Monday, 29 May 2017

Just another moody Monday - In it to win it - Estee Lauder Morning Aura 1 min review

"Without ambition one starts nothing. Without work one finishes nothing. The prize will not be sent to you. You have to win it."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

I never win anything. Not a giveaway, not a sausage, nada. Not even a free bag of fries on a Maccy d's token, (I have 20 Piccadilly's already thanks) what's the point in the lotto daydream if I'm just not a lucky type. Y'know the ones, they win everything, they hog everything.

When I came across a competition on a beauty website to become "the next top vlogger" I immediately thought, that looks interesting (then scrolls on) I'm too old, there will be lots of young pretty girls entering, plus my skin isn't great, really I am sure that I am not what they are looking for. Then I had the pang (no not my pants elastic on this occasion) the live in the moment pang. Why wouldn't I enter? I would love to win, talking about makeup in front of a camera? love it! it could open up many doors of opportunity, plus it's a good excuse to buy a few new outfits #anyopportunity

But thinking about it rationally, why would they want a 32-year-old saggy, boring, frumpmiester of a mum flogging their beauty goods? then the higher self came into play and whispered:

 "You never know unless you try Kim" 

hhhmmmm maybe, just maybe, a frumptastic mum is just what they are looking for? y'know like a "Wow what a turn around after using our products" type project. Then the higher self spoke again:

 "Your'e not a frump, I think you could nail it"  

Even if I fitted the bill perfectly, what are the odds? with so many entrants it would be unlikely anyway, best stick to not trying - I know the outcome of that, there is no disappointment that way. And maybe that is what puts me off of trying, setting myself up for the disappointment of "Thanks but no thanks."

Then I realised that I had not put myself forward for much in the way of competitions, maybe the odd thing here and there, but really not enough to call it trying. It's a numbers game, the more you enter the more likely you are to win, fact. Thinking back, I have only entered one giveaway in recent months, had two Mcdonald's, and I can't even remember the last time I played the lotto. The moral of the story here is to eat more Mcdonald's and gamble #themoralmademedoit

Maybe this is my thing, a professional competition entrant, like a coupon-er. Nah, I don't have time for that, I just prefer the opportunities to come knocking at my door instead, because that's how it works right? wrong, if I want it I have to be in it to win it.

So I have decided that I am going to enter the competition, I am just saying now that I am pretty sure I am not going to be considered for boot camp - I know I am supposed to be all positive and put it out there to the universe and all, but I am also a realist.

I am going to enter so that:

1) The higher self can't throw it in my face for not trying
2) To add another number in the numbers game pot, meaning it is more likely I will win something soon
3) Because I can't not enter it now that I have written a post about being in it to win it.

This is where the mental battle comes into play. Part of me assumes I will not be considered (self defence mechanism) the other part is up for it and positive. If I take the first stance, am I already on the back foot? adopting a "I'm not that bothered" attitude? If I am entering, I obviously want it so why not put it out to the universe that actually, I want it and I am bothered. The tricky part is dealing with the outcome, dealing with the possible disappointment, but like the higher self said, I have to try.

So here is my entry, a 1 minute review of Victoria Beckham's Morning Aura creme. Like it, love it, share it, make me Britain and Ireland's next top model  the next top vlogger. Otherwise I will keep on entering competitions and you will never hear the end of it with constant - vote for me pleas, lets just get the win out the way now. (Although I don't actually need votes, just some lucky dust will do nicely)

This week - vlog winner, next week -  a five star holiday. POW!

Sunday, 28 May 2017

May Favourites - Nip & fab, Adidas, PS Pure Glow, M&S and more!

It's come around again! favourites time! here are the items I have enjoyed using this month.

PS Pure Glow Highlighting palette £4.00

I have had my eye on the Anastasia palettes for a while now, I constantly come across them as one of the must try highlighting palettes. I was on the verge of buying, but decided that I did not want to spend £39-44 on something that I feel I wouldn't use a lot and also quite sparingly too. So when I saw the obvious dupe in Primark I knew this was my que from the universe to try. There are four gorgeous colours, a white (desert) pink (Eden) a light beige/gold (glimmer) and a coppery/gold (firefly)
They all look lovely on the skin, Eden and Glimmer being my favourites, but all work well on my fair skin tone and not too strong either. The strongest colour is firefly, I don't have to use much of that to get a glow, and the white is quite bright too - so I personally like the two that sit in the middle. I am also using it on my eyes, brow bone and corners to lighten and open my eyes. The real test will be to see how they wear in the heat, so far they have been fine in the UK weather but lets see what happens in the Spanish heat! (heading there in a few weeks) for £4, its definitely worth a try.

