Sunday 13 November 2016

Mums day off - shopping child free

Shopping - oh what a delightful thing, a spot of retail therapy always does the trick to perk me up.

Throw in two kids however, and you are most likely to come home feeling worse and you wonder why you even bothered to attempt it in the first place. My solution? leave them with the grandparents! I am fortunate to have regular grandparent childcare, usually I use this time to get jobs done (or sleep) but occasionally I will hit the shops alone which is way more appealing than a date with the vacuum cleaner.

 On an unrestrained expedition, I often see toddlers having meltdowns and the relief sweeps over me. It's the relief that it's not my child and I am no way involved in the situation, I am free to flounce on by. At first I hear the crying, a bit like the thunder when a storm is on the way, the mum-dar goes on but the lightening is going to strike some other poor mum. I give my "I feel your pain sista" look along with a heartfelt nod and on my way to Zara I go. Do I feel bad? yes, well a little....nah not a lot really. My karmic debit is already racking up with the enjoyment of shopping alone, karma will get me when I am on my own with the kids in Aldi next.

So do you fancy having a snoop to see what I got? surprisingly not too much (by my standards) I took my time most of my time mooching - lovely!

Tony Moly - I've seen this brand banded about and thought I would give it a try. Its Korean so I am expecting good things! I didn't actually go out to get these but I came across them in Selfridges and was lured in. I went for a few pore cleansing items and eye patches, expect to see my thoughts in another post soon!

I also spotted a Nugg face mask - again I have seen these masks on Instagram and they have been given good reviews, I went for the exfoliating version.

I've given up with lightweight coverage foundations, I am going for full on coverage no messing about, lets get the job done foundation. I have read good things about the UD All Nighter foundation, so I am giving it a try along with the primer potion, lets see how it compares to my trusty doublewear! 

You may have noticed that I recently got my hair cut to shoulder length. This was an attempt to get a bit more volume, to be honest I need to give up on long locks, short hair is my thing and I need to embrace it. So that has kick started project volume - I need to get the oomph into my hair. Starting with the basics - shampoo & conditioner. I have tried the other Elvive Fibrology volumising shampoo/conditioner but not the "Air" version. It was on offer for £2.00 each in Boots so in my basket they went.

 I also needed to top up on some baby bath - I love the smell of Johnson's bedtime baby range, I wouldn't say this bath cream makes my babes particularly ready for sleepy time (baths are playtime in this house) but its still nice for them (and mummy) to use.

Ooooh velvet - so much of it about this season and I found it hard to stay away from this trend - winter & velvet are like two peas in a pod. I came across this jacket in Primark for £18.00, normally I would go for a fitted jacket but this has a looser fit which I think works really well with the velvet. I also picked up the velvet scarf from Zara, for those days that I want a little hit of velvet without going all out.
 If your after a choker then you should take a look in Zara as they have a lot of choice. I have stayed away from chokers up until this point as its what I used to wear when I was a teenager and I couldn't quite pull up the courage to wear one. I gave in and bought this pack of two, the thinner one of the two I have an idea what to wear with, but the hoop one? not a clue, need to work that one out. I was drawn to it because it reminds me of Chloe Faye bags! have you seen the new Faye backpack? it's delightful (and on my wish list)

Lastly I got some new undies, I am pretty sure you don't want to see them but check out this pretty little number from Boux Avenue. I did have a quick look in Victoria's Secret but there was nothing in there that particularly grabbed me, plus some of the stuff in there is a bit overpriced for what you get don't you think?

That's it for this trip! hopefully I will be writing another 'shopping freedom' post soon, until then it's a date with Mr Sheen.



  1. Came across your blog on bloglovin and I love it! I really want to get the urban decay all nighter foundation. Also your chockers from zara they look so cool.


  2. What a great choice.

    Best wishes - Lenchen ♥


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