Wednesday 6 September 2017

Buys & Tries

When I started writing this post, it was a make up review - it turned into a post about things I have bought recently // things I am trying // things going back - call it my purchase profit and loss. I don't know how it evolved into this subject from an eye shadow but it did and actually I quite like writing it all out to see where I am at with what I am buying. I think it may help me to make better decisions when it comes to the checkout, plus I love reading about other peoples buys so I thought I would post mine too



Dior palette - 5 Couleur palette in Hypnotize - I saw this in a magazine and was taken by the beaut shades in this palette, my kinda colouring and ideal for autumn. A strange coincidence happened, as I was reading the mag my hubby messaged me from an airport saying do I need anything from duty free.....well if there's ever a sign from the universe that is it, I couldn't ignore it now could I? the request was put in and the palette purchase was made!

Gucci lipstick - This was a little cheeky suprise from the hubster, he knows I have a thing for lippy (people collect stamps, I collect lipsticks OK? and a whole loada over shiz but we will gloss over that) I will be honest I was not exactly wowed by the packaging compared to others in the same ball park but the colour is lush!

Brazilian Bum Bum cream - I am on a bit of a health kick at the mo, trying to shift the lingering baby weight and tone up a bit, so now was a good time to give this bum bum cream a go. I tried to buy it when it was first released but I could not get hold of it at the time so kinda forgot about it. But I spotted it in Selfridges and thought now was the time to try it. Its pricey though £18 for this small travel size 75ml tub (that's going to cover 1/4 of a bum cheek) but if it's going to give me a Gisele bum then im in! (I said Gisele not gazelle, which actually is more of a likely outcome) Not going to lie, the name BUM BUM totally lured me in, such a kid.


Leopard print dress
- Bought from a charity shop for £2 (Topshop)
Main thoughts:
1) Someone got rid of this?!?! 2) It was only £2! 3) Its leopard print 4) It will go with my leather jacket and boots nicely 5) Love finding a bargain, makes me feel like i'm winning at life!!! woo hoo

Ballooned sleeve blouse - H&M £24.99- Not a planned purchase
Thoughts :
1) It's got big sleeves which I love 2) Potential dinner dippage but its a dark coloured top so OK 3) It's a loose fit for meh days 4) It doesn't need ironing - the main win here. Tag off - worn it.

White jumper with apple - £17.99 - Not a planned purchase
Thoughts :
1) Its white, risky, is it worth the risk with small humans around? yes it's worth the risk 2) The apple is cute and I can match my red bag to it or lipstick for a pop (yep I'm the sad matchy matchy one) 3) Loose fit 4) Good going into autumn over a dress/with jeans. Tag off - worn it - no stains thus far.

Red Boots - Primark £16.00 - Semi planned purchase (I was looking out for boots)
1) OMG red boots! they will go with a lot of things in my wardrobe 2) Good mum height heel 3) Good for autumn 4) £16! not a lot of thought needed here - bought and worn

Black & multi colour tweed skirt - H&M £19.99 - Not a planned purchase - until I put a changing room pic on instagram and everyone said I should buy it - panic mode purchase
1) A good length, no flashing here! 2) It will look good with boots and my leather jacket 3) the different colours make it more versatile - bought it, not worn yet - had to size up.

Jeans - H&M - Planned purchase
1) a "cropped" leg jean in normal fit = normal length for short legged people 2) Nice relaxed fit 3) Love the light wash 4) Had to size up and it still feels a tad "crotchy" as in, if it was thin material there may be a slight camel toe present, not enough to be uncomfortable though. Tag off - worn them


Yellow cushions from Primark - Planned purchase
1) The rest of my living room is grey, I needed pops of colour - yellow works well 2) I think it will look nice along other "jewel" type colours too 3) £5 each 4) Husband seems to have a cushion phobia but he actually likes these, Tags off (decision made by a child that attacked it and ripped off the label)

Himalayan rock salt candle holder - Bought at a fayre £5 - Planned purchase
1) It's supposed to cleanse the air 2) Helps with mood and sleep 3) Makes me feel well Zen 4) It looks nice 5) If it doesn't work I can always crumble it on my dinner - keep


Hand lettering - Charity shop 70p

This book details ways to write letters and numbers all fancy! A good one, for example, if you are writing wedding invitations etc, or like me you just fancy being creative!
1) I want to learn how to draw/write letters nicely 2) It will look nice in my bullet journal 3) Only 70p so worth a shot 4) A good way to be creative

Trying (Things I have bought that I am not sure about yet / Just trying for fun)

Stripey cropped trousers - Newlook
I bought these on a whim, I didn't plant to buy cropped trousers, I actually wanted full length! I am having a play around but I may return them for what I actually intended to buy...but I do like them....decisions
*Update - I have since decided to keep them*

Jeans - Newlook
I love the frayed bottom, this is why I bought them! but...I don't think I need another pair of skinny jeans, I am actually enjoyed a looser fit at the mo (like the H&M ones above) having a play but I think these will go back (especially because they were £35 from New Look and as a comparison they have the coat below for £35) - * update - I took them back*

Light is the new black - Rebecca Campbell - Amazon
I am trying to read a new self development book at least once a month, I have seen this many times over the last few days so I guess this has to be the one I read next! a tad hippyish - its about "answering your calling so you can light up the world" - LOVE, bought it, it's in the post!



  1. That dior palette is a palette of dreams, I love it so much, everytime I go near a counter I look at it too, its haunting me lol

    Erin || MakeErinOver


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