Adidas Trainers

I have been wearing these A LOT this month, it's funny because I never used to be a trainer girl and now I can't stop wearing them. They are so versatile and go with most of my everyday wardrobe. I also find that it dresses down an outfit - in a good way. If I have a new top or pair of trousers that are a tad on the dressy side (Aka not really school run material) then the trainers adds a down to earth balance to the outfit. Adding these to an outfit means that I am actually being a bit more adventurous with other items, for example, the pic below. I bought this gorgeous Hush skirt for summer, I have a few occasions in mind for it. However, when I pair it with trainers, it gives it a much more casual look that I feel more comfortable wearing on a normal day!

Alberto Balsam blends - Colour bright detangler £1

If you have fine hair that tangles easily (waves hand in air) then you should give this spray a try. I picked this up in a pound shop (sorry I can't remember which but Asda has it) for guess how much...£1! it has a subtle fruity/coconut scent, a decent fine spray and it is lightweight but still detangles. I do not have coloured hair so I cannot say if it makes treated hair brighter but it works well to detangle locks. Sometimes I just wash my hair with head and shoulders and then spray this on after - it's a good combo - but you probably need something heavier if you have dry hair.

Nip & Fab - Glycolic Fix Night Pads Extreme £9.97 from Boots

Last month it was Pixi, this month? Nip and Fab. My mum gave me this pot to try and I have to say that it packs a satisfying punch when it comes to exfoliating. It contains 5% glycolic acid, salicylic and lactic acid which combined gives smooth decongested skin. I use this of an evening (it suggests 2-3 times a week but I use it more like 4-5 which has been fine) the only thing is that the next morning it makes your skin more sensitive to the sun (the same with any acid exfoliator) so that is worth remembering. I do notice a difference on the days I use them compared to the days I do not, defo worth a try.

Marks & Spencers top - £35

This top jumped out at me whilst I was walking through M&S (I was heading for the shoes - I wanted these yellow sandals but decided they were to high) it said take me home, so I did. And we have been happy ever since, I have only worn it a few times but I got many compliments! (I know! but its nice right) and I also have a few outfits planned with this. I particularly like the length of the wide sleeves, and it looks good with statement earrings! of course! link here


I love magazines, and I don't care what they say, a paper copy is far more satisfying than an on screen copy. Nothing beats having a cuppa and a quick flick through the glossy pages.
However the last year or so I have not bought many at all, mainly because I tell my self I do not have time to read them. That is a silly thing to say because I DO have time, I just have to utilize my time more efficiently. This month I have picked up Glamour, Cosmo and Look, and I have actually found some good outfit inspo which I will show on my Insta feed next month. I have also dowloaded the kindle app - I know what I said, BUT I have an Amazon Prime account meaning I get a selection of books and magazines for free since I have downloaded the app - including Vogue, Red, Women's health and others!

Statement earrings

If you missed my post on statement earrings on the high street then you can catch up here. I love a good statement earring, it really can make an outfit! I also recently got my ears pierced again so I now have two at the bottom on each side and one at the top on my right side. My healing time of six weeks is up, TODAY! so as soon as I have finished this post I am going to go and have a play around with some earrings. But for a statement earring, I will have to tone down the other piercings with small studs, somehow a massive tassel earring hanging of the top of my ear doesn't quite give the same look. Below are the earrings that I have bought so far, and of course I have a few others on the radar too. My fave pair being the blue tassel ones from Next - my summer wardrobe has a lot of blue in it so these should be quite versatile.

Cotswolds Gin £35 bought from Daylesford summer festival 

Ever since we were bought a bottle at Christmas we have been hooked on gin. Let me just clarify that statement - we are partial to the odd tipple, not dependant in any way (yet)
We tend to come across Cotswold gin in the local restaurants/bars because that's where we live! and there's also many a tasting room, which we need to utilise. I would also love to do a distillery tour which the Cotswold Gin company hold, I think that could make an interesting day out don't you think? The gin itself is actually lovely on its own, but with fever tree it comes out very grapefruity and refreshing. Oh and did I mention I picked up a few pies too whilst at the festival? pie and gin - bliss!

