Tuesday 7 February 2017

Valentine's day - Lush Valentine's mini haul PLUS my thoughts on Valentine's day

"All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt"
Charles M. Schulz

Just to warn you, if you're in your first flurries of love, I suggest you go and read another one of my posts - I've linked a make up post here. However, If you're a grumpy sod (or married over two years) make yourself comfy and get ready to feed the grump beast. Let's begin...

Valentine's day - or as I like to call it - national must put out day. I am tired/I've got a headache (even if genuine) is strictly forbidden on the cupid struck day of the year. Now I am not saying I am a misery or anything, but (cue miserable statement) I've come to the conclusion over the years that the V day is a load of shite.

It's not the love part that annoys me, I am not that miserable, it's the fact that it has become so over commercialised and forced. I don't know about you but most valentine days have not lived up to the hype, the random spontaneous romantic events are way better. However, spontaneity for parents is kinda hard, our version of spontaneity? planning three months in advance, arranging baby sitters, making sure the kids have everything they need for any possible situation...the list goes on. So V day in that respect does have legs to stand on, a viable reason to actually go out out. But why does it have to be so hyped? so public? It's kinda like new year's eve, which in my opinion is equally shite, if not more so.

All of a sudden roses are three times the price, nights away cost a fortune, restaurants charge the earth for a set menu. Which is not actually any different to any other annual occasion, but the big V seems to put on more pressure than others don't you think? if you're in a relationship you have to partake otherwise you clearly don't love each other that much (sarcasm guys) and if you're not in a relationship? Happy single awareness day!

This is mine and hubbies valentines conversation:

"Oh shit its valentines next week"
"Oh yer"
"What do you want to do."
"Dunno, u?"

End of conversation.

A few days later we realised that my husband would be working anyway, so we are off the hook. Our declarations of love would unfortunately have to wait for a different unlabelled day of the year. 

As much as I love to receive a card with a bear on the front holding a heart, I would actually prefer that few quid to be spent on a bar of chocolate from the corner shop when I request it - that's true love, y'know, changing out of your jammies to go on a chocolate run. To be fair, hubby has earnt his stripes on the choc run front when I was pregnant, hello Toblerone!

My main memory of V day is two years ago, when we tried a massage candle (it was rubbish - like rubbing on warm lard) having one too many shandy's, and conceiving surprise baby number two. So in that regards, V day is pretty spesh, so I thank cupid for that one - but a quick note to cupid, make sure the stork gets my message this time as two bubs is my max. 

But as the opportunist that I am, it allows me to buy a load of heart shaped stuff because that's what you're supposed to do right? cue a Lush haul. Just to feed the commercial beast that I claimed to hate above... 

Whether you are being a grumpy git or are loved up, Lush will always put a smile on your face, well it does for me. A bath with an heart-eyed emoji shaped bubble bar, ah go on then. So what did I buy?

Pic below
Top left - Lover Lamp bath bomb - cocoa butter, vanilla absolute and orange oil. Sweet and softening. £4.25
Top right - Ladybird bubble bar - Geranium and peppermint oil, a fun one for the kids, they will love crumbling this one into the water! uplifting and relaxing. £3.95
Bottom left - Rose bombshell bath bomb, rose, lemon and geranium oil. Defo one for the rose lovers out there, get your dose of rose with this bomb - balancing and uplifting. £4.25
Bottom right - Love struck bubble bar - lemon and geranium - another fun one for the kids (or the adults #ILOVEEMOJIS) fresh and uplifting. £4.25

I also popped a lip scrub in my basket, I had forgotten how much I like these. Not only does it get your lips super smooth, it tastes good too! if your after valentine kissy lips then look no further. Plus this edition has little edible hearts in it. LOVE. £5.75

OK so now that I have contradicted myself, starting with Valentine's day is shite quickly followed by "ooh heart stuff to buy" I feel the need to clarify. It's the lack of spontaneity that doesn't quite sit right with me, true romance shouldn't be planned it should just happen and it doesn't have to involve spending a fortune or big gestures. OK I know some people may need a gentle nudge as a reminder as let's face it, not everyone is a Romeo (thank god, imagine that!) but for me I would rather have a snuggle in our jammies and have our own special times as and when they happen. 



  1. I'd forgotten how much I love lush bath bombs and you've just reminded me! Lip scrub looks good too. Not a huge fan of Valentine's either, although I do enjoy the discounted flowers a few days after. #brilliantblogposts

    1. Yes its crazy how after Valentines day the flowers are sooo cheap, I will have to grab a bunch too x

  2. Aw love this and think snuggles in jammies is just as romantic if not more than grand gestures x

    1. Defo! nothing beats a snuggle (with chocolate of course!) x


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