Sunday 15 October 2017

Top 5 things I learnt at the Brit Mums Live 2017 conference

The Brit Mums conference came, the Brit Mums conference went. The things we look forward to seem to be over so quickly don't they! a bit like holidays and Christmas. Although Xmas is pretty stretched out now with at least three months of hype, I don't know about you but as soon as Boxing day is over I'm done with Christmas!

So why did I get excited? well I had never attended an event like this before, plus I spent the whole weekend on my own in London! If you fancy watching the vlog it is at the bottom of the post (split into two vlogs)

I could go on with the ins and outs of the weekend, instead I decided to highlight the top 5 things I came away with after attending the event:

1) Know what you are about

Multiple times I was asked what I blog about and my answer, on reflection, was a bit sketchy. "I take pictures of my outfits" was one example "I talk about positivity and reclaiming my identity" was another. I could not clearly say what it is that my blog/vlog/channel is about and it has made me realise that I need to clarify it. I need to be able to say clearly and confidently what my message is. Its's tricky to translate that into one "Mission statement" but it is something that I am still working on and I am confident that I will soon be able to do this!

2) There is no one right or wrong way

It was interesting to hear different points of view on how to grow a successful blog/Youtube channel/social media account. Particularly from the speakers, and even more interestingly, conflicting opinions. One speaker said that they would never employ a VA (virtual assistant to help with social media etc) as she has grown her channel through her own personality and considered a VA to not be a genuine approach. Another said that she hires a VA and helps with things such as likes and comments on Instagram, deeming it to be a business and that is what she needs to do to grow her channel awareness. Both had different approaches, both successful in their own rights.

What I took from this is that there is not one right or wrong way to approach growing your blog and you have to find what works for you.

I personally found it a little disappointing to hear that a VA would be employed to make comments/likes on social media on behalf of a blogger. I actually had my picture liked that morning by the influencer who said she hired a VA. I was pleased at the time that I was acknowledged, however I now know that it was likely not her who liked my picture and she probably doesn't even know of my existence.

3) Just do it

I had a snazzy business card made before I went (it was recommended to do so by Brit Mum attendees of the past events) but I was actually a bit nervous about handing them out. I had 300 that I had to shift and it got to half way through the day and I hadn't given out one. The struggle I had here was my own limitations, the "I'm not a business woman, I'm just a mum" mentality kicked in and I wasn't sure people would see the value in it. That's when I gave myself a little pep talk and just did it and handed them out to whoever I was chatting too, and people immediately gave me theirs back as if they were waiting for the invitation to do so.

Just do it, give out the cards, you never know what could come of it.

4) Ideas and focus

By talking to new people and listening to the talks I came away with a few good ideas and it also clarified my vision as to where I want to take my blog/Youtube. I actually enjoyed the Youtube session the most, it was held by people from Youtube so I felt like I was getting a bit of insider knowledge! I really do enjoy making videos so I am defiately going to think more about the direction of my Youtube channel. They are also holding an event in a few weeks time for Brit Mum attendees in there London office, so that should be pretty interesting if I get the chance to go.

5) Meeting new people 

I met a lot of new people, bloggers, business women, Youtubers, the lot! many of which I probably would not have crossed path with otherwise.

It can be a bit nerve wrecking to go to an event on your own and approach people. Yes it can feel a bit awkward at times but what you have to remember is that the majority of people are in the same boat. If someone approached you to talk to you would you be more inclined to analyse what they are saying or to analyse what you are saying back? I think the latter, the fear is in our own heads about our own experiences. So unless you are being massively controversial, people are really not that bothered about the delivery in what you are saying, they are more interested in their own.

With this in mind, I found it a lot easier to just approach people and start chatting!



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