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Kiehls Midnight Recovery Eye Cream Review

Tired - yep, "laughter lines" aka crows feet identified - yep, not getting ID'd anymore - yep (well maybe they just recognise me as a regular now?)

My jowls have a large part to play in my resting sag face, the downward trout-esque mouth heading south. That can be easily rectified with effort - pull your face muscles into a smile love.

Eyes however, unless you want to hide behind sunglasses #lifesaver, they are the biggest giveaway to your tired ( just leave me alone, come near me and die) mood.

That along with mum life (I don't have to detail that, we know) and a sluggish "I'm on it tomorrow" diet, all puts its penny's worth in to the creasy corneas (sorry)

The eyes are the windows to the soul, with the purple puffy sacks of doom hanging off the entrance like a funky pair of curtains that the sodding cat has pulled down again.

Now that I have set a wonderful scene, lets introduce the saviour of this situation: Kiehls Midnight Recovery Eye creme. I have to admit, when I walked into Selfridges I was 40% in the market for an eye cream, when I saw the Kiehls stand I was 80% in the market, then when I smelt it? sold.
I think eye creams are one of those products that you start using too late in life, I am only 32 but I feel that I would've benefited by starting in my late 20's. So now that I have many a fine line, it was time to invest in something a bit heavier than just an extra bit of moisturiser. Plus having kids had aged me by 10 years I'm sure #blamethekids

As I mentioned above, the smell is divine, a blend of essential oils including lavender, primrose oil and squalane, makes this a treat to use of an evening. A lightweight cream that I find absorbs well into the fine skin around the eyes and does not irritate at all. It's also paraben, mineral oil and fragrance free (no added fragrance)
 It is very softening and gentle which is ideal for the eye area, I actually use this all over my eyes, including the lids, moisturising all the way up to the eyebrows. Even though I have oily skin, I do not think this is too heavy any didn't cause any breakouts (what's with spots on your brow bone???)

I have noticed a difference since using this, my eyes do not look as tired, they feel more refreshed and also the dark circles are not as dark. It is lightweight but moisturising too, so their is definitely less of a crepey look.

Overall it is a treat to use of an evening and it's still going after weeks of use. even though its a small 15ml tube you do not need much!

I bought this from Selfridges for £26.00 - but you can also buy direct from Kiehls here

Monday, 22 May 2017

Just another moody monday - Excited much?

"Expectation is the root of all heartache."
William Shakespeare

Me - "Only two weeks to go before we are on the beach! I am really looking forward to it, are you excited?"

Dad -  "No"

Me - "Oh, I thought you would be looking forward to it by now!"

Dad - "I live in the moment, I do not think about the past, I do not worry about the future - I will be excited about it when the day comes"

My first thought of this response was " you grump! how can you not be excited about a holiday" wondering now why I invited my parents to come away with us. But then I remember, back up is welcomed when travelling with two little ones and all of a sudden, he is not so much of a grump anymore.

But it got me thinking about his approach on thinking, and actually it's quite guru, well done dad. Never to be one to worry, or show it (he quite possibly is more like a duck on a pond - still on the surface and paddling away underneath) it was refreshing to hear the same approach taken on excitement too. We all know worrying is pointless, has it ever brought about any good? no. It may feel like a safety net, y'know, I have thought about something so much that if it happens I have all outcomes covered. However, if it does or doesn't happen, does worrying about it beforehand actually change anything?

Instead, surely it is positive to focus on good things in the future, a wedding, birthday, Christmas or like me a holiday. Having something positive to focus on is way healthier than creating worrying possibilities in our heads. But by doing this are we missing out? missing out on the everyday things that we really should be enjoying so much more.

An example of this for me is driving, I am usually so focused on getting up and out and to my destination that I do not notice what is going on around me. I am trying to be more aware, and now I look at the beauty of the place I live in as I drive down the country lanes, living in the moment. I know, it sounds hippyish, but don't worry I have not had the desire to pull over and tree hug, yet.

