Wednesday 29 March 2017

Beauty things I do that I am not supposed to // Shaving my face!

Do you want to hear a shocking piece of information? ready? I shave my face. There I said it. and just like that it's out there forever. There's a number of things I do that you are not "supposed" to do, but I have decided to throw out the beauty bible and stick to what works for me (until I have a crisis and clamber to find it) So what beauty sins do I commit?


I think I should start here just to clarify the situation and so that I can calm down your flustered "what on earth is she doing" panic. Now I am not talking about applying a full face of shaving foam and using a turbo charged man's razor (or some other crap they come up with to sell a product directed to a man) I am talking about using a small facial razor to whip of the pesky hairs. I am going to say something even more shocking now, that as a woman I should probably not say but - I have a hairy face, I have impressive sideburns that I am pretty sure Cousin Itt would be envious of. I am human, I have hair, and that's that. As much as I have come to love my facial fur, it can't stay, and the best method for me is shaving. I have tried EVERYTHING and it's the only thing that doesn't break me out. If I wax my face it results in a 3-day pass to the confines of my house as there's no way I could go out in daylight, I mean I would scare kids. It gives me the worst break out, its sore, itchy, oily - pretty much all skin ailments all in one hit. And don't even get me started on facial hair lightening, let's just say I had an incident that resulted in me looking like John McCririck and I've never gone back.

So what I do is take a facial razor, use it on dry skin and lightly go over where it's needed. Its quick and gets the job done with no irritation. The downside? it comes back pretty quick, as you would expect with shaving, but its so easy to get rid of it again that it's not a problem. I buy my razors online (ebay/amazon) as I have not seen these in the likes of Boots yet, but they are very cheap so worth popping some in your basket on your next Amazon haul.

Now I have heard facial shaving has taken on a new name - dermablading, which is essentially the same thing but instead of shaving small parts where needed, it involves shaving the majority of your face. The idea behind this is that you are removing all hair, exfoliating, and leaving the skin smooth and more receptive to the following beauty products. I get it, and actually I like the theory and I think it would work for my skin type - however I am not quite brave enough for that yet, maybe one day!

Wash my hair daily

I often hear that you shouldn't wash your hair every day, that its not good for your hair and that you would be stripping it of its natural oils etc. well that is exactly what I want to do, it needs stripping of natural oils, daily. My hair is fine and greasy and it looks its best when its clean. I am envious of people who can have a blow dry and it stays nice for days, or they can have "day 3" hair, there is no such thing for my lank barnet, it needs washing and styling everyday, the alternative is a hairband. I have tried leaving it for a few days and it can be summarized in one word, gross.

Scrub my face

I have had a recent discovery, and I have to say, I like it. I Love a good exfoliation to clear away the excess oil, crud, filth. But I have always tried to be relatively gentle, because, well that's what "they" say isn't it? you can't be too abrasive with your face. But whilst in the shower the other day, I scrubbed my face using an exfoliating glove - y'know the brillo pad ones that are meant to scrub your ass? yeah one of them. I scrubbed away and I even used it in conjunction with an exfoliating cleanser, double whammy style. The result? super smooth, clean, glowing skin - BAM. Now I have heard that one of the reasons you shouldn't over exfoliate is because it could trigger your skin into producing more oil and end up back at square one. But for my thick, oily, porous skin, IT WORKS! so if it works for me I will continue to do it.

*only the glove was harmed, no use of the pan cleaner at all

Product development time

This is probably a bit naughty, but if a packet says to leave something on for a set amount of time, I kinda add a few mins more on. I want to make sure it works OK? sometimes I leave a mask on for the specified time but after removal feel that it could've been left on a bit longer. Now this is the really naughty bit, if it gives a bit of a sting I am happy and sometimes I ride it out up to sting point. I like to feel like something is actually happening, if that means I have to leave a mask on for a few mins more then that is exactly what I will do!

What beauty rules have you broken?


  1. Hey lovely, could you try electrolysis, friends say it's painful but lasts forever x

  2. I find scrubbing everyday to work too, despite what others say! x

  3. I too shave my face! Its such a taboo. Women just dont talk about it but there must be loads of women that do!

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