Tuesday 11 April 2017

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask // First Impressions // Review

                            “It’s like an expert Facialist in your handbag” - Charlotte Tilbury

I am partial to a good sheet, and I do not mean a bed sheet (although I have earnt a VIP pass to the land of nod for being a devoted customer) I am talking about facial sheet masks.
Normally I would opt for a moist sheet full of skin benefiting ingredients, but whilst browsing the shops the other day I came across Charlotte Tilbury's new sheet mask. A dry one.

A lot of questions came into my mind, the main one? how on earth can a dry piece of material give me facial results? intrigued by this magical mystery, I bought one. Otherwise I simply would not be able to sleep for the "not knowing" I had to find out.

I paid £18.00 from Selfridges link HERE for one mask, which is a bit pricey for a single mask, however you get multiple goes out of one sheet. Here is one of the differences between a wet and dry sheet, a dry sheet does not harbour bacteria so it can be used again, and again. Yep that's right, this mask has up to three uses, compared to the one hit you get from a wet mask.

So is it worth £6 a go for facial results? let's find out. First of all, the foil lined pouch is resealable, so once opened it is easy enough to fold up and pop back in ready for your next go. Dipping inside the packet, I can confirm that it is indeed dry, no moistness in the pack or on the mask at all.

The mask itself is thick and of good quality, I liken the texture to a dry baby wipe (a thick one) soft and a little felt like. It has ear slots too, two at the top and two at the bottom, all of which fits onto your ear to create a snug fit over your face. It covers the whole face well, even going down to my not so favourite part - jowls. Also, because it hooks on to your ears, it will not slide off your face, meaning you have 15 mins to do what you want instead of having to keep still on the sofa. Although, I think I know which I prefer!

So what's the blurb behind the product?

"Clinically proven to that reduces wrinkles, smoothen, brighten, lift and hydrate.  This dry textile mask is imprinted with active ingredients, opposed to being over-saturated with water and glycerin. The addition of vitamin B3 helps brighten tone and plant stem cell matrix lifts the look of skin - buffering out fine lines - while Crocus Bulb Extract encourages the production of collagen."

Now my skin is not happy at the mo (I have the lurgy) so I need help in all areas, including blemishes. This mask does not set out to help with blemishes, but it definitely needs smoothing, brightening and hydration. The CT consultant said that it is suitable for all skin types (even my oily blemish prone) and once it was on the face to rub the mask in the areas where you need it more. So whilst its was on I gently rubbed the mask to activate the ingredients. I left it on for 15 mins, as directed, unpeeled the mask and popped it back in the pouch ready for next time. 

I could see visible results straight away, my skin looked brighter, fresher and felt smooth. It also felt as if there was a residue left behind, as if the hidden ingredients inside the dry mask had come out to play and left its mark behind on my skin. It's not a greasy residue either and it soon absorbed into the skin leaving it feeling smooth. I was actually quite surprised that I felt something on my skin, as the mask is dry, I didn't think I would feel anything after.

I think this mask would be great for an event where you want to look your best, apply before makeup to give your skin a great glowing base. 

Overall, it's quick and easy to use, no mess, fits nicely to the whole face and leaves the skin glowing as promised. I am interested to see what happens the second time! 

If you fancy watching the vid of me using the mask - click below! 



  1. Need to try it even if the look of it scares me a little! Adore CT, I made a film with her a few years ago for Selfridges and have adored her collection since-a complete innovator!

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