The only thing is, as a thinker, I enjoy getting lost in the day dream of an upcoming event, what I am going to do, wear, see - it's all exciting to plan. The downside to that is it not living up to expectations, sometimes the dressing up and pre-chats/drinks are way more fun than the actual event. And why is that? well the pre-party was living in the moment, the party itself had been analysed for weeks.

I am not saying I'm not going to get excited about future plans, I actually don't have the ability to do that (hence why I have been talking about going on holiday for the past month) but I am going to be more mindful of living in the moment, or at least try. That's until I see a pair of tassel adorned sandals and off I float in my holiday bubble for at least half an hour.

I think this attitude actually fits in well with my new "Don't think, just do" motto, a new twist being "Don't think, just live" yeah I like that, thanks dad.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Beach Fit - getting ready for summer - my panic routine

Beach. Fit.

Two words that once combined brings me out in a bit of a panic sweat. The holiday is booked, the countdown is on to the traumatic unveiling of my not so best bits.

The holiday has been booked for six months or more - it's only now, two weeks prior to leaving, that I am now entering the beach fit efforts, or as I like to call it The Panic Zone. Yes, I have been fully aware of this holiday for months, but I have been quite happy wrapped up in my blanket of denial, doughnut in hand, up until now "it's come around so quick" isn't the excuse that's quite going to cut it here.

The reality is that I am actually quite pissed off with myself and I do it EVERY TIME. Well, not pre-baby, somehow I used to get in the zone, exercise, cut out the crap and generally feel good on the beach. Two c-sections later and my drive to beach thrive (sorry) has gone.

Ideally in two weeks I would like to lose half a stone, be toned, glowing skin & locks - ready for the insta pics of me running down the sandy beach, twirling my summer dress with my sandals in my hand - I think my teeth are straight and white too (according to the beach slo mo I just played in my head)

The reality is I will look the same as I do now, only with patches of red, wearing unflattering black shorts because Aunt Flo decided to turn up, and me running down the beach like I've stubbed my toe. Husband would be roped into taking a pic, he gets arsey that I am taking so long, resulting in me only being happy with a picture of my feet in the sand #happyholidays

The reality is this - I can get rid of the bloat, de-fuzz, tan and give myself a good old preen. No need to put myself under pressure, reminding myself of what I have said in the past that no one cares, and really it's all in my own head.

So, what am I going to do in the next few weeks to make myself feel ready?

1) Body brushing - get my skin all nice and smooth, ready for a little bit of fake tan and also to improve the tone. I find body brushing quite therapeutic, I feel much better after a good brush.

2) Body scrub - a bit of double whammy action here, I body brush before the shower and then use a body scrub whilst in the shower, to remove all dead skin and clean out pores.

3) Calorie count / moderation - Many people would disagree with calorie counting but I find it works well for me. I can eat what I want in moderation - and I moderate that by counting calories. I do try and pick the most nutritious option (try to go for a bowl of grapes over a biscuit!) but if I want a biscuit I will have one, I just have to count the calories!

4) Green tea - I find this helps me to drink more fluids but I still get my caffeine fix. It will never replace my morning coffee - I tried it once and gave myself a good telling off - what was I thinking!?! Plus, this is supposed to be an appetite suppressant (don't panic I still eat!) but it helps with the afternoon biscuit craving.

5) Fake tan - I am going to start my trial runs now, DO NOT do it the day before you go #rookiemistake give yourself a bit of practice time. I personally prefer gradual tans that I can build up, I am quite pale so it would look strange on me to go for a full fake tan. I think a glow is better on me then a tan anyway. I don't rate spray tans - they always turn out patchy on me where ever I go.

6) Nails - fingers and toes - get your bright shades out and rock them! I always feel much better with freshly painted nails, and there's something nice about bright toe nails with sandals. I personally wear acrylic fake nails on my fingers because I can't seem to keep my own nails nice! plus colour stays on for ages, I will put a colour on and it will stay for the whole holiday.

