a velvety, ultra-soft finish. BB CRÈME NUDE is the mid-shade in the BB Cream Collection, and contains an association of traditional herbs, used in traditional Korean skincare.

1. Even out and mattifies the complexion
2. Moisturise and "plump" the skin
3. Refine skin's texture 
4. Reduce the appearance of blemishes.
5. Give a non-oily, velvety finish. Your skin is visibly softer, smooth and beautiful with a silky feel, just like "baby skin".

*blurb from Erborian website 

BB Creme Nude is the shade that I went for - this is the middle of the range colour wise.

There are three other shades Clair (fair) Cream Caramel (deep tan shade) Dore (bronze - shades as described by Erborian) but these three all have Au Ginseng on the packaging where as the Nude doesn't.

The difference between the NUDE and the other three shades with AU GINSENG on the packaging is...nothing. I contacted Erborian to ask what the difference was and they said that all have the ginseng extract in, however the Nude shade is in the old style packaging and it is soon to be updated.

I am quite pale and occasionally uses fake tans  (in a mild/take the edge off kinda way) so the nude works pretty well for me and truth be told, it was the only option in the shop at the time (Selfridges). However, this nude shade is actually considered to be a universal shade as it matches the pigment of your own skin (according to the sales guy in Selfridges) - which from my experience it does really well. I would normally opt for the paler shade but the middle of the range shade (Nude) suits me fine.

So most importantly, is it the 5 in 1 product that it claims to be? in my opinion YES. From first application I was really impressed with how it blurred out the skin and made imperfections a lot less visible, even with my XL pores. It does mattify the complexion but only in a softening kinda way, there is no dry matte finish here (which personally I hate) it has a lovely balance between matte and sheer. Not too dry, not too sheer and as Goldilocks said - its just right.
I think the "sheerness" of BB creams have put me off in the past, being to greasy for my oily skin type, which is why I have stirred clear in the past. However this has now changed my opinion.

I use this with my Nars Soft Matte concealer, I first apply the BB cream all over my face and then add a touch of concealer where I need it. A great alternative to wearing foundation for the days when I am going for the no makeup makeup look (aka just make me look human)

I would consider it to be a mid-high priced BB creme at £15.00 for 15ml, but then if it works well it's worth paying for isn't it! the larger size works out to be better value at £36.00 for 45ml so next time I will go for the larger size. However at the moment, Erborian have a 3 for 2 offer on their 15ml sizes - you can find it here

This has left me feeling quite positive about the Erborian brand and I think I will give some of their skincare a try now too - I have my eye on the Charcoal Black Scrub mask!


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