Monday 5 September 2016

Christian Louboutin - Rouge Louboutin Velvet Matte Lip Colour & Lip Definer in Nats review

When my hubby said he had picked me up a little something from his business travels I wasn't quite expecting what I got. Sure it was small in size but it wasn't small in terms of a gift, in fact it was rather EPIC. This item firmly belongs in the luxe category, I can't see me buying one of these for myself so I am glad it was taken out of my hands, it appears hubby noticed the casually (strategically) placed open magazine page after all.

Showcasing the amazing, the fabulous, the fantastical - (bear with me I am building up an entrance) the show stopping...... Louboutin lipstick. Everything about this is beautiful, from the glossy bag down to the bullet itself, its just a piece of art!

The shade I have is Rouge Louboutin - a Matte red which is inspired by the classic red sole of a Louboutin shoe. It had to be the red, I am glad that fate made it that way as a red lip is my thing. After a quick look though there are some other amazing shades, Diva - another velvet matte, Tres Decolette - a nude satin, and the new lip gloss shade Altrareva a pretty pink are to name but a few.

As soon as I got my mitts on it I held it, smelt it, stroked it, stared at it, anything but actually use it. It's hard enough breaking the seal on a new MAC lipstick let alone a lippy which is 4x more expensive. Yes that's right, 4x at a whopping £65.00. Now if you think about this as just a lipstick that costs £65.00 then then you need to think about this a little differently. Yes this lipstick is probably £20 lipstick, £45 other, but the way I see it is £20 lipstick £45 pleasure and that is worth every penny. The pleasure factor when its sat on my dressing table exceeds the majority of other pretties (junk) that I have. To me its the same as enjoying the company of a beautiful bottle of perfume on your dressing table, and lets face it most of us do. I almost wrote "beautiful bottle of WINE" then, and honestly its just as enjoyable sharing my dressing table with perfume or wine.

Its like it has its own presence, I could feel it staring at me as soon as I entered the room as its energy homed in on me. Kinda like a lady of the night in the red light district, you try to avoid eye contact but she aint giving in. It said wear me - the lipstick not the hooker. I bit the bullet (not literally, the horror!) and slapped it on my chops in a frenzied attack after a long period of lust.

That was a slightly over dramatised version of events, what really happened was I sat in front of a camera and filmed myself painstakingly applying an highly pigmented lipstick. If that floats your boat then watch below - its a review too, not just me putting on lippy! I also included a review of the lip liner too - oh did I forget to mention that?!?! not only did I get a lippy but the ultimate combo of a lip liner  as well, top marks Mr T.

Watch this and I will see you below

Fancy seeing you here!

So as you saw the packaging is top marks full on friggin amazing for both the liner and the lippy, even the box which was probably a tenner - TAKE MY MONEY. The lippy itself is beautiful, the texture and finish really is one of the best I have seen for a matte lipstick. Its long lasting, highly pigmented, smells amazing, just perfect - there is nothing I can find fault with.

The liner is a bit, well, different? I am not sure about the texture of this, it felt quite sticky to me. Which actually turned out to be a great primer for the lippy as it gave even coverage and long lasting hold. But because of this I wouldn't wear it on its own like I like to do with other liners. I am also a bit surprised there is no red shade to compliment the red lippy, I'm pretty sure that would've been the one I received if one was available. It appears hubby was well informed aka lured in by Louboutin assistant, he came home to inform me what a lip liner was and how to use it....he tried.

Over all I am glad to have one of these beauts in my collection, its a beautiful gift and I have decided to actually use it. I'm not going to save it for that special annual outing (what that is I don't know but I am sure I will get invited one day) but its going to be an active member of my lippy community,


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  1. I recently did my makeup classes for beginners London, I got one this from my sister-in-law. She send me this lipstick, as it was not available in my town. Though I am not a pro, till I love this range so much! <3 This color suits me so well and so long lasting.I am glad that I did my makeup course from Lina. She is amazing.


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