7) Upping the skincare routine - taking a bit more time with my evening skincare routine is always beneficial, I like to prep my skin more by using masks frequently and getting it ready for the heat/sun. I need to up my spf and not over do the acid exfoliate (which makes your skin a lot more sensitive)

8) Trial run outfits and make up - go prepared, it makes me feel so much better knowing I have a plan. Try everything on you plan to take, make sure you feel good in it, plan what goes - jewellery, makeup, underwear, etc. I have made the mistake of packing a few holiday items only to realise when I get there that it doesn't fit anymore, that nothing goes (you thought it would in your head) or you can't wear something because you didn't consider your bra situation. If you have full outfits planned, that work and make you feel good, then I think you are already well on your way to feeling holiday ready.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Just another moody monday

"Dear Monday - My mama don't like you and she likes everyone"

To do list - Written
Kitchen - Cleaned
Kids stuff ready? - All packed
Feeling relaxed? - Totally zen
I can do this - You can so do this
How am I feeling? - Pretty epic actually

Gives high five to self and heads to bed.

Next morning

Well that was a shit nights sleep - Do you call rolling and huffing sleep?
Is it morning already? - Unfortunately yes
I've actually got to get up now and do my bastard to do list - Writing a list is setting yourself up for failure, you know this.
I feel weird - Kinda edgy aren't you?
I can't do this - No choice love

Looks at to do list "7am - workout" - opts for coffee and "breakfast" biscuit instead.

This sets the tone for the rest of the list and off down the path of woe I go.

F**k you to-do list.

It felt good at the time of writing the list, as if, y'know this time I was actually going to do it. I was not going to procrastinate, I was going to stick to the schedule and blitz it. This Monday was supposed to be the Monday of all Monday's, the game changer, diet started, house tidy, the project I started 3 months ago to be finished.

What happened? I woke up and realised its just another moody Monday.

It is now 2 pm, I can not let this beat me and I have decided to adopt a new motto:

"Don't think, just do"

I had a trial run the other day and I have to say it is a good motto, only I have to actually remember the motto, but I am too busy procrastinating...

The occasions I did remember, I took it too far, for example I booked tickets for an event without checking:
1) When it was
2) How I was going to get there
3) Childcare options.

I didn't go to the event - but kudos for trying right?

So my motto is actually more like:

 "Think a little bit to make sure not going to make a complete tit of yourself, but that's all your having, then you actually have to get off your ass and do it without any form of whingeing (internal or external) OK?" 

But that's not as catchy, so I am going to stick with "Don't think, just do." I would go with "Just do it" but that ones taken I think.

So whilst I am feeling all pumped and writing a to do list I have to remember my morning mantra of "Don't think, just do" until my list is complete. Regardless of it being morning, regardless of my mood.


Sunday, 14 May 2017

Statement earrings - tassels and pom poms and hoops - Oh my!

"Women should never go without earrings. Passing on them is an opportunity missed."
Jennifer Lopez 

Oh how I love a statement earring, especially in summer - lounging by the pool, floaty dress on, massive earrings hanging off the lobes. Yes, I kinda feel silly with an cozzi/earring combo but when I am on holiday anything goes and quite frankly I don't care (until I look back at the pictures and wonder who invited Pat Butcher)

Tassels, hoops, the adornment opportunities are endless. I have scoured the internet to provide you with some ear candy - here are my picks -

Let's start with high end inspo

Chloe (above)
Left - Tassled earrings - £245 link here
Right - Lynn gold-toned earrings - £335 link here

Oscar De La Renta (above)
Left - Tiered beaded tassel clip earrings - £455 link here
Right - Tasseled beaded clip earrings - £500 link here

OK so that's a tad on the pricey side, lets take it down a notch and take a look at the delights of Jcrew and Anthropologie

Below is a selection from Jcrew
Jcrew - clockwise from top left:
- Gathered carnation earrings - £24.50 link here
- Beaded tassel earrings - £65.00 link here
- Beaded oval earrings - £65.00 link here
- Leather-backed sequin petal earrings - £65.00 link here


Anthrapologie - clockwise from top left:
- Jasmine tassel drop earrings - £54.00 - here
- Dominica tassel earrings - £44.00 - link here
-  Perth earrings - £114.00 link here
- Josephina tassel hoop earrings - £34.00 link here


Clockwise from top left
- River Island -Black pom pom tassel drop earrings - link  here
- Next - pink pom pom drop earrings - £10.00 - link here
- Zara - Faux pear earrings with fringe- £12.99 link here
- Topshop - Sequin and tassel earrings - £14.50 - link here

