Sunday, 7 May 2017

Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb Protect Multi-Protecting Hydrating Mist - SPF 30 - Review

Have you had the chance to try the Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb range yet? If so am I right in thinking it's the sheet mask you tried? thought so. It is one of my favourite (and cheapest) sheet masks to use, I like to use it as a second mask (first to cleanse, second to moisturise) but that's for another post. If you haven't heard of the mask then you can read a review of it here.

The item on the agenda today is a different one from the Moisture Bomb range, something that interested me as soon as I saw it. Hello Moisture Bomb multi-protecting mist! two things grabbed me, the first was the SPF 30 and the second was the word mist. We all know that we should up our SPF game but it can be a bit tricky getting the right formula for our skin types. As I am oily skinned, my immediate thoughts of SPF are thick greasy formulas, which would not sit well for me at all. So when I saw this lightweight SPF I had to give it a try.

It is a small 75ml can, handy for putting in your bag but not so small that it runs out quickly. The mist is just that - a mist - I hate it when a product states it's a mist only to be power washed. As with all mists, it coats all of my baby hairs and gives me a glorious dew drop beard, so for me an extra pat on the skin is needed here.

This can be used on its own or over the top of make-up, so far I have tried this with the Giorgio Armani Power Fabric foundation and it works well as a refresher - no foundation splitting here. It also sits well on my oily skin, it doesn't add any greasiness, drys well and most importantly does not block pores. In the past, I would avoid moisturising products but actually, my skin does get dehydrated so it is a good option for a light moisture top up when needed.

The pomegranate extract provides the antioxidant properties, it helps to shield against the grime in the air and I don't know about you but I can feel it on my skin after a day out, particularly in the city. So for a lightweight formula to provide protection against the grime is a win right?

It was only after further reading did I find out that this mist is not a sunscreen, meaning that you would actually have to use another broad-spectrum sunscreen to be fully protected. It protects against UV, pollution and oxidation but for the full whack you will have to look elsewhere.

Another thing to bear in mind is to actually get good protection you need to use a fair bit of product on the skin, so a fine mist would need to be applied quite heavily to reap the benefits, kinda goes against the purpose of a mist?

How do I feel about that? It would be nice if it included full sun protection, but then I suppose that would make it a different product, because in my experience the heavier the protection the heavier the product. So for me, I see this as a refresher moisturising spray with added benefits (not the other way around) Something to supplement your core protecting products as a handy on the go mist.



  1. I've wanted to try a spray moisturiser for ages! Will need to give this one a go! X

  2. I need to try this! Love a good makeup refresher x

  3. I've been thinking about trying this! I actually haven't tried their sheet mask yet but their moisture bomb Day cream is wonderful x

  4. I absolutely adore anything with pomegranate in so this is a must try for me!

  5. I really like this, though I am a face most obsessive x

  6. I found it to be an okay mist but as you say, it doesn't really protect your skin. I always use SPF underneath but I prefer Bioderma SPF mist instead even though it's slightly oily, so not sure if it'd work on you x

  7. This sounds like it would be ideal just for top ups throughout the day rather than solely relying on it for protection xx


  8. I literally use this for a freshen up in the day, over makeup. It just gives me enough oomph to feel fresh!

    Anoushka Loves xx

  9. My skin is 74 years old and looks very tired (like every other part!) would this be suitable?

  10. I love the look of the product so much, but I love your photos! They are so stunning, so so nice, love what you did with them. I am away to boots so tempted to pick up the spray too!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  11. I love products like this to keep in the fridge in summer!

    Gemma x |

  12. Oooh so intrigued by this! I love the sheet masks SO much!

    Chantelle x
    The Girl In The Tartan Scarf

  13. I'm such a lover of this range! It's perfect for my combination skin!

  14. I love this spray - try the new SPF50 one too x

  15. I have this but have been slightly disappointed that it doesn't fully protect from the sun and also that it is quite a thick mist which smudges my mascara. On the plus side I love the scent and the compact size. I will definitely be using it on my summer hols but not repurchasing xx

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