Thursday 27 April 2017

April 2017 Favourites

March came and went so fast that I did not chance to write a favourites post, so this month I have combined some fave items from both March and April into one post. It won't be a mega long one, promise!


Pixi Glow Peel Pads

I recently ran out of one of the best acid toners I have tried, Recherche Biologique (link to post here) but whilst in London last I forgot to pick some up, plus I had a few other new things to try in my stash first. One of them being the Glow Peel Pads from Pixi - exfoliating pads that contain 20% glycolic acid promising glowing skin. So far I have liked every item I have tried from Pixi so I was expecting good things, and I was right to do so as they do exactly as promised.

Now I can't quite compare it to Recherche Biologique because frankly, that is in a different league. But for it to step into the acid toner vacancy in my routine, Pixi pads are not too bad at all. There are 60 pads, to use of a PM over the face and neck (and backs of hands if you fancy it) leave for a few minutes and then rinse with water to neautralise. The result the next morning is obvious, there is definitely a glow and the skin appears smoother. I got mine from M&S HERE.

Georgio Armarni Powerfabric Foundation & Nars Soft Matte Concealer

I needed to stock up on both foundation and a concealer, so these two items were purchased at the same time and I have been using them together ever since. Now if you are like me and have oily skin but never really get on with matte finish foundation then you should definately give this combo a try. Its matte but not too matte, great description right? what I mean by too matte is cakey, sticks on your face for dear life, claggy, I think you get what I mean. This foundation is matte to just the right level of matteness, its workable, definately buildable and blends beautifully on the skin. Combine this with the Nars soft matte concealer and its a match made in heaven. As the description suggests, the concealer is "soft" as in blendable soft finish, I find it quite a high coverage which is exactly what I want from concealer. Not the cheapest of combos but the quality shows.

Burts Bees Lipstick

I have mentined these quite a bit but I had to give them a shoutout again at favourites time. They are such a good combo of buildable colour with the same moisturising benefits of Burt's Bees products - definately worth a swatch when you head to the shops next, I think you would be plesently surprised.

Jo Malone Velvet Rose and Oud Scent 

Talking of "save for best" I have also decided to wear nice perfume instead of saving it - I mean whats the point? it only goes off if you don't use it! this is a new motto for me as I used to wait to use nice things, my new point of view? just do it (has that tag line been taken?)
Que one of the best scents I have ever worn (a bold statement that I need to clarify) Jo Malone - This is one of the only perfumes that I could actually smell on MYSELF ALL DAY. Other perfumes I would put on in the morning, smell it for a few hours and then its gone. This one? both me and whoever I am with at the time gets wafts all day! (of perfume that is)
This is one of the more expensive choices from Jo Malone, but only one spray on my neck and wrist and I am good to go, definately a case of quality overrules here.
This particular scent is, erm, a musky rose? sorry I am not one who has the ability to describe scent well, but lets just say you need to smell this if you a rose lover - or not! Its lovely!

Primark Primer Water

I have to say, I probably would not of even spotted this in Primark if I hadnt already seen it on Instagram. I do not need another primer, I have a stash that I need to run down (I always seem to forget to apply it!) so really I didn't need this. However, I heard good things about this and it was only £2.00 so I had to give it a go right? I am glad I did, its so quick to use so I do not forget to add it to my morning routine. It gives a nice smooth, moisturised finish to apply make up too - the only downside for me is the spray is a bit naff, not exactly a fine mist, so I spray onto my hands and pat it on. But what do you expect for £2?


Chanel Cat Eye Sunglasses

With it being my birthday month, there was bound to be a little treat mentioned in here, and what a treat it was. I was not expecting these at all, but when I saw these in store hubby picked up on my heart shaped eyes whilst staring at these beauts, so the secret squirrle that he is, he bought them (yep hes a keeper)
Chanel Cat Eye sunglasses in black, a classic Chanel look that will stay in my wardrobe forever (or until a child gets hold of them and they get scratched - no, no that will never happen)
Seeing as the sun has started to make an appearance, I have been wearing them at any opportunity! strictly no saving for best mentality here!

*yep that's me in the reflection - eye roll

Denim Jacket

I have a new guilty pleasure - charity shop raiding. I have found so many bargains recently that I am planning to write a blog post on it to show my finds. This one, a denim jacket, was a fiver. A FIVER. Yes it had a slight, eau de musty about it but nothing that a lil spritz wouldn't sort out. And seeing as we are coming into denim jacket season I had to snap it up, although I have worn it a few times and I am still getting a bit nippy! that's brit weather for you!

Primark Fluffy Sliders

I have put these all over my Insta feed because, well, I love them. The perfect slipper/sandal hybrid! I am wearing them as I type, wiggling my toes away, embracing the fluff. Some people would wear these out, good for them, (genuinely) I would feel like a bit of a knob, but part of me doesn't care anymore and I might just do it - shocking I know. These were £6 from Primark and also came in baby pink, black and black with hot pink fluff, I'm not going to lie, I am also tempted by the baby pink.


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  1. They all sound fabulous. I've been loving some drugstore bronzers in April as we did have a couple of sunny days (now long-forgotten!) x


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