Clockwise from top left
Mango - Tassel earrings £12.99 - link here
Miss Selfridge - Stick drop earrings £7.50 - link here
Oasis - Tropical bead hoops £12.00 - link here

Clockwise from top left 
Spangly sparkle shield drop earrings - £10 - link here
Tiana tassel statement earrings - £10 - link here
Lina tribal statement hoop earrings - £9.00 - link here
Lemon beaded hoop earrings - £9.00 - link here

Clockwise from top left
Oasis - column drop earrings - £10.00 link here
Oasis - Black tassel earrings - £10.00 link here
Mango - Pearl earrings - £12.99 link here
River Island - Blue tassel dangle earrings - £10.00 link here

Marks and Spencer
All Marks and Spencers 
Double circle ball drop earring £12.50 - link here
Havana hoop earrings £12.50 - link here
Tassel bead drop earrings £12.50 - link here
Beaded tear drop earrings £7.50 - link here

Whilst browsing I came across a couple of Jcrew similarities, just a lil heads up! 
Jcrew - Tortoise hoop earrings - £19.50 - link here
Miss Selfridge Tortoise shell hoops £2.00 - link here
Mango - Hoop flower earrings - £12.99 - link here
Jcrew - Colourful floral hoop earrings - £65.00 - link here

So what ear candy am I going to purchase, its a tough call with so many options at the moment. It's a great way to refresh an old outfit or to glam up the everyday items for a different look. I really like the hoop/tassel combo on the earrings below from And Other Stories, the black makes them a bit more wearble but the size and style is still statement.

And other stories - Oval fringe earrings - £19.00  link here

My most recent tassel purchase is shown below left, from Next £10. My summer wardrobe has become quite blue orientated so these will fit in nicely! I feel that I also need a hit of colour too, I love the yellow pair from Anthroplogie below right -  well it will soon be summer! and we all could do with a bit of colour in the sun right?


Sunday, 7 May 2017

Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb Protect Multi-Protecting Hydrating Mist - SPF 30 - Review

Have you had the chance to try the Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb range yet? If so am I right in thinking it's the sheet mask you tried? thought so. It is one of my favourite (and cheapest) sheet masks to use, I like to use it as a second mask (first to cleanse, second to moisturise) but that's for another post. If you haven't heard of the mask then you can read a review of it here.

The item on the agenda today is a different one from the Moisture Bomb range, something that interested me as soon as I saw it. Hello Moisture Bomb multi-protecting mist! two things grabbed me, the first was the SPF 30 and the second was the word mist. We all know that we should up our SPF game but it can be a bit tricky getting the right formula for our skin types. As I am oily skinned, my immediate thoughts of SPF are thick greasy formulas, which would not sit well for me at all. So when I saw this lightweight SPF I had to give it a try.

It is a small 75ml can, handy for putting in your bag but not so small that it runs out quickly. The mist is just that - a mist - I hate it when a product states it's a mist only to be power washed. As with all mists, it coats all of my baby hairs and gives me a glorious dew drop beard, so for me an extra pat on the skin is needed here.

This can be used on its own or over the top of make-up, so far I have tried this with the Giorgio Armani Power Fabric foundation and it works well as a refresher - no foundation splitting here. It also sits well on my oily skin, it doesn't add any greasiness, drys well and most importantly does not block pores. In the past, I would avoid moisturising products but actually, my skin does get dehydrated so it is a good option for a light moisture top up when needed.

The pomegranate extract provides the antioxidant properties, it helps to shield against the grime in the air and I don't know about you but I can feel it on my skin after a day out, particularly in the city. So for a lightweight formula to provide protection against the grime is a win right?

It was only after further reading did I find out that this mist is not a sunscreen, meaning that you would actually have to use another broad-spectrum sunscreen to be fully protected. It protects against UV, pollution and oxidation but for the full whack you will have to look elsewhere.

Another thing to bear in mind is to actually get good protection you need to use a fair bit of product on the skin, so a fine mist would need to be applied quite heavily to reap the benefits, kinda goes against the purpose of a mist?

How do I feel about that? It would be nice if it included full sun protection, but then I suppose that would make it a different product, because in my experience the heavier the protection the heavier the product. So for me, I see this as a refresher moisturising spray with added benefits (not the other way around) Something to supplement your core protecting products as a handy on the go mist.


