Sunday 14 May 2017

Statement earrings - tassels and pom poms and hoops - Oh my!

"Women should never go without earrings. Passing on them is an opportunity missed."
Jennifer Lopez 

Oh how I love a statement earring, especially in summer - lounging by the pool, floaty dress on, massive earrings hanging off the lobes. Yes, I kinda feel silly with an cozzi/earring combo but when I am on holiday anything goes and quite frankly I don't care (until I look back at the pictures and wonder who invited Pat Butcher)

Tassels, hoops, the adornment opportunities are endless. I have scoured the internet to provide you with some ear candy - here are my picks -

Let's start with high end inspo

Chloe (above)
Left - Tassled earrings - £245 link here
Right - Lynn gold-toned earrings - £335 link here

Oscar De La Renta (above)
Left - Tiered beaded tassel clip earrings - £455 link here
Right - Tasseled beaded clip earrings - £500 link here

OK so that's a tad on the pricey side, lets take it down a notch and take a look at the delights of Jcrew and Anthropologie

Below is a selection from Jcrew
Jcrew - clockwise from top left:
- Gathered carnation earrings - £24.50 link here
- Beaded tassel earrings - £65.00 link here
- Beaded oval earrings - £65.00 link here
- Leather-backed sequin petal earrings - £65.00 link here


Anthrapologie - clockwise from top left:
- Jasmine tassel drop earrings - £54.00 - here
- Dominica tassel earrings - £44.00 - link here
-  Perth earrings - £114.00 link here
- Josephina tassel hoop earrings - £34.00 link here


Clockwise from top left
- River Island -Black pom pom tassel drop earrings - link  here
- Next - pink pom pom drop earrings - £10.00 - link here
- Zara - Faux pear earrings with fringe- £12.99 link here
- Topshop - Sequin and tassel earrings - £14.50 - link here

Clockwise from top left
Mango - Tassel earrings £12.99 - link here
Miss Selfridge - Stick drop earrings £7.50 - link here
Oasis - Tropical bead hoops £12.00 - link here

Clockwise from top left 
Spangly sparkle shield drop earrings - £10 - link here
Tiana tassel statement earrings - £10 - link here
Lina tribal statement hoop earrings - £9.00 - link here
Lemon beaded hoop earrings - £9.00 - link here

Clockwise from top left
Oasis - column drop earrings - £10.00 link here
Oasis - Black tassel earrings - £10.00 link here
Mango - Pearl earrings - £12.99 link here
River Island - Blue tassel dangle earrings - £10.00 link here

Marks and Spencer
All Marks and Spencers 
Double circle ball drop earring £12.50 - link here
Havana hoop earrings £12.50 - link here
Tassel bead drop earrings £12.50 - link here
Beaded tear drop earrings £7.50 - link here

Whilst browsing I came across a couple of Jcrew similarities, just a lil heads up! 
Jcrew - Tortoise hoop earrings - £19.50 - link here
Miss Selfridge Tortoise shell hoops £2.00 - link here
Mango - Hoop flower earrings - £12.99 - link here
Jcrew - Colourful floral hoop earrings - £65.00 - link here

So what ear candy am I going to purchase, its a tough call with so many options at the moment. It's a great way to refresh an old outfit or to glam up the everyday items for a different look. I really like the hoop/tassel combo on the earrings below from And Other Stories, the black makes them a bit more wearble but the size and style is still statement.

And other stories - Oval fringe earrings - £19.00  link here

My most recent tassel purchase is shown below left, from Next £10. My summer wardrobe has become quite blue orientated so these will fit in nicely! I feel that I also need a hit of colour too, I love the yellow pair from Anthroplogie below right -  well it will soon be summer! and we all could do with a bit of colour in the sun right?



  1. What a great selection! I really love the first pair but could never imagine spending that much on earrings so it's brilliant to see more affordable options too xx

    Beautylymin| LuxurySkincareGiveaway

  2. They are all so pretty! So happy they are back in style :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

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