Wednesday 19 April 2017

A trip to Paris - What's in my carry on

It's been a while since I have planned a trip away, in fact the last time I stepped on to a plane I had just found out my I was pregnant with my boy so that's over two years ago now. I had travelled with Effie, even taking her on a long-haul flight at four months, and I have to say it was relatively easy. She slept, played a bit. but overall in her little mind she could've been anywhere. Fast forward 2 years and I now have an 18-month-old and a three year old to contend with. The thought of dealing with one is bad enough, but two on a plane? over excited? tired? kinda fills me with dread. This is when you realise there is no such thing as a holiday anymore, that was something pre-baby, now its same game, different place. Wow I am really setting the scene for a happy post! don't get me wrong I am happy and really looking forward to it, I am just mentally preparing myself for the realities of family travel. This is only a short trip to Paris to test the waters, hubby wanted to jump in the deep end and head for Florida, but for a first trip I wanted to go without the jet lag.

So in order to prepare, I am making sure I have plenty of paraphernalia to get me through the travel process, the tiredness, getting into a new routine etc. Effie had a Trunki for Christmas which we are yet to use, so I will be filling that up, mostly with toys but also with everything they both need from a change bag (nappy's. wipes etc) I am then hoping to have my bag free for my own belongings....ha! I can plan that I suppose but the reality is that the majority of loose odds and ends will be "popped" into my carry on.

So this is why I am not taking a large bag, an adequate size handbag will do nicely. I am planning to take my new Lancel back to her home for a visit. If you have not looked at Lancel bags before then you should take a look at their website HERE, gorgeous high quality Parisian chic!

Here is what I plan to take inside:

- Vodka, gin, wine, anything alcohol based for when the tantrums strike and I get tuts and huffs from the childless travellers (that was a joke, only because I couldn't get away with that)
- Medicine - I always keep a stash on me because I am paranoid about my case going missing and not having everyone's medication! this way I know it's on me and safe
- A folder for itinerary, tickets and passports
- Purse & phone
- Makeup bag - Of course I need my essentials with me, I am taking my everyday basics in a small case just to have in case I need to top up on the go
- A few toiletries - It's an early start and a long day so a few bits to freshen up on the go will be handy, I am going to take the Pixi glow tonic for a pick me up, lip balm for dry lips (which always happens on the plane) a bit of moisturiser etc. see pic
- Wipes - They have multiple uses, I think we all know
- Hand gel - When I travel anywhere hand gel is a must, I also use it on high chairs etc when eating out just to be sure.
- Note book & pen - for all those inspiring ideas I will have mid child scream (eye roll) joking aside, I do like to have a note book with me because things do pop into my mind when I least expect it - plus we always need a pen when travelling!
- Socks - I always get cold feet on a plane, and then by the end of the flight they have swollen 10 sizes! it's only a short flight but I am bound to get nippy toes.
- Sunglasses - I am taking them in my carry on just in case! plus it may be really sunny when we get there! optimism

I am planning to wear a light knit from Next HERE, a river island pair of jeans HERE and an ASOS pair of loafers HERE, and then my Lancel carry on. Then if it is nice and warm when we get there I can whip of my knit and put the sunnies on - although heading straight to the hotel is the main plan.

I am really excited about this trip, it's our first holiday as a family of four with the main event being a day at Disney land for Effie's 3rd birthday. I am not sure who is more excited, me or Effie.
As it's a busy city it is always tricky to know what to do with little ones, I have done a bit of research and found a farm park, aquarium and a zoo all close to the hotel so we have options rain or shine.

Personally, I can't wait to have a little shop, I love Paris, it's so beautiful and such a special place and somewhere I always enjoy visiting. I plan to write a post trip update, hopefully it won't be titled "10 reasons not to travel with toddlers"

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