Thursday, 4 May 2017

A letter to Iggle Piggle

Dear Iggle,

What's that pinned on your chest? have you raided my wardrobe again in your quest for style? not only did you forget to wipe the baby crud off your shoulder you're looking directly into the camera, very amateur of you. Obviously you have the desire to be stylish, but leave it to the ones who have a clue, y'know "them" the ones that know what they are talking about and frankly have their shit together.

I do feel for you, I do. I can empathise with your juvenile thoughts that you might actually look the part, but it is a lot harder than you think. Time needs to be spent agonizing if something is right, if its you, and most importantly what people would think.
Did you actually take the time to compare yourself to the others in the garden before concluding on your style choices? The Pontipines conform, the Tombliboo's coordinate, you? well, your obviously one of the ones who thinks a lot of themselves - like that Upsy Daisy, after all shes the only upsy one (up her own ar...)

 So for you to stroll on in here, pin on your chest, with your carefree "just do it attitude" is insulting. You must try harder, but obviously without looking like your trying.

For starters, you can't smile whilst wearing a Chanel brooch - far too smug. Secondly if you are around children so much you can not look happy (looking like your coping is not cool) neither should you look sad (a good carer would never be glum) you must remain neutral at all times.
Thirdly,  what exactly is going on with your hair? wait hang on, Cara Delevingne recently had a pink pixi crop so I guess you could get away with that one.
And don't get me started on that red blanket, is it a scarf? did you not know it's all about YELLOW this season? tsk.

Kudos for picking the Chanel though, but to be honest you could pin that on a potato sack and it would work, Don't hide behind the C's...

So you carry on with your smiley faced, red "crazy hair don't care" attitude and leave the business to me. Because I have it together, totally.



Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Tony Moly Earth Beauty Deep Clean Peeling Mud Mask Sheet Review

Whilst in Sephora in Paris, I came across a selection of Korean skincare items, in fact it was hard to miss it as you walked in. Clearly something new they were trying to promote at the front of the store with lots of interesting items, including a few from Tony Moly. Not having the most amount of time to browse (I had kids in tow) I picked up a Tony Moly mud mask sheet, purely intrigued by the combination of a sheet and mud mask. I am a bit fan of mud masks, they suit my skin perfectly, but as of late a sheet mask has become my thing - a winning combo don't you think?

Once back in blighty and all my washing had been done/piles of travel stuff had been put away, the sheet mask came out to play. The sheet comes in a foil pouch as most of the sheet masks on the market do, with relatively clear info as how to put on the mask and what to peel of etc.
The sheet itself was nice and moist (sorry) not exactly a thick layer of mud that I tend to like to do, but definitely enough to know of its presence.
It doesn't come in one complete piece, rather two pieces - one for the top of the face and one for the bottom. I am not too sure as to why, maybe because it was a better "one size fits all" option, although there is a downside to this which I later found out.

There are two sides to peel off - the white side first - apply to face - then peel off the plastic coating (this is my interpretation of it anyway) It recommends to leave on for 40 mins until fully dry, I however left it on for longer - about an hour because it was not fully dry. This is where the downside came into play - because there are two pieces they overlap across the nose/cheekbone area, meaning double thickness and a longer time to dry. Meanwhile the rest of your face is dry and about to crack. The lesson here is not to overlap the two sheets, and cutting it to fit your face better, the alternative is to wait it out until the whole face is fully dry.

The reason it needs to fully dry is so that you get good peeling action, to deep clean and pull away any impurities. So seeing as it did not fully dry on my nose, I did not get the full peel in the way I wanted it too. The rest of my face however benefited from the gentle tug to pull away impurities - no face ripping here.

Overall I enjoyed using the mask and my skin looked smoother after use, and even gave a bit of a blurred effect! however the fit is not great, the corners of my nose were missed and it wrinkled on the chin, so there is a bit more faff involved to get it to fit to benefit fully (cutting to fit). But the mask itself works well and I love the combo of mud with a sheet mask, two of my faves in one!

I have contacted Tony Moly to ask where this mask will be available (As I bought this is Paris) and I have also seen a few variations in packaging, once I have confirmation on the details I will update this post!
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