Thursday 1 September 2016

10 reasons why I prefer Autumn / Winter

I'm going to say something I shouldn't, I am going to attempt to fight my case and I want you to think about this before you jump to any conclusions. So here goes, I prefer autumn/winter to summer.... I hear gasps of horror, but think of those strappy dresses, long warm days, outdoor living, I hear you say. Well keep your heatwaves, I'm biggin up the outcast of the season family with my 10 reasons why I prefer the colder months

1) Pumpkin spiced latte anyone? If you haven't tried one of these you should! they are in Starbucks now, they bring it out every autumn and its delish. Hot chocolate, mulled wine, liquor coffee, all the yummy drinks that can only be truly enjoyed in a cold climate are back. Hello calories! Who cares, you need the calories for your body to keep warm, lets face it hot chocolate isn't the same without cream

 2) Nothing beats snuggling on the sofa when it's wet & cold outside, or even better a crackin storm. Slippers and slouchies on, hot water bottle to hand, hot chocolate & lots of blankets. Hedgehogs have the right idea, if I could hibernate I would, but of course it would have to include wifi, Netflix and cake. Try relaxing on the sofa at night in summer, you can't! It consists of Can't get comfy position changing, magazine wafting and the reoccurring comment of "isn't it muggy" give me double sock winter action any day

 3) Candles - I have a slight obsession with candles, if it comes in a pretty jar then I'm sold. There is something nice about a candle burning away in a lantern whilst sat outside on a summers evening, but this doesn't beat a winter candle by any shot. When it's dark and dingy outside a candle just brings some sort of magic to the room, I think I'm more taken with the flame than the scent. Only slightly though! I have some beaut candles (hello Jo Malone) and there's nothing more satisfying than walking into a room to be greeted by a beautiful smell. Winter allows for more candles to be burnt, more to be repurchased, more shopping!

The white company's Autumn range of candles are fab! this is what they say about it - 'Like spending the day stepping on crunchy leaves in the park. Autumn is a gloriously floral and fruity scent – a crisp combination of fruity notes of pear, quince and apricot blended with musk and amber '  divine! 

 4) Layers - can't decide what to wear? Then wear everything! Vests, tops, jumpers, scarfs, layer it all on. I am so much more of a winter dresser, I feel much more comfortable covered up and I just like the style of winter clothing. Skirt, black tights & boots, pretty much a staple outfit that I don't transfer well into summer with bare legs etc. I love scarves, an instant outfit changer, but again that's something that gets left behind when the warmer months arrive. I have bought new coats, dug out my winter gear and added new season items to my virtual basket, all ready for AW16

 5) Tanning & shaving to a minimum - no legs on show, let it grow (hmm there's a song in there somewhere) I'm not a waxer, so shaving is a right faff every five minutes, lets just say I was blessed with the "hairy fecker" gene and high maintenance is required. Also, I'm a tad pale and when I'm tired it's debatable whether I am still of this earth. Full body tanning is a skill I am yet to master, there appears to be no middle ground I'm either orange or white, sometimes both. Then winter comes to save the day, it puts a cape over me and says your safe now and gives me a comforting peck on the cheek.

 6) Winter colours - think deep reds, plums and burgundy. I LOVE bold colour lips and they look awesome in winter, most of my fave shades are dark and they just don't work as well in summer. Theres lot of new lipstick shades for AW that I have my eye on, one of them being Charlotte Tilbury Hot lips in the shade Hels Bels.

 7) Baths - baths in the summer are not the same, don't even attempt to sell it to me. I like my baths to be hot, I'm talking borderline third degree burns ( ok that's a bit extreme but you get my point) in the summer swelt I just can't enjoy a cool bath, it's like drinking cold tea NO THANKS. In the winter however, you can run that bubbling bath, jump in and have a good ole pamper sesh. Just keep your fingers crossed that the little ones stay asleep once you hit the tub, a bubble trail to their bedroom causes accidents on the way back #truestory

 8) Christmas - I'm not quite one of those people that counts down Christmas as soon as the summer holidays are over but I have to say that I do look forward to it. The excitement returns when you have kids and my girl will be old enough this year to get what it's all about. As soon as the tins of chocs hit the stores it's game on, just how many tins do you get through before it's actually classed as the festive season?

 9) Kids sleep better - trying to convince kids it's bedtime at 7pm in the summer is like trying to convince them that raisins are sweets, it ain't gonna happen. Taking them to bed in day light results in a look of "it's not bedtime, LETS PLAY" an hour and some carpet clawing later, they end up in bed, sometimes asleep. Convincing them in winter is A LOT easier, it's dark, they can snuggle up in their blankets minus the stuffy heat and hopefully fingers crossed, they are down for the night, pah

 10) Better for my skin type - oily skin and summer are not friends, they just can't seem to get on, throw in some sheer "summery" makeup and your in for a real shit storm. Summer glow? More like oil slick, this is another reason why I don't want to go to Australia, they already have enough forest fires to deal with, they don't need my reflective face causing more. The other reason incase you were wondering is spiders, seriously couldn't cope with a potential botty bite loo situation (wtf is wrong with those bastard things, hide in a tree or something) I digress, winter on the other hand keeps my face at normal oily skin levels, where blotting paper at least has a chance at being the hero

So i've pleaded my case with valid, constructive and positive points, who's looking forward to AW16 now?



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